SPD: 6.5.24


Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department (SPD) reported…

May 24

Officer was dispatched to KT’s Place in reference to a female violating a restraining order. The victim stated that his ex-girlfriend, who he has an active restringing order against, had been harassing him and followed him to the gas station. Videos from the victim and the store were provided. A warrant was taken out on the offender for aggravated stalking.

May 25

Officer was dispatched to Carver Street in regard to a burglary that had just taken place. C/p stated that the offender broke into her son’s house and stole two outfits and a pair of shoes that were newly purchased. Offender was at the location and was arrested for burglary.

Officer responded to a hit & run.

Officer was dispatched to North Anderson Street in reference to the residence being disorderly. C/p stated that she was the house supervisor, and that the offender left the facility without permission and returned drunk. She advised that he was trying to fight with other residents. During this conversation, officer began to hear commotion and witnessed the offender charge at the victim. Offender was arrested for disorderly conduct.

May 26

Officer was dispatched to Gumlog Road in reference to a domestic in progress. Upon arrival, officers were investigating when they heard shots fired and immediately reported to the area where the shots continued. When the gunman saw police, he began running. Offenders were later found and detained.

Officers were dispatched to the Budget Inn in reference to the offenders knocking on the victim’s door wanting to fight. C/p stated that this had been going on for several days, and the offender was with her ex-boyfriend, and they had words. Offenders stated that they had not knocked on the door.

May 27

Officers were dispatched to Prosperity Drive in reference to an unwanted subject harassing the c/p. C/p stated that her son came over earlier in the day and began drinking and then became highly aggressive and swearing at his mother. When he learned law enforcement was on the way, he left.

Officers were dispatched to South Main Street in reference to a damaged vehicle. C/p stated that she was inside work and her vehicle was damaged.

May 28

Officers received a call from Enmarket referring to someone stealing from the store. C/p stated that the offender filled his drink up, took it to the counter, went to use the restroom, and returned and took the cup without paying for it. Video footage was provided, and the offender was found.

Officer conducted a traffic stop and arrested the offender for DUI and an open container violation along with no taillights.

May 29

Officer conducted a traffic stop for a vehicle with no tag. After approaching the vehicle, a small child was seen sitting in the passenger’s lap. A citation was written for child safety restraint and window tint violation.

Officer was dispatched to West Main Street in reference to a call about a handgun being found that did not belong to the c/p. She stated that she found a handgun in a sock in her vehicle, and that she had been in a wreck and the gun could belong to the other vehicle’s driver.

Officer responded to South Main Street in reference to a shoplifting where the offender was still inside the store. The offender was arrested.

May 30

Officer was dispatched to a call about the business wanting to trespass an individual. C/p stated that she had a customer who was rude after his card declined several times and when exiting the restaurant, he pushed the door so hard it came off the tracks.

The victim stated that he had gotten out of jail 30 minutes prior to his call and while he was in 5 of his vehicles were stolen. The offender was found and arrested.

Officers were dispatched to a fight. When entering the residence, officers observed two parties still in a tussle. Offender was arrested.