SPD: 5.8.24


Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department (SPD) reported…

April 26

Complainant went to SPD to report his phone lost. C/p stated he spoke with offender who advised he had the phone and c/p has made several attempts to get the phone back but has been unsuccessful and offender will not return his phone.

Officer was at Enmarket and the manager informed him about a shoplifting that occurred. C/p stated offender keeps going in the store and taking items without paying for them. Officer watched a video and observed offender take multiple items over multiple days at the same time every day. Offender attends SHS and will be trespassed from the store.

Officer took a walk-in report where complainant stated she thought she misplaced her purse then learned that several entering autos had been happening in her area.

Officer was flagged down by complainant who needed to make a report about a stolen weapon taken from his vehicle.

Officer was dispatched to King Circle Dr. in reference to a dog at large.

Officer observed a vehicle without a tag, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. Officer could smell a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle and offender stated they smoked earlier. Offender’s eyes were red and she was speaking slowly, and appeared to be under the influence. Upon searching the vehicle, multiple pills were found. Both offenders were transported to EmCO Jail.

April 27

Complainant was driving on S. Coleman ST. when another vehicle side swapped him and kept going and c/p was able to provide the tag number.

Officers were dispatched Mojo’s in reference to offender entering the establishment and breaking the manager’s phone because his girlfriend was fired for stealing money out of the register. Complainant advised the employee was caught stealing $600 and was about to receive a $400+ check so she signed her check and gave it back to pay for some of the money stolen. Later, offender arrived Mojo’s and walked to the back to confront the manager and the manager pulled out his phone to show him the video footage and offender slapped the phone out of his hand, slinging it across the room, then leaves the store.

Officer was dispatched to N. Green ST. in reference to a dispute. Victim was intoxicated and stated her ex-boyfriend had been at her residence and they began to argue and offender hit her.

Officers were dispatched to Pughsley St. in reference to a mental subject being aggressive. Complainant stated her mother was acting out and could no longer stay with her. C/p stated offender was causing issues with her grandmother and had a knife in her possession and threatening her grandmother with it. Offender stated she had the knife because they had a big stick and she had the right to protect herself. She was not acting out while officers were there and stated she was fine as long as they would leave her alone and was not mental like they are trying to make her out to be. C/p stated she was going to get her mother a room at the hotel and try to get a 1013 on signed.

April 28

Officer was dispatched to Marion St. in reference someone taking complainant’s firearm.

Officers were dispatched to W. Moring St. in reference to a male subject who was not supposed to be at the residence. Officers attempted to make contact for several minutes before complainant arrived back at the residence, and her son/offender, exited from the front door of the residence. C/p stated her son was not supposed to be there and she wanted him to leave. Offender began to use vulgar language at officers and was advised to stop being hostile, gather his items and leave multiple times but he would not comply. Offender was arrested and transported to EmCo Jail.

April 29

Officer responded to SPD for a walk-in report where complainant stated her son left his Nintendo Switch in the buggy at WalMart and when she went back, it was gone.

Officer received a call from complainant in reference to a crowd gathering and some sort of altercation took place. Officer observed a group of 8-10 people and made contact with them and they were elusive with their answers about what was going on. Officer learned that an altercation took place between two females so he knocked on the door and spoke with victim who stated offender got into an argument and offender attempted to hit her but she was able to walk away before it escalated.

Officer responded to Dawson St. in reference to a stolen wallet. Complainant stated he believes he knows who took it and has not been able to find him.

April 30

Officer responded to N. Main St. in reference to complainant having issues with dogs running at large and killed her cat. C/p then stated vehicles in her neighborhood have been broken into and she has camera footage.

Officer responded to W. Main St. in reference to a patient’s family member making threats to employees.

Officer observed a male urinating in the Family Dollar parking lot and was transported to EmCo Jail.

May 1

Officer was dispatched to La Rosita’s in reference to a damaged vehicle. Complainant stated the left rear window was shattered.

Officer responded to Hardin Dr. in reference to an entering auto report.

Officer ran the tag on a vehicle to find it had not insurance, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. The vehicle was towed and the driver was issued a citation.