SPD: 1.31.24


Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department (SPD) reported…

January 17

Officer met with complainant in reference to a report of fraud. C/p advised she sent $375 and $437.13 to find out it was a scam.

January 18

Officer met with complainant in reference to a damaged vehicle. C/p advised her vehicle broke down and upon returning to retrieve it, the windshield was broken, and the driver’s side and passenger side rear windows were damaged.

Officer was dispatched to S. Racetrack St. in reference to damage to a vehicle. Complainant stated someone took a piece of metal rod and pried the back extended cab window open and broke the passenger door handle.

January 19

Officer was assisting with a traffic stop on King Circle Dr. when K-9 Maya began a free air sniff around the vehicle. During the search, two dogs began running towards the vehicle and began chasing Maya around the vehicle, at which time Sgt. Young removed Maya from the arear of the vehicle and the dogs remained around officers and occupants of the vehicle for a few moments then ran to a residence on King Circle Dr. when a female came out of the residence and picked up the smaller dog and secured the other dog on a chain runner in the yard. Officer then made contact with the female in reference to the dogs running at large and she advised the dogs were just loose to use the bathroom and had nothing to do with what they had going on in front of her house. The female subject was issued two citations for dogs at large and she refused to sign them, at which point officer attempted to handcuff her and she began resisting and pulling away. A city councilman approached officer wanting an explanation about the incident and wanting to know what happened and asking officer’s name which was provided but could have waited until after the arrest and not interfering with the arrest. Offender’s sister arrived and advised officers that they were only in the neighborhood messing with folks. Offender was arrested and transported to EmCo Jail.

Officer met with complainant in reference to a fight that occurred at work. C/p stated offender cussed at him and when he cussed back, offender punched him. C/p stated he said something to him again and they started fighting.

Officer responded to Calhoun St. for an unwanted person. Complainant stated she wanted offender to leave her house and was told by officer he would have to leave if he didn’t live there. Offender was very unsteady and officer could smell a strong odor of alcoholic beverage coming from his person. Officer observed that offender not being able to walk down the steps without falling and advised offender to have someone pick him up. Offender started calling a 1-800 number and was told to call someone or he would be arrested for failure to comply and disorderly conduct. Offender kept saying it was all c/p’s fault that he had to leave. Officer told him again to call someone to pick him up and he could not use his phone because he was so intoxicated, at which point he was arrested and transported to EmCo Jail.

January 20

Officer observed a vehicle with no taillights on, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. Officer advised the driver for the reason of the stop and she switched her lights on. Upon running the tag, it was determined that there was no valid insurance. Vehicle was towed and the driver was transported to Enmarket to wait for someone to pick her up.

Officer ran the tag on a vehicle to find the registered owner has suspended license, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. Officer approached the vehicle and could smell a strong odor of marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. Offender gave his name and presented his license which matched the registered owner of the vehicle. Officer asked the passenger his name and he stated he was not the driver. Officer asked him again for his name and he gave a false name. As officer turned to walk to his patrol unit he looked back and the passenger opened the door and was advised not to exit the vehicle, at which time officer called for additional units. The passenger was asked if he wanted to give his correct name and he did. A clear baggie partially hanging out of his pocket was observed that contained marijuana. He was placed in the rear of the patrol unit and upon running his info, it was found that he is wanted in Bulloch County for aggravated assault. The driver was found to have suspended license. Both suspects were transported to EmCo Jail.

January 21

Officer was advised by another officer that the registered owner of a vehicle had suspended license. The vehicle was observed and a traffic stop was initiated. Officer asked for his license and asked him to step out of the vehicle. Officer asked the driver how much he had to drink and he stated nothing but there was a mixed drink in the vehicle. Offender was placed under arrest and transported to EmCo Jail.

Officer met with complainant so stated her child’s father was supposed to return their child the night before and didn’t and would not return her calls or messages and her attorney advised her to make a report of offender not returning the child on time. Officer tried to contact offender but did not get an answer.

Officer met with complainant in reference to a theft. C/p stated someone stole two of her center caps off her vehicle.

January 22

Officer was dispatched to Lewis St. in reference to complainant stating items were missing from the back of his truck. Items are valued at $825.

Officer was dispatched to Lucky St. in reference to complainant stating when he got home, his door was open and a safe with $500 cash was inside it, PS5 and an iphone were missing. A window had been busted out and c/p advised the front door was locked.

Officer met with complainant who stated offender sent her threats via text message. C/p advised offender has showed up at her residence before trying to fight her.

Officer met with complainant who stated she received a Facebook message from offender stating he was going to pull up on her at her residence. C/p stated this is because offender thinks c/p set someone up over the weekend to get arrested.

January 23

Officer was dispatched to E. MLK Blvd. in reference to complainant stating he recently had to evict people and sent someone to change the locks and the front door was open. It was discovered that two screens on the back side of the apartment had been taken out and damaged.

