Heroes Among Us


Veterans Day is this Friday, November 11th.  It is a day that can rightly be considered one of the most important National Holidays we celebrate.  Veterans Day is a chance to honor and thank all those who have taken their place in the uniformed military service of our country.  It is a day to remember the dedication, commitment, and sacrifice that is preserved in the history of 1776 and in the hearts of those men and women who have continued to safeguard our country’s founding principles.  Their service has allowed us to live as a free people in a free land.  The stories of these veterans are varied, but they all include the challenges, deprivations and oftentimes, the dangers of leaving home and family to serve their nation over their own personal well-being and aspirations. Those words should be carefully thought over as we look toward this Friday and beyond.  On December 17th, more than 1,000 graves of Emanuel County veterans will be decorated with live Christmas wreaths.  This honor comes about through the hard work of” Veterans at the Library”, an amazing group of former service members who were inspired to keep serving.  This Friday, remember these special citizens and their service to this country in the past as well as their continuing mission to “Honor and Teach” the story of all our veterans going forward.  On this coming Veterans Day, we offer our grateful "Salute to our Vets", the heroes among us. 


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