SPD: 3.27.24


Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department (SPD) reported…

March 14

Officers were dispatched to S. Main St. in reference to stolen property. Complainant stated he has been leasing a house to offender for two years and has been wanting to sell the property and completed the process of evicting offenders. Offenders moved out of the residence and took the oven/stove that did not belong to them. Officer made contact with offender who stated he and c/p made an agreement about taking the oven/stove.

Officer took a walk-in report in reference to damage to a vehicle. Complainant stated he was driving on Hwy 80 East and thinks a rock hit his headlight cover, causing damage to the vehicle.

March 15

Officer had two abandoned vehicles removed from Swainsboro Livestock and Auction.

Officer ran a license plate to find it has suspended registration and the registered owner’s license are suspended, at which time he imitated a traffic stop. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.

Officer responded to Lucky St. in reference to a report of three men knocking on complainant’s front door asking if anyone was home.

Officers received a call to respond to The Deluxe Inn in reference to a male subject that wanted to leave and a female would not let him and there was yelling the background. Officer was met by complainant who stated nothing was wrong and everything was okay. C/p had blood coming from his nose and on his hands so they went back to the room and a witness stated she saw a male subject running from the motel. C/p stated a man went in the room, struck him with a gun and took $800.

Officer took a walk-in report in reference to complainant stating her kids went outside and noticed a vehicle parked in front of the house belonging to offender in an ongoing investigation.

March 16

Officer observed a vehicle traveling 54 MPH in a 35 MPH zone, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. The vehicle did not have valid insurance and was towed.

Officer observed a driver not wearing a seatbelt and the tag on the vehicle was unsecure, at which time he initiated a traffic stop.

Officer observed a vehicle with no tag lights, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. Officer could smell a strong odor of alcoholic beverage coming from the vehicle and asked the driver to step out. He could then smell it coming from the driver’s breath. The vehicle was searched to find suspected crack cocaine. a pipe and a brillo roll. Driver and one passenger were transported to EmCo Jail.

Officer observed a vehicle with a headlight out, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. Upon running the driver’s license, it waws found to be suspended. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.

March 17

Officer ran the tag on a vehicle to find it has suspended registration and the owner has suspended license, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. Officer could smell an odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.

Officers were dispatched to S. Main St. in reference to a dispute between two customers. While enroute, officers were advised they left the location. Officer spotted the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop. Offenders were followed back to the location and stated their order was not right and asked to get it corrected and complainant refused to do so one offender told c/p she should hit her with the bag of food. Officer spoke with the manage who stated the order was basically right and she told them due to it being prepared the way it was ordered that she was not swapping it out. Both offenders have been told not to return to the property.

Officer was dispatched to N. Main St. in reference to a report of a stolen phone. Complainant stated offender took the phone and will not return it. Officer contacted offender who stated she would return the phone to SPD, as she did, and the phone was returned to c/p.

Officer was dispatched to S. Main St. in reference to a caller having a complaint on a delivery driver. Officer spoke with the manager of the business who advised they have been having issues with their system and they received a call from a male subject stating he was with the corporate office and wanted to help with the system issues. The manager stated she gave the caller all the info he asked for, including customer’s phone numbers that had ordered and the delivery driver’s name. When the manager arrived to work, she had a customer call informing her that the delivery driver was asking for sexual favors for a tip but the caller stated they knew it was not the driver. After a while, the manager had a customer go to the store demanding answers because she received a call from their delivery driver stating they were gonna do things for their food. The manager informed officer that she had no idea who was calling their customers but it was the number that called advising he was going to help fix their system issues and was given customer’s phone numbers and the delivery driver’s name. Officers went to c/p’s residence and she called offender’s phone and offender was impersonating the delivery driver and stating obscene gestures. Offender stated he was the only person working but did not know officers had already been to the business and knew other people were working. Officer got c/p to ask offender questions and asked where he was at and he stated he was at the establishment in the bathroom and was scared. While one officer stayed at c/p’s residence, another officer went to the establishment and offender was not there. Offender and the delivery driver had very different voices and the delivery driver did not have c/p’s number in his phone.

March 18

Officer observed a vehicle with a brake light out, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. It was determined that the vehicle did not have valid insurance and suspended registration. Vehicle was towed.

Officer was dispatched to Huddle House in reference to a male making people feel uncomfortable. Offender stated he was just trying to buy a salad and cup of water. Complainant stated offender was saying inappropriate gestures to the waitress and making mocking faces to them and wanted his trespassed from the location.

March 19

Officer responded to Richard St. in reference to a kitten being attacked by a dog. Complainant was holding the punctured kitten wrapped in a cloth and appeared to be lifeless. C/p stated her neighbor has two bulldogs and she has had issues with them going in her yard.

