SPD: 5.22.24


Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department (SPD) reported…

May 10

Officers were dispatched to Kwik Shop for a subject that was intoxicated and would not move his vehicle from blocking the fuel pumps. Officer reported that he could smell a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle along with an odor of alcoholic beverage on the driver’s breath. A package with suspected marijuana was also found inside the vehicle. After a field sobriety test was conducted, offender was arrested for DUI alcohol and possible DUI drugs.

May 11

Officer responded to the area of William Rountree Road and Rentz Street in reference to a car on the side of the road close to the ditch. After discovering the driver of the car, they stated that they hit a pole and a deer and left the car. Vehicle was returned to the residence.

Officer was dispatched to a residence on West Pine Street in reference to a dog call. Upon arrival, officer was met by the complainant who stated that a dog jumped on her son at the park but did not bite him. Animal control was called and the dog was located. Dog was playful and cooperative.

Officer responded to South Main Street for a domestic dispute. Upon arrival, officer met with c/p who stated that the offender hit her and she had video proof. Offender was arrested and warrants will be taken out for simple battery.

May 12

Officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle that was driving too fast for weather conditions. Officer made contact with the driver and could smell an odor of alcoholic beverage coming from the driver’s person. Open alcohol containers were found in the vehicle. Offender was arrested for DUI.

Officer responded to South Main Street in reference to a report of a shoplifting. Upon arrival, officer spoke with the store manager who stated that two teens took a breakfast biscuit and a pack of Mentos.

Officer was patrolling and spotted a vehicle with a drive out tag with no date along with missing taillight. Officer pulled the vehicle over and the driver could not find registration for it. He stated his girlfriend bought it from a private person in Florida and put the drive out tag on there to bring it back. He also stated that his girlfriend’s mother stole her book bag with all of the vehicle information in it. The vehicle was towed.

Officers were dispatched to East MLK Jr. Blvd in reference to someone pointing a gun at the c/p. The c/p stated that an unknown man walked up to him and pointed a gun at him.

Officer was dispatched to North Racetrack Street in reference to a domestic dispute. Victim stated that the offender had come to her residence and beat her up in front of her younger siblings. There were visible injuries to the victim’s face. Offender was not located, but warrants will be taken out.

Officer was dispatched to Center Street in reference to a dispute. Upon arrival, officer spoke with the c/p and the victim. C/p stated that her kids were playing basketball in the backyard with some other kids when they began to argue. The victim told the kids to go home, but the kids mother came outside and yelled at the victim for telling the kids to leave. Offender’s boyfriend then came outside and started fighting with the victim. Offender then jumped in and bit and kicked the victim. The victim then went to the hospital, the ER then notified officers that victim left and went to Statesboro. Later, victim told officers that he did not want to press charges.

Officers were dispatched to South Green Street in reference to a burglary. C/p stated that the residence was being rented by her sister, but her sister was arrested and they are in the process of getting her belongings from the house. She stated that someone had stolen her sister’s things the night before by forcing a side door open.

May 13

Officer received a call to Murphy’s Gas Station in reference to an unwanted person. Upon arrival, officer was advised that the offender was causing problems after several incidents within the past few weeks. Upon officer arrival, the offender was gone, but was located at his residence and was arrested. He was also criminally trespassed from Murphy’s.

Officers were dispatched to Pine Needle Road for a suspicious vehicle. The caller stated that an unknown truck with a loud muffler pulled into her driveway with no lights and pulled out with no lights. Then reportedly someone either got in or out of the vehicle. A vehicle was spotted with the same description. Narcan, Methamphetamine, and a clear glass pipe were found after a search was conducted. Two offenders were arrested.

Officer was called to SPD in reference to a subject turning himself in on warrants. Offender stated that he was in Washington DC, but heard he had warrants out in Swainsboro so returned and turned himself in.

Officer was called into SPD for a walk in report. Officer met with c/p who stated that she has been having problems with her landlord not fixing a leak in her rental house and the leak is so bad that the city had to come and put a lock on the water meter until it is fixed. She stated that she has contacted her landlord multiple times and she continues to make excuses, but posts pictures on Facebook saying her house is nasty. She was advised to get all of her reports and go to Magistrate Court.

Officer was dispatched to the Tire Center in Walmart in reference to a report for a flat tire. Upon arrival, officer met with c/p who stated that in the early hours, she came outside and noticed that her tire was flat and noticed that it had been cut. She stated that her neighbor told her that the father of her cousin’s child cut the tired after an argument with her.

Officer was working a security detail at Jordan Estates when he received a phone call from c/p, who advised that he had a firearm stolen out of his wife’s vehicle and he wanted to make a report.

Officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle that was driving an excessive speed and running stop signs. The driver was finally run down and after the driver was arrested, a search was conducted of the vehicle. A clear baggie of marijuana, a magazine to a handgun, 1 AR rifle, and 3 rock-like substances were located.

Officer responded to a report of a domestic dispute. Upon arrival, c/p stated that she and the father of her child got into a verbal argument about the kids, when the offender began kicking her front door. The front door was visibly dented along with visible shoe prints. Offender was unable to be located.

May 14

Officer was at SPD in reference to a report. C/p stated that her nephew was a daycare inside of a barber shop when the offender threatened him.

Officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle with no headlights. After running the plates, it was discovered that the driver’s license was suspended for failure to appear. The vehicle was picked up and a written warning was issued.

May 15

Officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle speeding in a school zone. When approaching the vehicle, the officer could smell a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. A small plastic bag of marijuana was discovered and the driver was issued citations due to the driver’s cooperation.

Officer was dispatched to Pratt Avenue in reference to a call needing a residence walk through because they didn’t feel safe. C/p stated that someone had been messing with items in her home, and when she returned home her gates were open and she had closed them before she left. She has also been getting threatening texts from her ex-boyfriend. After the walk through, nothing was out of place.

Officer was sitting in a parking lot when he noticed someone shining a flashlight in a manner to get his attention. As they approached, the light went away. While looking around the area, a vehicle appeared to have been keyed, and a resident approached and said that the car belonged to her friend.