Tim Davis, Chainsaw Carver


Some people draw. Some people paint. Tim Davis cuts! A second-generation carver, Davis began hand carving wood in his grandfather’s workshop at an early age. “I kind of stayed out there in the workshop with my grandfather and that’s how I found my love of wood-working.” His dreams were on a much larger scale though and soon he decided to bring the big guns out and became a first-generation chainsaw carver. Since those humble beginnings in his grandfather’s workshop, Davis has homed in on his craft of choice and has become one of South Georgia’s leading chainsaw carvers.

Davis has carved a wide variety of art with his trusty chainsaw. His completed project list includes benches, signage, log trucks, animals, lighthouses, logos, mascots, etc. Perhaps his most detailed piece to date happened just this year. Wanting to showcase what he can do; he admits he could have gone into even more detail than he did on the project but adds that he did more than he initially planned. Tim says, “this is the first time I have used the same chunk of wood to cut out pieces and build something out of it. It may not be the most detail I am capable of, but I sure am happy with the final project!”

Davis’ jeep piece was carved in detail right down to the shocks. After getting most of the parts carved by chainsaw and by hand, he started to fit everything together. Once it all fit, it was time to treat and paint. Davis thought the project was almost complete but realized he needed a driver for the rock-climbing blue jeep. This is where the knowledge that his grandfa-ther instilled in him came in handy. Davis carved a driver and made a steering wheel to fit him and the jeep.

After sharing his masterpiece with a friend, Davis realized he was not done. Turns out Tim’s friend insisted on adding a cooler for the back of the jeep and some canned drinks. This is when Davis admits he may have gotten a bit out of hand. Davis ended up adding an igloo cooler, canned drinks (some of which were crushed), a grill, bag of charcoal, fire extinguisher, a high lift jack, winch for the front of the jeep and a shovel. You know, the normal things you would find in a jeep when you are taking it off-road.

For more information on Tim Davis, the Chainsaw Carver, visit Facebook at www.facebook.com/sawcarverTD.