ECSO 5.15.24


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

May 5

Victim stated items were stolen from the backseat of his truck on Womack St.

May 6

Complainant stated his wife’s tag was lost in the mail.

May 7

Complainant works at Community Hospice in Vidalia and stated victim/patient called and said he needed Fentanyl patches. C/p stated they called in five patches to Metter Pharmacy then called the pharmacy and was told victim’s daughter picked them up. C/p sent a nurse to check on victim who had two patches on but said they were old and the nurse didn’t see any other patches. Suspect stated she never went to the pharmacy to pick up the patches.

Deputy met with complainant who stated offender took a stainless-steel fish cooker and diesel battery.

May 8

Deputy met with complainant who stated his company was contacted by offender for the installation of a pool kit. C/p stated offender paid him with a check for the labor/installation and it was returned for NSF. C/p advised this is the second time this has happened, but offender paid the amount he owed the first time. C/p stated offender agreed to settle the current debt by the end of April but has failed to do so. C/p was referred to Magistrate Court.

May 9

Victim filed a report of financial account fraud for $8,000.

May 10

Deputies responded to Dellwood Main ST. in reference to stolen property. Complainant stated his security cameras were turned and the brackets had need changed and discovered tools missing from inside his residence. C/p advised he believes his renters may be offenders.

Deputies responded to Lewis Rd. in reference to a domestic dispute. Complainant and victim were actively arguing and separated and c/p advised victim left two days prior and she was out cheating and c/p threw her clothes and belongings in the yard. Victim advised they have been living together for a few months and she has a key to the residence. C/p then stated he changed the locks and victim forced her way inside. Victim was upset and was told multiple times to stop arguing with c/p. Victim continued to be irate and advised she owned all furniture inside and that her children’s property was damaged from the rain.

Deputy was called to ECSO due to complainant needing a report regarding his landlord. C/p explained his landlord was taking control of his water, power, internet and lights, and c/p has been trying to get mail at his residence but has been denied due to the conditions of the home. C/p also stated offender has been entering the home and taking things from boxes that were taped and sealed.

May 11

Deputies responded to a motor vehicle wreck on Hwy 23 South. While enroute, 911 informed the driver threatened a TCPD officer on scene. Deputy spoke with the driver who had slurred speech and stumbled while walking so a PBT was performed. Offender was arrested for DUI and transported to EmCo Jail.

May 12

Deputy made contact with SPD and met with four parties in reference to an incident that occurred on Oak Grove Church Rd. Three offenders took $500 cash from victim’s wallet and was given to witness for the purpose of bonding someone out of jail. Deputy received conflicting stories from both sides. Upon further investigation, victim stated the incident occurred appx. one hour prior to the report and upon discovering the money that was missing, she contacted one offender about the money and was told to go to her residence and it would be returned. Victim stated she went to the residence and was confronted and assaulted by two offenders and threatened with a knife by offender she spoke with prior to going over there. Victim did show signs of physical abuse. It was further stated that witness has video of the altercation from a home security system.