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Children grow up too fast today. Parents are eager to get their small children into an academic program before they take their final step. What happened to belief in Santa Claus coming down the … more
Every once in a while, we should make it a point to stop and think about all the good things that surround us here in Emanuel County. If we sat down together and tried to list them all, we would end … more
Labor Day has passed and that “use to be” the beginning of a new school term. It was exciting to walk into the class of your higher grade, dressed in the latest school fashions and meet your new … more
The world seems to be in a very dark place right now. As each day goes by it seems to be getting darker. When I say dark, I speak of gloom and unrest. Darkness indicates no sight and no insight. When … more

by DARBY GATES Cooler temperatures mean a myriad of things. Warm sweaters, comfy boots, throw blankets, hot drinks, head colds, congestion, and flu. We as a society, prepare ourselves for … more
Breaking news! CNN has just now reported that among more and more people, Fall is becoming the most popular season of the year. More news at eleven! Yes folks, we now have so many “news” channels … more
Darby Gates is an old-world medicine woman. She has spent her life digging and harvesting (literally AND figuratively), researching and studying ALL the knowledge available regarding plants, and … more
¡Hola elitistas amantes de los liberales! Nosotros estamos aquí ¿Qué hay para el almuerzo? For those of you around for whom English is still your primary language, the above roughly translates … more
Have you been watching the services of the late Queen Elizabeth II? I love to compare things of God to the time we are living in. God's word is always relevant. It's always suitable for our times. … more

Growing up, you’re constantly asked the same question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” The answer is always changing as we get older and discover new things. Even though college is … more
I’ve been in this country longer than any of you. I’ve earned my place at the top of the pole. I’m the Old Red, White, and Blue. Each time I’ve been called upon, I wave higher in the wind, … more
I suggest you read this in a hurry because I am writing it in a hurry and hoping you and I can get to the finish at the same time before one of us kicks the bucket. It seems life is short and getting … more
On October 22, 1977, Prince Charles, who is now King Charles III, Ruler of the British Empire, came to Sanford Stadium in Athens. I didn’t know he was coming. Most of the other 62,000 folks there … more
From the time we exit from our mother’s womb we try to be something we were not intended to be. This causes so much unhappiness because our interest lies outside what our society calls us to be. As … more

by DARBY GATES Ah, the smell that brings you back to places long forgotten. Grandmama's kitchen. Birthday parties. Bath and Body Works. Vanilla has long been an omnipresent scent of sorts for … more
We know that there are a lot of things happening in the world and in our lives. Most people are seeking answers, and some think they already have the answer to situations in their lives. Today, God … more
Erk Russell should be in the College Football Hall of Fame. Period. End of story. But since I still have quite a bit of space to fill here, let me tell you why he should be and why he is not. For … more
On September 6, 2022, Inez McIntyre Proctor would have been one-hundred and eleven years old. She became a well-known figure in Swainsboro after she came in 1933 as the bride of Lewis Proctor. Most … more
This coming Sunday, September 11, will be the 21st anniversary of one of our country’s truly darkest days. It’s a somber day, and we reflect on the evil that can sometimes erupt in this world. … more

Dad was walking home from a Saturday night date with his sweetheart. He had passed the old Johnson Cemetery leading up to his house thousands of times, but tonight, a full moon hung like a ghost over … more
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