Officers responded to E. Pine St. in reference to someone trying to get into complainant’s window. Officers observed the screen on the window to be bent.

March 20

Officer responded to E. Pine St. in reference to two subjects knocking on windows and doors. Complainant stated someone was tapping on her bedroom window and when she looked out, she saw two subjects. C/p stated a few minutes later, offender knocked on her door twice and a few minutes later, they tapped on her window again and were shining a flashlight in the window.

Officer met with complainant who stated she wanted the father of one of her children out of her house. She stated he went over there about a month ago to see the child and has been staying there ever since and she wants him gone. C/p stated he does not pay any bills or help out in any way and his name is not on the lease. She also stated he has threatened her if she kicks him out. Officer met with offender who stated he has been there about a year and just gave c/p $4,000 and has been giving her money the entire time for bills and never threatened her.

Officer was dispatched to Oaklawn Dr. in reference to a call about loose dogs and one tied to a tree. Officers tried to make contact with anyone in the home but didn’t get an answer. A strong odor of marijuana was coming from within the home and officers knocked multiple times but didn’t get an answer. Officers could hear footsteps and a toddler crying and tried calling out for an adult to open the door. The toddler was running from window to window crying but no other response. Officers were ready to make entrance due to the child being alone then heard a response. As officers tried to get someone to open the door, a car pulled into the residence and the driver introduced herself. She was asked if anyone was in the house and she stated her husband was. She was asked to open the door so they could check on the toddler. Her husband was asked to step outside and when asked why he did not go to the door, he stated he was in the shower and could not hear the knocking. When asked about the smell of marijuana, both stated they did not smoke and nothing was in their home. They were asked for consent to enter the home and they both agreed. There were multiple dirty diapers on the living room floor, a small residue of marijuana on the bed in the first bedroom, multiple dirty dishes in the kitchen with trash all over the floor and a cat litter box by the table full of cat feces and not covered properly. In another room, there was a faint smell of marijuana and more small residue found on the desk with a small scale and small bags used to sell and distribute. The husband stated he did smoke marijuana every now and then but he was no drug dealer. He showed officers where he had his marijuana and it was taken into evidence, as well as the scales and bags. They were given seven days by AC1 to properly house her dogs and was told DFCS would be notified due to the conditions found inside the home.

March 21

Officers responded to Market St. in reference to a call about a vehicle being stuck in the ditch. Offender stated his sister was backing up in the roadway to turn around and got stuck, then changed the story to he was driving and backed up into the ditch trying to turn around. When offender’s sister arrived, she stated she was backing the vehicle up but could not tell the direction she was going or what really happened, then told officers her brother was really driving. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail for driving while license suspended and improper backing.

Officer responded to W. MLK Blvd. In reference to complainant stating he was inside his house with the radio playing when offender went inside. C/p was recording offender due to an incident the prior day and she him to stop recording her and she grabbed him and broke his camera screen. Offender was told not to return.

Officers were dispatched to Mason Dr. in reference to a dispute. 911 advised a male subject punched his sister in the face and was walking. Officer observed the female standing by the road crying and asked if she was the caller and she stated her mom called. Officer asked her what was going on and she stated her brother hit her in the eye and knocked her down. Officer then asked where he was at and she stated he walked but didn’t know where he was going. At that time, she spotted him and officer advised he would be back with her in a few. Officers made contact with offender who stated his sister went to take his phone and he pushed her. Officer had offender get in the car and took him back to the incident location where they met the mother and sister. When speaking with the mother, she stated she received information that offender has been skipping school and she took his video game out of his room before he arrived home and when he got home, she tried talking to him and he got an attitude with her and she told him to give her his phone. She stated he would not give it to her so she grabbed it and he bowed up at her and lunged towards her, and her daughter jumped in between them and offender struck her in the face. She further started that her daughter fell to the ground and her other son had to pull him off of her. Upon speaking with the daughter, she stated the same thing as her mother. She also stated her two small kids were in the room when all this happened. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.

Officer responded to Roadway Inn in reference to a dispute. Complainant stated she went to the hotel to get a room but the power was out and she spoke with offender who told her to go into the front office and wait for her to go in. C/p stated while she was walking to the office, offender locked her out and started cussing at her. Offender stated c/p didn’t walk to the officer right away and waited outside talking about her to the housekeeper, then wanted to go in. Offender stated that she is tired of females like c/p going down there thinking they can do whatever and was told to quit cussing and yelling. As officer went to speak with other witnesses, they stated offender was causing a disturbance. Offender continued to cuss and yell while officer was speaking with witnesses so she was transported to EmCo Jail.

Officer was at SPD for court and the Judge and JAG Probation met in reference to offender and they concluded to revoke offender for three days to jail. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.

Officer was at SPD court and the Judge concluded that offender would be transported to jail for probation revocation for five days. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.