SPD: 9.20.23


Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department (SPD) reported…

September 11

Officer responded to King Circle Dr. in reference to possible shooting in the area. Complainant advised dispatch of a vehicle that left the area. Officer observed the described vehicle stopped in the roadway with a male subject walking away from the driver’s side of the vehicle. Due to the curve in the roadway, officer was unable to determine if the subject got out of the vehicle or was speaking with someone in the vehicle. Officer observed the vehicle begin to drive towards the intersection and asked dispatch again for the description of the vehicle given by c/p. Officer determined the vehicle matched the description given and initiated a traffic stop. Officer approached the vehicle and the driver advised he heard gunshots in the area while at his friend’s house. Officer advised the driver that the reason for the stop was due to his vehicle matching the description given to 911. Backup arrived and could smell a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle and the driver was asked to exit the vehicle. Upon searching offender, items retrieved from the genital area were a digital scale, a small bag of marijuana, a large bag of marijuana, a bag of white powdery substance and a bag of a hard, rock-like off-white substance. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.

Officer met with complainant at SPD in reference to a report where c/p advised she resided with offender and allowed her to access c/p’s cellphone and is now concerned that offender is still gaining access to it after the initial permission.

Officer was dispatched to SPD in reference to a report. Complainant stated that his ex-girlfriend/offender went into his apartment and damaged a window and TV and threw other items around inside his apartment. C/p stated offender sent him a text message stating she did the damage.

911 dispatched an officer to Grady St. advising they received a third-part call stating her daughter’s door was kicked in. Officers made contact with the victim who stated she was fine and didn’t know why her mother called. Victim stated her boyfriend kicked the door in and the kids were in the background as she refused to provide any information on offender.

September 12

Officer observed a vehicle run a red light, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. Officer approached the vehicle and the driver was on the phone and stated he knew the officer was not going to let him go. Officer approached the vehicle and the driver was trying to get his door open. Officer then asked for his license and offender looked at him and smiled. Officer asked if his license were suspended, and he stated yes and officer asked if he had an ID card and he stated yea and gave it to the officer. Officer could smell a strong odor of alcoholic beverage coming from the vehicle and observed offender’s speech was slurred and his eyes were glazed, and asked how much he had to drink and he stated one. Officer asked offender to exit the vehicle and asked again how much he had to drink and he stated a couple. Offender agreed to take a field sobriety test and PBT and tested positive. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail. Once at the jail, a full search was done to find two bags of a white substance in offender’s socks that tested positive for Fentanyl.

September 13

Officer approached a vehicle round a curve in the wrong lane of traffic and didn’t’ attempt to go back into the lane of travel, at which time he turned around and the driver ran off the shoulder of the road again. Officer initiated a traffic stop and asked the driver for her license and insurance. Offender advised she did not have any. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.

Officer was requested to take a walk-in report with complainant who stated a vehicle was repossessed by an unknown repo company form her home and sent to Atlanta where everything was removed, including the tag, for auction. C/p then stated she got the vehicle back and attempted to get a new tag and was informed she needed a police report.

Officer was dispatched to Gumlog Rd. in reference to offender stealing money out of a vehicle. Complainant stated offender went into her trunk and stole $120 cash out of her wallet. C/p stated she has allowed offender to stay at her residence and officer was advised that offender has a court order to stay away from c/p. Video footage was given and offender was observed going in the vehicle and in the trunk and placed something in his pocket. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.

Officers were dispatched to Main St. in reference to someone being scared for their life. Complainant stated three females and one male wanted her to sale crack cocaine for them and the male keeps it in a brown box inside the room.

Officers were dispatched to McLeod Bridge Rd. in reference to a burglary. Complainant stated he arrived home to find his back door open. When he went inside, he found four watches, a TV and three bottles of Crown Royal missing. C/p also stated his kitchen window was busted out. During the investigation, officer did not see any forced entry on the back door and the glass was missing from the kitchen window but there was no broken glass inside or outside the window.

September 14

Officer responded to East Pine St. in reference to a damaged vehicle. Complainant stated she was behind an 18-wheeler that had a blow-out and pieces of it flew back and she was unable to avoid hitting them.

Officer was dispatched to Enterprise St. in reference to complainant stating that as she was backing out of her driveway, someone was standing behind her vehicle. C/p stated that once the person realized c/p saw them they took off running through her front yard.

Officer advised he was stopped in reference to a burglary and advised he located a window where it looked like the suspect attempted to gain entry and wiped it. Victim stated they looked through a few things but he knows they took his fire proof safe box that was in a closet that contained his class ring, (12) $ bills, (4) watches and misc jewelry.