Letter to the Community from Dr. Porter: 'Virus is no joke'


Dear Community,

I feel compelled to speak out on our current crisis regarding the coronavirus. As a physician here for 33 years, I care about the welfare of the citizens of Swainsboro and Emanuel County. I see the current health crisis as medical and not political. I have seen people sick, some who have died, people I’ve known for years! It hurts to see vibrant people you’ve known die. This virus is no joke, no hoax, and is something to take seriously.

The medical community is doing what we can to treat those with the virus. However, I’m very concerned about the laidback attitude of far too many in the community! People aren’t wearing masks, aren’t spacing apart, aren’t washing hands enough. Even in the public schools, masks aren’t required, and some classes are full of students! We may not fear that students will get sick, but I promise you, too many teachers, paraprofessionals, and others will! The science is clear that the way we’re doing things will lead to a large spike in cases. Perhaps we should be seeking the advice of infectious disease specialists at Children’s Hospital in Augusta if the board would like. Children do get the disease and spread it. Let’s be careful and take every precaution to open school safely and preserve lives!

Cedric Porter, MD