Peer Pressure


Peer pressure, we have all seen it take place at least once in our lives. It comes in many different forms, and a person can be peer pressured to do a lot of different things. The real question is, how do we learn how to just say no? Can peer pressure be a good thing and a bad thing?

Like I said, peer pressure can affect anyone, not just teenagers. From my personal experience, I have seen all ages commit stupid acts because their “friends” made them feel like they had to. Would a true friend force you to do something you did not truly want to do? No, they would stick by you and stand up for you always. Never be afraid to say no to something you do not want to do, the outcomes will improve massively. Be yourself, and do not worry about what people have to say. No matter what, we are all truly scared on the inside.

It takes extreme courage to learn to say no. Many people fear others judging them or losing the “friends” that are peer pressuring them. Sometimes saying no may open other peoples’ eyes to the fact that “maybe I don’t have to partake in these activities to be cool.” Saying no can have benefits; standing your ground shows courage. As bad decisions increase, the more likely you are to make worse decisions.

As we grow, we can learn to say no and better ourselves. One day you will find true friends that you won’t have to worry about losing if you stand up for yourself.

Allow courage into your heart and I promise you will not regret that decision.


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