SPD: 9.6.23


Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department (SPD) reported…

August 24

Officer observed a vehicle approaching at a high rate of speed and clocked it at 52 MPH in a 35 MPH zone, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. Upon running the tag, it came back with no insurance and suspended registration.

Complainant went to SPD to make a report about unwanted advances from offender on several occasions. C/p stated offender goes to her work and flirts with her by making remarks about her body. C/p also advised that offender followed her to Dollar General and she went inside and was shopping when offender approached her and continued to follow her around the store making comments to her. C/p stated offender walked up behind her and kissed her on the cheek and was playing with her hair. Dollar General had footage of offender following c/p throughout the store.

Officer met with complainant in reference to damage to her vehicle where c/p’s rear windshield had been shattered.

Officer met with complainant in reference to c/p’s ex-coworker/offender harassing and threatening him. C/p stated he feels that offender is threatening his mother and son due to a text message sent to him by offender.

Officer observed a driver not wearing a seatbelt, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. Upon running the driver’s license, they came back suspended. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.

August 25

Officer was dispatched to N. Racetrack St. in reference to a possible overdose. Complainant stated she found victim on the floor unresponsive and believes she took something. EMS arrived and transported victim to EMC ER.

Officers were dispatched to Gumlog Rd. in reference to a theft. Complainant stated his AC was taken out of his window.

Officer observed a driver not wearing a seatbelt, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. During the search, marijuana and cocaine were discovered, as well as drug related objects.

Officers were dispatched to Stevens Dr. in reference to a theft of a bicycle.

Officer met with complainant in reference to a loose rock from recent road work flying up and cracking his windshield.

Officer responded to N. Racetrack St. in reference to a domestic dispute and offender had a gun and shot victim’s car. Victim advised offender ran and believed he went to another apartment. Officers went to the apartment and asked a female subject who lived there and she gave the name and stated she was in the shower. Officer knocked on the door and asked if a male had run into her apartment and she said no and advised they could search her apartment. Officers entered the apartment and found a male subject on the sofa and identified him. Upon running the male subject’s info, it was found that he was wanted out of Fulton Co. and they wanted a hold placed. Officer then spoke with the victim and asked who shot her car and she gave offender’s name. Victim advised she loaned her car to offender and he would not take it back so she got a ride to where he was at. C/p stated they then got into an argument and when she got in her car and drove away, offender pulled a gun and shot her car.

Officer responded to EMC ER for a female that had been beaten by her boyfriend. Victim stated she and her boyfriend got into an argument that led to them fighting and he hit her with his fist and rake handle.

August 26

Officer ran the tag on a vehicle to find it had suspended registration and no insurance, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. Offender advised it wasn’t her vehicle and she had no idea it didn’t have insurance. Offender was issued two citations.

Officer was dispatched to Mable Ave. in reference to a report of harassment. Complainant stated her daughter was being harassed by offender.

Officer was dispatched to Lucky St. in reference to complainant stating her wallet was missing and someone used her debit card at WalMart and Harvey’s.

Officer met with complainant at SPD who was visibly upset. C/p explained that she broke up with her boyfriend and he keeps harassing her and goes over to her house uninvited and he still has a key. C/p stated she and offender got into an argument and he broke her cell phone, and he has started making threats towards any male she is involved with and told c/p she needs to leave town.

August 27

Officer was dispatched to SPD in reference to a complainant advising her EBT card was used in Jonesboro and believes her ex-boyfriend is the one who used it.

Officers were dispatched to West Moring St. for an entering auto report. Complainant stated he went to get something out of his truck and noticed his backpack was gone.

Officers were dispatched to West Church St. in reference to a female wanting to get her items from the residence. Offender/complainant and several females were on the porch and offender was waving his hands in the air and them started to slap his hands together. As officer approached, offender started to shout and seemed agitated and continued to get louder as officer gave commands to calm down. Offender finally listened and was asked what was going on and he wanted to get his stuff out of the house and leave. Officer advised offender that it was fine but to wait and offender stated he did not care anymore and started to walk off and officer gave commands for him to stop walking away as he began to try to get in a vehicle. Offender began talking to another officer and the first officer spoke with a witness who advised offender was highly intoxicated and that was the reason he was acting up. When the officer returned to where offender and other officers were, offender was holding a handgun. Offender was taken to the ground then transported to EmCo Jail.

Officer was transported to SPD in reference to a report about someone taking the window unit out and entering the residence.

August 28

Officer was dispatched to Harris St. in reference to a theft. Complainant stated her landlord goes in her house without her knowing and she left $300 on the kitchen table and when she returned, it was gone. C/p stated she knows her landlord went inside her residence because she could smell his cologne.

Officers were dispatched to North Main St. in reference to a theft of a vehicle and credit card. Complainant stated he met a female online and developed a relationship with her and he agreed to let her stay at his residence. C/p allowed offender to use his vehicle and credit card to do some laundry and she had not returned. Offender finally returned after learning that law enforcement was on scene and was asked why she didn’t return earlier and she stated she felt uneasy about being at the residence and wanted to leave. Offender stated she purchased a b us ticket with c/p’s credit card and was given permission by c/p. C/p stated he did not give offender permission and she still advised he did and officer told them this would be a civil issue. Offender was able to collect her belongings from the residence and transported to Enmarket.

Officer met with complainant at SPD in reference to a report about her parking her vehicle at Bradford Inn and someone breaking both mirrors off.

Officer was advised of a female walking on Gumlog Rd. who had warrants. Officer arrived and observed a male and female walking and asked their names. Offender was advised she had a warrant. The male subject gave his name and the female called him another name and officer asked the male subject why she called him that and asked if he had anything on him and he stated no. Officer asked if he could search him and he stated yes and a glass pipe was found inside a cigarette box and crack cocaine in his pocket. Both subjects were transported to EmCo Jail.

August 29

Officers responded to Truist Bank in reference to a male subject chasing another male subject in the parking lot. An employee of the bank advised that after cashing a check for a large sum of money, a male subject asked the teller for a rear exit, which the teller thought was suspicious. One male was handcuffed and another was sitting on the curb near the ATM machine. Det. was contacted in reference to the incident possibly being related to a robbery by sudden snatching and the possibility of the check offender cashed being fraudulent. Both male subjects were transported to EmCo Jail.

Officer was dispatched to McLeod Bridge Rd. in reference to an unwanted person inside a vehicle. The driver and passenger were in a verbal altercation that sounded like it turned physical. Complainant advised offender contacted her asking for a ride and when he got in the vehicle, he began arguing with her about the vehicle she was driving. C/p advised offender hit her a coup0le of times and jumped out and got in a truck with someone and left.

August 30

Officers were dispatched to Sutton Dr. in reference to a complainant wanting to report his personal information being put on Facebook and his accounts being logged onto on Snapchat and Facebook. C/p and his mother stated offender was harassing c/p and stating she was sending the mother messages about getting c/p away from offender’s windows and to stop knocking on them. C/p’s mother stated she sent offender a photo of c/p and told her he was on his back porch and had not left the residence. C/p showed officer where offender was logging onto his FB account and advised he never gave her permission.

Officer met with complainant in reference to a dispute. C/p advised offender went into Mike’s and picked up a newspaper stand and threw it at her.