SPD 11/16/22


Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department (SPD) reported…

November 4

Officer was dispatched that a complainant wanted to make a report about someone being in her car

the prior night. Upon arrival, officer asked c/p where the car was, she stated that her husband has

taken it to work, but that she had footage of someone in her yard, but the angle wasn’t great, and

neither was the lighting. Officer saw a figure in the vehicle in the footage but could not identify any

facial features. Her husband did not notice anything in her vehicle missing. She stated the person

possibly could’ve been their neighbor because they had recently had some problems with them.

Officer responded to East Pine Street in reference to an assault and theft that had already taken

place. Upon arrival, officer met with c/p/victim. C/p was out of breath and stated that her boyfriend attacked her and busted her lip then took her phone. When asking c/p about the incident, she got frustrated and walked away. After she left, her mother stated that they do this about once a week and then get back together the next day.

Officer was traveling on North Main Street when he observed offender driving in the vehicle in front

of him. Before his shift, he had been advised that offender had an outstanding warrant in Bulloch

County. Officer performed a traffic stop and offender was placed under arrest. Offender’s parents

arrived on the scene and stated that officers would pay for harassing their son. She also wished

death on one of the officers. Offender was transported to the Emanuel County and Bulloch County

line and was released to Bulloch County.

Officer observed a vehicle going 48mph in a 35mph zone. A traffic stop was conducted, and the

driver became aggressive towards officer. The driver’s speech was slurred and had a slight odor of

alcohol coming from his person. The driver’s license had already been suspended once due to a

DUI. Driver was placed under arrest for 2nd offense DUI, speeding, and driving with a suspended


November 5

Officer was dispatched to Walmart in reference to a shoplifting. Upon arrival, officer talked to c/p who stated that he observed offender skip scanning items. Video footage was provided, showing that offender skip scanned items totaling up to $70.85 and was taken into custody and transported to

EmCo Jail.

Officer observed a vehicle traveling on North Main Street at a high rate of speed, estimated 53mph

in a 35mph zone. Officer initiated a traffic stop, but vehicle sped up and entered HWY 1 at a very

high rate of speed. Officer observed his speed at 135mph, so offender had to have been driving 150-

160 mph. Officer lost contact with the vehicle and the pursuit was terminated.

Officer was dispatched to Walmart in reference to a shoplifter who was refusing to enter the office

and speak with management. On arrival, officer spoke with c/p and offender. C/p stated that offender took the barcode off a pillowcase and placed it on a bed comforter. Offender owned up to it and stated that he was in the wrong. Offender was served a trespass warrant for one year, then was

placed under arrest and transported to EmCo Jail.

Officer met with c/p at SPD in reference to stolen property. C/p brought her daughter (witness) to

provide information. Witness reported that on 11/5/22, she was at her residence on Center Street

when a man who claimed to work for housing authority came to her home and removed her bedroom door stating that it was “too thin”. C/p contacted housing authority who stated that they had no employees present on this date.

November 6

Officer observed a vehicle travelling at a high rate of speed and failing to maintain lane of traffic. A

traffic stop was conducted, and driver was arrested for DUI.

Officer was dispatched to South Main Street in reference to damaged property. Officer observed that

the glass entry door had been shattered and the wooden entry door was broken out of the frame.

Brown hair and dried blood were observed on the wooden door. Another officer arrived on the scene and stated that the nail salon across the street had a deer run through the glass the day before.

November 7

Officer responded to Walmart in reference to a report of a shoplifting that had already occurred. C/p stated that he viewed offender conceal merchandise and the pass all points of sale without paying for the merchandise. Video footage was shown as well as pictured of the offender getting into his truck.

Officer performed a traffic stop for failure to maintain lane. When approaching the vehicle, driver

stated that a man had taken her phone and was advised to go to SPD to make a report. Victim told

officers that she was in Walmart when a man approached her about buying two dogs. When meeting him to get the dogs, he took her phone and fled. Walmart found no footage of the victim and anyone speaking.

Officers responded to HWY 56 for a possible theft. C/p stated that the catalytic converter on his work vehicle was cut, but not taken from the vehicle. He had driven the vehicle the prior Friday, so this had to have taken place over the weekend.

November 8

Officer spoke with c/p via telephone in reference to a forgery. C/p contacted the SPD and reported

that in 2019 he was contacted be the offender’s boyfriend who had been sentenced to prison at the

time. The unidentified male acquaintance asked c/p if his girlfriend could borrow a car. C/p agreed

and delivered the car to the offender. C/p reported that he did not receive the registration renewal

information as he had in the past. C/p stated that offender forged his name to the car title and

transferred the title over to her name approx. 1.5-2 years ago.

Officer was dispatched to Stevens Drive for an intoxicated female trying to fight everyone. Upon

arrival, offender was sitting in the roadway with her grandmother trying to get her up and out of the road. Everyone stated that she had been causing trouble for weeks, but they didn’t want to cause

her any problems. Offender was placed under arrest and was transported to EmCo Jail.

Officer responded to East Main Street in reference to someone not wanting to leave the store. Upon

arrival, officer contacted offender and c/p stating that he asked offender to leave his store several

times. Offender stated he “had something for him”. Offender pulled a gun on c/p. Offender was

banned from Raco Food Mart until 5/8/2023

November 9

Officer was dispatched to Lake Luck Drive. The caller stated that she heard a loud noise and came

out to find a man cutting the catalytic converter on her dad’s vehicle. C/p presented pictures of the

offender and the vehicle he was in.