SPD 5.31.2023


Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department (SPD) reported…

May 19

Officer met with complainant at SPD who advised an enclosed trailer was stolen from her place of employment at Southeast Structures.

Officer met with complainant at SPD in reference to a stolen vehicle. C/p advised it was taken to an auto paint and body shop on N. Coleman St. for repairs and paid for the repairs in full and when she went to pick it up, she found that her son’s cousin/offender picked it up prior to her arrival. C/p advised she has a title to the vehicle that was signed by the owner but hasn’t had it registered to show that ownership has been transferred.

Officer responded to Lewis St. in reference to a potential burglary. Complainant stated his doorknob was messed up and some of his things were missing.

Officer observed a vehicle traveling 61 MPH in a 35 MPH zone, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. Officer could smell a strong odor of alcoholic beverage coming from inside the vehicle and a mixed drink in the cup holder. Officer asked for offender’s license and asked how much she had to drink, and she stated not much at all and that she was fine. Officer then asked offender to step out of the vehicle and as she was walking to the rear of his unit, she was swaying. Her eyes appeared glazed, her face was flush, and her speech was slow and a little slurred. Offender agreed to a sobriety test. During the second test, offender began crying and begging officer to let her go home and she would never do this again. Officer then asked for a breath sample and got a positive sample. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.

Officers was dispatched to Gumlog Rd. in reference to a fight where weapons were involved. Victim was covered in blood, so the officer called for EMS. Witness stated that three kids were fighting, one was victim’s daughter, and when victim arrived, he swung on the other two that were fighting. It was said that the victim was jumped and hit with a gun. Victim was being treated by EMS and they advised he needed to go to the ER due to his injuries. Officer noticed three teens walking down the road and one of them going towards to woods. When officer approached him, he asked what he was doing, and he stated he was looking for his phone but had found it. Officer was back at the scene when he observed the teen going back into the woods and coming back out. Officer contacted detective and advised him of what the teen was doing and stated that a gun was involved in the incident and that could be what the teen was looking for. Officers asked the teen why he was continuing to go in and out of the woods and he stated he was just looking for his stuff. Officer stated that the teen told him that he already found his stuff, so detective deployed his K-9 while the officer continued to talk to the teen and look through the woods. Officer asked the teen how he was involved in the incident, and he stated he wasn’t. Officers went to Ralph St. to meet with complainant due to c/p’s grandmother calling 911 and wanted officers to talk to her granddaughter. C/p was agitated and could not calm down, stating that her mom was taken to jail when she wasn’t the one that did anything. C/p stated that they were serving alcohol to minors at the party and that was the reason for the fight. C/p continued to state while getting louder, that she was surrounded by all the people at the party and her mom went to take her home. She stated that the other lady jumped in her car and she drove off because she was being attacked. She then stated that her stepdad was attacked when he arrived.

Officer was dispatched to Turner Dr. in reference to complainant stating that nobody was supposed to be inside his house and when he went inside, he discovered that it appeared that somebody had been inside. C/p stated he walked through the house and discovered two people in the bed. Officers cleared the house and located a male and female in the bed and advised them to get out the bed, at which time they did and went to the living room. C/p entered the house and stated that the female was his cousin and she stated that c/p’s mother took them to the house and told them it would be ok for them to stay there. Officer spoke to the owner of the house who advised he did not want them on the property. They were both issued criminal trespass notices and advised not to return to the property.

May 20

Officer was dispatched to W. Church St. in reference complainant stating she was attacked by her boyfriend, and he was still in the house. Officer met offender at the front door, and he was advised to step out on the porch. Offender advised that he was trying to apologize to c/p because his temper got the best of him and that he didn’t mean to do it. He stated they were arguing, and he punched the TV because the argument was about his girlfriend’s ex. Offender admitted that he pushed c/p while she was holding their child and they fell to the ground. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.

Officer met with complainant at SPD in reference to a damaged vehicle.

Officer observed a vehicle fail to dim its lights when meeting the officer, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. Officer advised offender why he was stopped, and he stated that they should have automatically dimmed, and officer advised that they did not. Officer could smell marijuana coming from the vehicle and asked if there were any illegal drugs inside the vehicle. Offender stated there was a blunt wrapped on the dash and a gun in the backseat. Upon searching the vehicle, a plastic container of marijuana was found in the cupholder, a set of scales, and a large jar that was empty. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.

Officer responded to Lee St. in reference to a stolen vehicle. Complainant stated he left his car in the front yard with the key in it and suspects who would have taken it but does not know where she would be.

Officer was dispatched to the area of Cross Roads Church in reference to complainant wanting a male subject removed from his residence. Officer located c/p who stated he did not want the male subject back at his residence. Officer asked c/p where the male subject was, and he stated that he was probably at his niece’s house. While speaking with c/p, officer could smell a strong odor of alcoholic beverage coming from his person. Officer asked c/p how much he had to drink, and he stated that was between him and the cans, but only had two. C/p’s speech was slurred, and his pupils were dilated. C/p stated that he just wanted to let law enforcement know that if the male subject went back to his house, he was going to kill him. Due to past incidents with c/p and knowing he has a drinking problem, officer placed him under arrest for public intoxication and transported him to EmCo Jail.

