Hometown Public Servant: Sue Bragg


This week’s nominated Hometown Public Servant is Sue Bragg, volunteer firefighter with Swainsboro Fire Department. When not volunteering her personal time to serve the local community, Bragg works as an instructor at East Georgia State College (EGSC) and as a counselor with Care Partners of Georgia (CPGA). She has dedicated 15 1/2 years to her current places of employment, eight years with EGSC, 2 1/2 with CPGA and 5 years at the Swainsboro Fire Department.
Bragg is not a native of Emanuel County. In fact, her reason for relocating here was her employment with a local store, but that hasn’t deterred her desire to be active in Emanuel County – the place she calls home. Prior to taking on her current roles of employment, Bragg has served the capacities of title 1x investigator and faculty senate. Prior to her job at EGSC, she served as the school social worker for Emanuel County Schools for 16 years. It wasn’t until becoming a Swainsboro City Council member that she had interest in fighting fires.
“Being a city council member for Ward One was what sparked my desire to serve the people of our community on a more personal level. That’s what I love most about working as a volunteer firefighter with Swainsboro Fire Department. It’s not about us, it’s about serving others,” Bragg commented.
As a volunteer firefighter, Bragg is required to complete ongoing training in order to maintain her certification. She also credits her job as a social worker in her success as a firefighter, stating that it helps bring a more personal aspect to her firefighting career.

When asked for comments to the local community, Bragg’s response can be simplified using just three words – Education. Service. Volunteer.
Education - As a college instructor and volunteer firefighter required to maintain mandated training, Bragg encourages all who are considering continuing their education to do so. Education is important and can open so many doors of opportunity.
Service – Do good for others. Not only does it make you feel better helping someone else, but you don’t know just how much your good deeds impact the lives of others. Dedicating your time to provide service to others goes a long way.
Volunteer – Volunteers are always in high demand, especially with local fire departments. If interested in serving the local community through volunteer work, contact the Swainsboro Fire Department for more information.


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