SPD: 5.29.24


Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department (SPD) reported…

May 14

Officer met with offender and victim at SPD in reference to a report. Offender advised that he was operating a vehicle and backed into another vehicle in a parking lot.

May 16

Officer was contacted by SPD in reference to a walk-in report. Complainant stated that she noticed damage to her vehicle in the Walmart parking lot but was not gonna make a report until Walmart told her to.

Officers were dispatched to Walmart in reference to a theft. Walmart Loss Protection stated that the offender told the door greeter that her receipt was on her phone, but her phone was dead. She was also seen swapping stickers on the items.

Officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle with a suspended license plate. The driver also had an active warrant and was placed under arrest.

Officer was dispatched to a residence on 7th Street in reference to a dispute. C/p stated that she had gone grocery shopping and left her house unlocked, and when she arrived back home, she found that her ex-boyfriend had locked himself in the house. She advised that the offender’s name was on the lease, but he had not stayed at the residence in the last 8-9 months. Officers advised that they could not make him leave since his name was on the lease.

Officers were dispatched to North Racetrack Street in reference to a battery being stolen out of a vehicle.

May 17

Officer was dispatched to Waffle King in reference to a report. C/p stated that she waited on a table and the offenders left without paying for their food.

Officer was called to SPD in reference to a walk-in report. C/p stated that she received a notification from the IRS in regards to somebody claiming her in 2022 and 2023 on taxes. She stated that she is on disability and does not file taxes.

Officer was assisting with a scheduled road check when he came into contact with the offender and found marijuana in the vehicle.

Officer responded to King Circle Drive in reference to a report of abandoned property. C/p stated that someone left a push lawn mower in her yard. The lawn mower was transported to SPD.

Officer responded to North Green Street in reference to a domestic dispute. C/p stated that the offender had choked his mother. After speaking with witnesses along with the offender, and stories not matching and there being no physical evidence, parties were separated.

May 18

SPD and ECSO responded to South Main Street in reference to a fight. Victim stated that the offender walked into the room, took her laptop, and broke it because she was cheating on him.

Offender was arrested for distribution of marijuana, possession of a firearm during a crime, and obstructing law enforcement.

Officers responded to an unwanted person on the property. Offender stated that he would like his girlfriend to be removed from the property because of an argument.

Officer was contacted by SPD in reference to a report. C/p stated that he and his boss got into an argument about his check where his boss became irate and pulled a handgun on him.

Officer was dispatched to Harvey’s in reference to a call about a drunk man showing out in the parking lot. The store manager stated that he got in a red truck. Officer made contact and verbally commanded for him to stop, which he did not. Offender was arrested.

Officer responded to West Church Street in reference to a call. C/p stated that they were at the Starblazer on Friday night when another vehicle backed in and almost hit her vehicle. Offender then punched her in the mouth and two other females jumped in.

May 19

Officer observed a vehicle fail to stop and a stop sign and conducted a traffic stop. Driver was arrested for driving with a suspended license.

Officer was dispatched to Ben Street in reference to a report for a stolen firearm.

Officer responded to William Rountree Road in reference to harassing communications. C/p stated that she had just left her brother’s funeral and her brother’s stepdaughter was angry that she had not included her in the obituary. She stated that the offender was blowing up her inbox and she was instructed to block her.

May 20

Officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle with no insurance. Offender was arrested for possession of drugs.

Officer was dispatched to New Street in reference to an assault that had just taken place. The victim stated that he had just got home and was putting up his tools when the offender walked in and sat down in the living room. The offender was asked to leave, then jumped the victim.

May 21

Officer responded to West Main Street in reference to a dispute.

Officer responded to JAG probation in reference to an incident that had already occurred. C/p advised that while she was at lunch with the door locked, an unknown male came and knocked on the door, then on the side of the building and urinated. Offender was contacted and stated that he was there for probation and was not able to hold his bladder due to his age.

Offender was arrested for possession of drugs, driving with a suspended license, and open container violation.

May 22

Officers responded to Oliphant Street in reference to a domestic. Offender stated that she walked into victim’s house to confront her about not feeding her grandkids. They then got into an argument that turned physical. Victim stated that offender busted into her house and yelled at her about not being a good mother.

Offender was arrested for DUI, possession of cocaine, and possession of drug related object.

Officer pulled a vehicle over for not having valid insurance. Offender was arrested.

Officer was dispatched to Days Inn in reference to damage to a room.

May 23

Officer responded to West Church Street in reference to a man with a gun. Offender stated a woman in the residence had taken $60 out of his wallet. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.