Thanks for Giving


Once again this year, A&O Men’s Aftercare Center will be celebrating Thanksgiving by providing free meals to the public on Thanksgiving day. Elder Keith McKinney said this traditional holiday has extra special meaning for him and the Center’s Board of Directors. “We started this place with a lot of hope and a lot of help, and for us to be here still growing and helping is a true blessing and a reason to give thanks. This dinner we provide is just to say thank you to the neighborhood, to the people who have been helped and to all the people who have helped us out.” McKinney expressed his thanks to Doug Brown with Advanced Metal, Asa Garrett at Custom Furniture, Mill Creek Foundation, Milton Gray at the Citizens Bank, Danny Wayne Faircloth at Faircloth Forest Products, the Trane Corporation, Richard, Ed and Sam Daniels at Daniels Chevrolet, former Mayor Charles Schwabe, John Troupe, Steve Kirby, Joe Nasworthy and Anthony Good. A&O is a faith-based, residential program for recovery. It is a 501C3 designate that operates primarily on private funding.