SPD 3.15.23


Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department (SPD) reported…

March 3

Officer was on South Main Street and conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle that came back uninsured. The driver’s license came back suspended as well. Driver was placed into custody.

Officer was dispatched to North Coleman Street in reference to a dispute. Complainant stated that she and the offender are former co-workers and that they had been involved in an ongoing dispute. Offender had driven past c/p’s residence often slowing down while passing.

Officer served a probation warrant at Best Western Inn. Offender was hiding in the laundry room of the hotel and was placed under arrest.

Officers went to South Main Street. Officers had an arrest warrant for offender, offender was placed under arrest.

March 4

Officers were dispatched to the Huddle House in reference to a loud group. According to c/p, the group of people that were sitting at the bar were so loud that workers couldn’t hear other customers. Three in the group were arrested.

Officer responded to Liberty Street in reference to an AT&T truck running over a water meter. AT&T employee stated that he was working on the boxes in the area, and when he went to go to another box, that’s when he ran over the water meter.

Officer responded to Dollar General in reference to a fight. Upon arrival, officer met with c/p who advised that offender called her name in the parking lot and when she turned to see who it was, offender hit her in the face. Officers were not able to find offender, due to her leaving on foot.

Officer was dispatched to North Main Street in reference to a dispute. C/p reported that on 2.23.2023, the offender took $200 worth of lottery tickets, but only paid $80. C/p’s claims kept changing and amounts were inconsistent. Offender stated that she had gone to turn in her keys and c/p immediately accused her of stealing. C/p had transaction history on her phone that supported her statements.

March 5

Officers were dispatched to N Anderson Drive in reference to a dispute between neighbors. C/p stated offender has been sending her threatening messages, but offender stated that it was c/p who was making remarks.

Officer was dispatched to Allen Street in reference to a damaged vehicle. C/p stated that he was driving on Modoc Rd when he struck a deer.

Officer was dispatched about a fight that previously occurred. They advised officer that c/p was on the way home and the offender was at the Rode Way Inn. Officer met with offender who gave a statement.

March 6

Officer initiated a traffic stop and offender was arrested for driving with a suspended license and failure to comply with an officer.

Officer arrested offender for aggravated assault, damage to property, and drugs.

Officer was dispatched to The Forest Blade in reference to a report. C/p stated that an employee’s bicycle was taken. From the front stairs, and was seen at the residence next door by another employee over the weekend. It had gone missing again since then. Someone from next door stated that they would check camera footage and if they saw anything, they would call SPD.

Officer was dispatched to Marion Street in reference to a report. C/p stated that her and her boyfriend got into a verbal altercation. She stated that she was tired of it and wanted him to leave.

Officer responded to South Main Street in reference to a dispute. Officer met with c/p/victim who stated his neighbor and coworker punched him in the face because he was talking about him. Victim was transported to the emergency room to be checked up on.

March 7

Officer was dispatched to Mcleod Bridge Road in reference to stolen tools. C/p stated that her weed eater had been stolen from her yard.

Officer was dispatched to Enmarket in reference to a report. C/p stated that a man stole food from the store valuing $11.97.

Officer was dispatched to Kite Road in reference to a female who found damage to a vehicle and a note left on the vehicle. C/p found contact information on the vehicle. Offender was contacted and she returned to the scene.

Officer responded to West Pine Street in reference to someone receiving obscene text messages. Officer met with c/p who stated that a former friend had been sending her inappropriate messages even though she had asked him to stop.

C/p came into Municipal Court for a probation hearing. Her probation was revoked due to a violation of the probation. She was sentenced to 7 days at the Emanuel County Jail.

March 8

Units responded to Walmart in reference to an attempted shoplifting. Offender stated he thought he paid for his item. Walmart did not want to prosecute him. They wanted to ban him for 1 year. It was then learned that offender had an outstanding probation warrant for his arrest.

Officer noticed a plate with an outdated sticker, and initiated a traffic stop. Vehicle came back with invalid registration, no insurance, and a suspended license on the owner. Offender was arrested.

Officer was dispatched to Gumlog Road in reference to a dispute. C/p explained that offender took her phone and refused to give it back. C/p and offender have been in a long-term relationship and had many disputes and incidents.

Officers were dispatched to Gumlog Road for the theft of property and a firearm. C/p stated that the father of her children stole the firearm from her residence.

Officers responded to Hall’s Minit Mart in reference to the front door being busted. Surveillance footage showed a man breaking in and stealing goods.

Officer was dispatched to Kite Road in reference to a combative 10-13 patient. Patient was unclothed and tried to fight with employees. Patient was arrested and was actively combatted while at the jail.