May 21

Officer responded to N. Coleman St. in reference to an armed robbery. Victim stated she woke up in her bed and a male subject was standing over her with a kitchen knife and began asking her what all she had in terms of high value items as well as cash. Victim told offender that she only had a few dollars on her and that she doesn’t carry cash. Offender began going through victim’s purse and her phone and asked her how much she had on her bank card. Victim told him she only had about $80 in the bank if that much. Offender told victim to get up and they were going to drive to the bank. The offender got in the driver’s seat and made victim get in the passenger seat and give directions to RFCU. When they got to the bank, victim told offender that the driver window would not roll down and he would have to open the door and he accused her of trying to set him up and made victim got out of the car to use the ATM. Offender kept telling victim not to act up and she walked around the front of the car and showed offended that she had $42 in the bank. Offender made victim withdraw $40 out and drove her back to her residence. Offender and victim went back inside where he wiped down all surfaces and told victim to go to her bedroom and shut the door and not exit for 10 minutes. Officer asked for information on the male subject and victim described him and stated she didn’t recognize anything about him but stated she believes he knows people that she knows because he kept saying she needed to be more careful about who she hangs around with and that he was told she had a good job and he believed she should have more money than she had. Victim stated offender took the kitchen knife with him when he left.

May 22

Officer was dispatched to Buddy’s Home Furnishings in reference to a stolen PS5 being at a Pawn Shop. Complainant stated that offender called Buddy’s stating that the PS5 that they have been looking for was at Tom’s Pawn. C/p also stated whose name the contract was in and that she had only made one payment. Buddy’s made multiple attempts to pick up the game, along with a TV. The female subject contacted Buddy’s telling them that the PS5 and TV was at a Colegrove Dr. address. When Buddy’s went to that address, offender let them take the TV but told them that the PS5 was not there. A few days later, offender walked into Tom’s Pawn and pawned the PS5. Officer contacted offender and he stated he gave the female subject the money to get the game system back, but she refused to get it. Offender also stated that the female subject told him to take it to the pawn shop because she needed money.

May 23

Officer was contacted by the manager of Enmarket in reference to a shoplifter. Complainant advised that a male and female entered the store and began walking around and grabbed two cheeseburgers and two food bars and put them in his pocket. C/p advised the female picked up several items and paid for them with an EBT card and gave the name on the card. Officer was able to pull a photo of the name given and showed it to c/p who stated that was not the same guy that was in the store. Officer then viewed the store video footage and observed the male and female walking towards the store and observed the female take off a jacket and give it to the male and he put it on. They entered the store together and the male was observed putting items in his pocket. The subjects left the store headed south and officer felt like they went to the Deluxe Inn and wanted to check to see if they had anyone matching the descriptions staying there. Officer spoke with management and showed them a picture of the two suspects and were advised that they were staying there and was given the room number. When the officer approached the room, the door was open, and he observed both suspects with the same clothing on as in the video footage. Officer advised both that they were under arrest for shoplifting and the male subject stated the female did not take anything. The female advised she paid for some of the items but not all of them. The food wrappers were in the trashcan inside the room. Both were placed under arrest and transported to EmCo Jail.

Officer was dispatched to WalMart in reference to theft by an employee. Complainant stated offender has taken money form the cash register on eight separate occasions. C/p reported offender would open the register during the checkout process, give the customer the required change, drop a sum of cash on the floor, the retrieve it and pocket the money, totaling $180.

May 24

Officer was dispatched to Lewis St. in reference to someone going on complainant’s property. C/p stated a male subject keeps going to her house trying to talk to her two small daughter and peeps in the windows. C/p stated that in the past, offender has pulled the window treatments down and looked in the window. C/p stated she does not know his name but knows what he goes by. C/p stated she has made several reports about this same thing. Officer went to the address that c/p gave for offender and knocked on the door, but there was no answer. While on the porch, officer observed mail laying around with a name, so he looked him up in the database and it came back to offender.

May 25

Officer observed a vehicle pull into Emanuel Discount and get out of the vehicle. Offender was walking around the vehicle and due to the business being closed, officer pulled up and made contact with offender. Officer asked offender what he was doing, and he stated that the vehicle was bouncing all over the road. Officer asked if the vehicle belonged to him, and he stated no - that he thought it belonged to the passenger. The passenger jumped out and stated the vehicle belonged to him. Officer asked offender for his license, and he stated he did not have his license on him, and the passenger handed officer his ID. When running offender’s license, officer learned that they are suspended for child support and serious violations. Officer then asked if there were any illegal drugs in the vehicle and they both stated no. Officer sked if he could search the vehicle and they both stated yes. Upon the search, some marijuana shake was found in a pill bottle. The driver was advised that his license is suspended and was being arrested for driving on suspended license. When searching offender, a pill bottle containing meth and a glass pipe was found. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.