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This week, the week after July 4th, is one of the busiest times of the year. Oh yes, it’s a well-known fact. You might think it’s the slow, sleepy days of summer, but actually, there is a … more
The school term has ended. Seniors have graduated. Juniors are looking forward to being in grade twelve and enjoying the festivities of their senior year. However, the year 1951 changed the … more
Let’s face it. The Vietnam War was not our finest hour. The Greatest Generation that took on Germany and Japan in World War II and prevailed came home and spawned a Not-So-Great Generation who put … more
Life is made up of good days and bad. No matter who you are, we all have them. Good days are often taken for granted, but bad days can really leave a mark. Last Thursday, President Joe Biden had a … more

Did you miss me? I hope so because if you didn’t the editors would probably say why are we running a guy nobody reads and who has never figured out that you are supposed to use in-definite articles … more
I guess it’s a good thing that we are about to have a debate this week between the two candidates for President. They say more people will watch Thursday night than watched the Super Bowl. Good, we … more
Next door to Uncle Aubrey’s house was Big Momma and Big Daddy’s house. It was the same house where my Momma lived when she was in high school. Just down the street in front of their house, was … more
Reading the Journal of Two Centuries of Swainsboro, filled my heart-felt memories with people and places that had brought me joy. My last two columns were filled with a person and a place. Next to … more
This Thursday will be the 80th anniversary of D-Day. On the sixth of June 1944, over seventy-five thousand American soldiers, sailors, and airmen along with other allied troops landed on the beaches … more

Dear Representative Buddy Carter: Your appearance a couple of weeks ago before the Water, Wildlife and Fisheries subcommittee in Washington of which you are not a member but were allowed to … more
Congratulations and Happy Birthday to the City of Swainsboro, my forever hometown as we celebrate 200 years. A huge thank you to The Forest-Blade for making sure that I received a copy of this … more
Momma went to work after I started school. She was a beautician and took pride in making women look pretty. Now, getting a perm in your hair in those days meant getting a PERMANENT wave. It was an … more
Seventy-eight years ago, I stood curbside as a few floats circled the courthouse square. I had no comprehension of what this was or would become. I do not recall if SHS had a band at that time. I do … more
We are now unofficially into the summer season. Memorial Day weekend, they say, is the unofficial start of summer. In just a little over four months, you can start voting early for your next … more

If anyone in the governor’s office or Twin Pines LLC is listening, my open letter to Gov. Brian Kemp regarding the oxymoronic Environmental Protection Division’s consideration to allow drilling … more
We live in a world of miraculous innovation. The pace of change and advancement we have witnessed in just the last three decades has been astonishing. One of the most sweeping examples of this is how … more
Garfield didn’t’ have a stop light but did have a caution light. If you blinked your eyes once, you were out of the city limits headed to Millen. But if you decided to get a bottled coke at … more
This country, the greatest country on earth, the United States of America, is the champion of named holidays and official observances. Now, you might say, “Nope, not correct. Nepal has the most … more
Dear Governor: I know you have been busy signing or vetoing bills from the recent legislative session, so I have chosen not to disturb you. But now that you have all that behind you, I wonder if I … more

Here we are at the beginning of another summer where mosquitoes are big as buzzards waiting to bite me and snakes and other slithering creepy things are outside in the garden just waiting to “scare … more
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