City Council meeting covers “old ground”


The July session of Swainsboro City Council took place July 1, 2024, at the Swainsboro Fire Department Headquarters at 6 p.m. Present were Mayor Bennett, Councilmembers Collins, Davis, Quarterman, Sconyers and Stafford. Following the invocation and Pledge of Allegiance, Council members and Mayor congratulated members of area softball teams on their recent achievements in State competition. A motion for a change of agenda was approved prior to the beginning of business.

Mrs. Jacqueline Brantley was recognized to address council on her continuing effort in pleading for city help regarding the derelict abandoned house next to hers. Mrs. Brantley was asked to wait until later in the meeting to discuss her problem. She did so and in a lengthy discussion, the effort of council and Mayor to provide a solution left Mrs. Brantley wondering “if she would still be waiting next year for some help.” The matter was referred to the Building Inspector for continuing assistance.

Another issue from a previous meeting was next on the agenda. That issue was one previously put on hold and dealt with the vestment of the City Administrator, the so-called “85” rule and IRS modifications and the impact on certain city employees. Following a recap of earlier concerns and questions, the three-point package was promptly approved.

Under new business, council considered repairs in the waste-water department of #3 lift station totaling $11,045. More expenses in that same department were the next item and were described as a serious failure in the treated water transfer station that could require repairs from a range of as low as $26,000 to a possible high of $128,000. Council voted to approve motions for the repair of both failed wastewater systems.

Next the sale of water at the city filling station was discussed. Council approved the increase of rates charged for bulk purchase by contractors and other industrial spot purchasers to be compatible with rates charged by neighboring municipalities.

In a tedious discussion concerning a pending issue from last year, the council reviewed the details involving drainage problems created by runoff of water from Coleman Street and East Main. Councilmember Sconyers made a motion to move forward with corrective action considered in previous meetings. In a 4-1 vote, the council approved the motion. (There is currently one council seat vacant).

In final action, the council heard from the owner of property at 307 South Main Street regarding efforts to obtain a business license. Mrs. Moore addressed Mayor and council as to her difficulty in obtaining legal permission from the City for operating her business, which provides meals and lodging. Councilmembers advised Mrs. Moore that the confusion resulting from non-compliance of her business with zoning regulations would need to be addressed prior to issuance of a city license. She was referred to the office of Zoning and Planning for assistance.

The City Council meeting for July was then adjourned.