ECSO: 6.5.24


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

May 29

Deputies responded to Tiger Trail in reference to a domestic. Complainant stated he had two objects thrown at his head while arguing with a family member over how much food was cooked for lunch. C/p stated his cousin/victim cooked all of the chicken nuggets in the house and he asked why there wasn’t enough food cooked so he could eat and that’s when the argument started. Deputies then spoke with the cousin who stated she had out of town family come see her and she cooked chicken nuggets for all the children and when c/p walked in he asked where his chicken nuggets were and why nobody cooked for him. At this time, it was said c/p became belligerent and irate, cussing and yelling in front of small children. Victim stated she did throw something at c/p but missed and knocked something down tussling with c/p.

May 30

Report was made in reference to a domestic that was called in and dispatched through ECDC. Deputy made contact with complainant via work phone and c/p stated offender had been asked to leave his residence several times and refused to return the house keys. Deputy could hear the female sounded angry and agitated and would ask who c/p was talking to and moments later, heard what sounded like glass being shattered, at which point c/p advised offender busted the glass door window. Deputy advised c/p that deputies were enroute to the location on Gardenia Rd. C/p stated upon telling offender deputies were on the way, she told him that she would tell deputies c/p hit her. C/p also advised he had an audio recording of the aforementioned statement and other threats made by offender. Upon arrival, contact was made with both parties during which time when asked about the broken window and the keys to the house, offender stated she lost the keys and had offered to pay for the damage to the door to which she stated c/p refused payment. C/p advised he only wanted offender off the property and would later seek further remedies via TPO.

Victim stated he went and recovered a vehicle on Cypress Ave. for TD Auto Finance and contacted an employee and advised he had the vehicle. Employee told victim to meet GATA Recovery in Stillmore to turn the vehicle over to them and they would have him a check for the service. Victim deposited the check in his account and later found out that GATA stopped payment on the check. Victim stated he contacted the employee about the check and she stated she didn’t know why because she sent GATA Recovery the money.

Deputy responded to Ogburn Rd. in reference to a theft. Complainant advised he had just been released from jail and discovered his vehicles were missing. C/p advised offender’s had access to his property and did not have permission to drive or borrow any of his vehicle. C/p discovered a week prior that offenders were driving his GMC truck and had gotten pulled over and were arrested and the vehicle was impounded but later released back to offenders. C/p stated he had a box truck that was left on his property and now it was missing. C/p stated offender told him a male subject was trying to scrap the box truck and it was on the side of the road somewhere on Hwy. 1. C/p also stated that during the conversation with offender, she stated the male subject asked her to help him scratch the VIN off the motorcycles so he could get rid of them. C/p then advised the male subject was seen driving his truck and it was parked at his old residence on N. Main St. Deputies went to the location and made contact with a female subject and asked for the owner of the vehicle. The female subject advised it belonged to her boyfriend, the male subject who took c/p’s truck, and went inside to get him. A few minutes later, the male subject went outside and was detained for further investigation. Investigators arrived on scene and upon further investigation, they discovered the box truck and motorcycles were not on the property and a Jeep that belonged to c/p was also missing. Investigators called SPD CID to the scene and it was turned over to them.

Deputies responded to Keith Screws Rd. in reference to a vehicle driving through homeowner’s yard. Deputy observed where a vehicle appeared to have misjudged a curve and crossed a ditch entering a yard then back across the ditch onto the road. Vehicle wasn’t located at the residence so deputies rode the area in attempt to locate it and observed a vehicle at the trash can site on Cowford Bridge Rd. appx. a mile away from the incident location. Deputy observed the passenger side tire to be flat and made contact with the driver who identified himself. Offender stated he struck a pothole that caused the flat tire. Deputy then observed the front fender had fresh grass in the frame area consistent with marks found in the yard on Keith Screws Rd. K9 Joules did an open air sniff and he showed a change of behavior on the driver’s side door and gave a positive alert by sitting. Deputy searched the vehicle and found two glass pipes used for smoking meth and two catalytic converters in the bed of the vehicle that appeared to have been recently cut. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.

May 31

Complainant stated while on Longview Rd. at a friend’s house feeding his dogs, and left his vehicle running and heard someone say “Get it” and he turned around and a male subject was driving off with his truck. C/p stated he gave chase and the male subject jumped out of the vehicle and fled on foot while the truck was rolling down the side of the road and struck a light pole.

Deputy came upon an abandoned vehicle in the middle of JM Spearman Rd. He patrolled the area trying to find the owner and was unable to, so he called 911 to dispatch a wrecker.