Officer met with complainant who stated she is renting a house from offender on Dawson St. and she paid $300 for rent and almost $300 for a light bill. C/p state offender always gives her a receipt for rent but not the light bill and offender has turned her power off.

Detectives received information that a male subject was on Kite Rd. selling illegal drugs. K-9 Maya did not show any change in behavior on the free air sniff. During a field interview with the male subject, it was determined that the caller is his ex-girlfriend and it’s believed she is trying to cause problems. Later, a female subject went to SPD to report the caller followed her and the male subject when she picked him up. She also stated that a note was left on her vehicle on 1/12 asking her to call a phone number. Officer called the number and the person that answered identified herself, which was not the ex’s name, but when asking pointed questions, she shut down, but officer believes he was talking to the ex and she was told to stop contacting the male subject.

Officers responded to Lewis St. in reference to an unwanted person in the yard. The homeowner stated the subject had warrants and officer observed the male subject run into a house on N. Green St. Offender was taken into custody and transported to EmCo Jail.

Officer responded to Mary Ann St. in reference to an unwanted person. Complainant stated two people go in her yard every night and go under her house. Officers observed tracks going towards the back of the house but there were no signs of someone going under the house.

January 24

Officer responded to W. Church St. in reference to a dispute. Complainant advised the refrigerator was leaking and offender accused him of purposely damaging the refrigerator.

Officers were dispatched to EMC ER in reference to a 10-13 patient being irate and pulling all his IVs out. While enroute, officer was advised that offender walked out of the hospital. When officer arrived, offender was walking towards Kite Rd. with a security officer asking him not to leave. Officer spoke with offender and told him he had to go back to the hospital due to him being 10-13 and he stated he wasn’t a 10-13 patient. Officer could smell a very strong odor of alcoholic beverage on his breath so he was handcuffed and escorted back to the ER. While in the ER, offender became argumentative. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.

Officer met with complainant in reference to cc/p stating while she was checking out at WalMart, she requested cash back and left it in the register and forgot it and when she went back to get it, it was gone. Officer got photos and observed a male subject take the cash and was advised a name could be retrieved in the next few days due to him using a debit card.

Officer observed a vehicle with a headlight out, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. The vehicle came back with no insurance and suspended registration. While officer was walking to the vehicle, he observed a child to be around 1-year-old in the back seat with no car seat or seat belt. Officer asked the driver for her license and she stated she did not have them on her but she does have a license. Officer then asked why the child was not in a car seat and she advised that she does not have one.

Officer passed a vehicle and the tag reader alerted that it had suspended registration, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. Upon running the tag, it was determined that the registered owner has suspended license. Officer asked for the driver’s license, which was the registered owner. Officer then advised her that her license are suspended for serious violations. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.

Officer responded to N. Racetrack St. in reference to stalking. Complainant stated offender hacked his cashapp and sent herself money and he didn’t know how offender obtained his email info. Offender stated c/p added her email to his account and when she noticed the money was deposited into her cashapp, she sent it back to c/p’s girlfriend.

Officer was contacted by a concerned citizen who stated offender has set up a spot where she is selling molly and using the location to avoid traffic at her residence. Officers setup watching the location on and offender’s vehicle was parked in the front yard. Another vehicle left several times for short periods before returning. Offender left the location and returned to her residence. The other vehicle retuned to the set up spot and left again. The investigation is still open.

January 25

Officer met with complainant in reference to c/p advising she went to AT&T and traded in her phone for another phone and AT&TG is now attempting to collect a debt for over $500 due to the store advising they do not have the one she traded in. C/p advised it was turned into a named employee.

Officer received a video text from complainant showing a shoplifter. Officer went to D&I and c/p showed a full video of offender entering the store and went to the counter, grabbed a bag of candy and concealed it in his pocket. Offender then stood around for a few minutes and stepped over to a rack and grabbed a 4 pack of Red Bull. Shortly after, he exited the store without paying for any merchandise. C/p gave offender’s first name but does not know his last name. An employee stated who offender’s mother is and where she lives. Officer went to the location to find a male subject on the front porch. Before officer could explaine why he was there and the male subject asked what he was doing there. Officer explained why he was there and the male subject stated the given name did not live there. As officer was walking away, the male subject stated “you something else” and officer asked what he meant by that and he wouldn’t say anything else. He then wanted to know who gave the address and was advised that info could not be given but he could get a copy of the report in 3-5 days. He stated he wanted a copy right then and was advised it would be 3-5 business days.

Officer responded to EMC ER in reference to a female who had been beaten. Victim was highly intoxicated and stated offender pushed her into a door where she hit her face and lip then picked her up and was throwing her around the room. Victim stated her neck, back and ribs were hurt from another time offender put his hands on her.

Officer was dispatched to D&I in reference to a shoplifter. Offender was the same shoplifter as earlier. Offender had already left and complainant advised he grabbed beer and exited the store. Video footage was watched by officer and offender was observed grabbing beer and leaving the store without paying.