Junior & Daughters Museum holds grand opening


On Saturday, June 22, 2024, the community and fans from afar came out to support Junior Brinson at his auto museum grand opening by attending his First Annual Cruise In. The Cruise In was held from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Highway 1 South in the old Dodge Dealership building. Over 30 vehicles participated in the event.

The patrons and spectators were greeted by Junior and his daughters as they began to partake in the festivities. Everyone explored the collectible vehicles and spoke with their owners and was served free hotdogs, hamburgers and beverages as they mingled amongst the crowd. The weather was very cooperative as the overcast skies allowed spectators to spend valuable time on the outside looking and analyzing each vehicle. The auto museum also has collectible items and trinkets on the inside of the building. There are walls of memorabilia that are signed by celebrity car drivers and athletic coaches and a room filled with vintage bicycles and go-carts.

Junior Brinson, who began his quest with antique cars in 1967, has a motorcade of vehicles ranging from cars, trucks and utility vehicles. During the day, you can find him down at his auto museum wiping down and shining his vehicles. The Junior & Daughters Museum is open to the public daily, and it is free of charge. Junior says that he enjoys it when spectators take an interest in the vehicles and admire the vintage look. Restoring and the upkeep of these vehicles can be very costly, and this is Junior’s way of giving back to the community by allowing them to be assessable to the community.

Junior Brinson stated that he appreciates the individuals that have supported him along this journey and continues to give him encouragement. He is also appreciative of his sponsors that supported this event. Junior was very pleased with the turnout at the Cruise In and the support of the community. Please be on the lookout for more events that will be taking place at the Junior & Daughters Auto Museum.

You can visit emanuelcountylive.com for more pictures from the event.