ECSO: 5.29.24


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

May 18

The victim came into ECSO and stated that she used her card at Popeyes to purchase her food. After doing so someone used her card at Farmer’s for $82.00 on the same day, and also tried to use her card the next day at the DMV. Someone also attempted to use her card at Zaxby’s, but it declined because the turned her card off. The card is still deactivated, but someone is continuing to attempt to make purchases with it.

May 22

Deputy responded to Turtle Lane in reference to a complaint of an ex-girlfriend taking stuff from the residence. Upon arrival, deputy met with the victim who stated that she had a protective order against the complainant. She stated that she was granted the residence and that c/p was not allowed within 200 yards of the house. Both parties were informed to contact lawyers in reference to the property dispute.

May 23

Deputies were dispatched to Linwood Road in reference to a criminal trespass. C/p stated that on the previous night, he had been away from the residence for a period of time. He stated that when he returned he found that someone had tampered with a window A/C unit, appearing as though the white window filler piece was pulled away from the window frame. A kitchen knife was also found stuck into the frame.

Deputies responded to a 59 year old male that was unresponsive. Upon arrival, a male was found laying on the bed and confirmed that he was unresponsive. A box full of drug related objects was found near where he was found.