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For some reason, I thought about Jack the other day, and Mollie and Stina. They all came together in Swainsboro on Christmas Eve, 1996. Jack was a colorful figure. He loved the outdoors. He was … more
I want to thank Ronnie Johnson for his most complimentary words in his Letter to the Editor last week. He specifically mentioned that despite my not holding a position on City Council, I still knew … more
There is a song which says, "What the world needs now is love, sweet love, that's the only thing that there is just too little of." Dionne Warwick emphasized that the world needs Love. Better yet, … more
Throughout my seventeen years of life, I have experienced multiple methods of communication. I have also noticed that as technology advances, the less we as humans know how to speak to one another. … more

There is a line in a Jack Nicholson movie that is quickly recognizable to most folks over 50. In “A Few Good Men”, Nicholson plays a Marine Corps Colonel involved in a criminal coverup. As a … more
I may be one of the few people on the planet that has not seen “Top Gun Maverick.” As of this writing the film, starring Tom Cruise and a sequel to the 1986 hit, “Top Gun,” has grossed over … more
Dear Editor, If any of you missed Robert Agress’ Letter to the Editor, please look it up online and read it. Never has a man or woman known the financing and the grants and matching funds … more
In early May I had several people tell me I need to retire and do more stuff. When I asked them to clarify they told me that if retired then I would have time to travel more. Not sure what they mean … more
Zzzzzzzzzzz! Snort! Snort! Smack! Zzzzzzzzzzz! “Donald. Donald. Please wake up, Donald! I need to talk to you!” “Snort! Umpff! What? Hey, who are you and how did you get into Mar-a-Largo? … more

Old sayings are great. They come down through the ages born of wisdom and experience. The amazing thing is how true they always are. For most of my professional life, I have been in the car business. … more
I had not yet learned about the date of July 4, 1776, Thomas Jefferson or the Decoration of Independence. This came later from my teachers at Swainsboro Grammar School. At the first of summer in my … more
As I was reading a post. Something caught my attention. It read, "Life is short, make the best of it. Eternity is forever, prepare for it." So, the choices we make while we are here on earth will … more
If you think the political scene in this country is a little unstable now, you should have been around in the summer of 1776. The protesters out in the streets this week are light weights compared to … more
You can tell from the way the telephone rings who is on the other end of line. It is Skeeter Skates. When Skeeter calls, the phone doesn’t just ring. It jumps off the hook. He has that kind of … more

We all know the story of how to boil a frog to death (Frog lovers: I’m not suggesting you do so, I’m just trying to make a point here.) The premise is that if you suddenly plopped a frog into … more
Answer: When Windows 10 starts normally it is considered in normal mode and all parts of Window starts along with any applications you have set up to start when Windows starts (usually you were … more
Schools were out. Our feet were bare, and we were ready for the return of a little beetle who gave us a short visit. June bugs were both a joy and a nuisance. They buzzed around you with noise made … more
OK, let’s do a little planning. 11 more days ‘til July 4th, 39 days ‘til school starts, 72 days ‘til the first game of the Georgia Bulldogs 2022 season and 74 days ‘til Labor Day. So, the … more
Dear Editor, Dick Yarbrough’s “OBSESSION WITH TRUMP” seems to have no limits. His column from June 15, 2022, is insulting and degrading to every working-class voter who supported Trump. … more

Just in case you need a friendly reminder, Father’s Day is this coming Sunday. Some fathers barely notice the special day while others celebrate it all week long ,and go the extra mile to make sure … more
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