ECSO: May 3, 2023


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

April 18

Deputy tool a report in reference to a theft that took place in WalMart parking lot.

April 21

Suspect was apprehended at New Beginnings in Garfield and transferred to Toombs Co. line and turned over to TCSO on warrants issued through Vidalia PD.

April 22

Deputy was contacted in reference to damage to property maintained by complainant. C/p explained that an area of the parking lot was sectioned off by safety cones to not allow any vehicles to enter the area and a vehicle entered the area and attempted to turn around and ran over pieces of roofing metal. The amount of the damage is appx. $1,600.

Deputies were dispatched to Hwy 1 South in reference to an unknown male at a residence. Complainants advised the male was riding a bicycle and stopped in front of their residence for a period of time. C/p’s stated they didn’t’ see him enter the yard, only being near the end of the driveway. Contact was made with the male in question who advised he had not been in anyone’s yard. He was released after his information was run through 911.

April 23

Deputies were dispatched to Hwy 1 North in reference to livestock in the roadway. A sheep with a collar was found in the road but deputies were unsuccessful in catching it but were able to run it far enough off the road that it wasn’t a hazard for motorists. It is unknown who it belongs to.

Deputies were dispatched to NE Railroad Ave. in reference to an altercation with one having a firearm.

April 24

Deputy transported offender who had an active city probation warrant to EmCo Jail without incident.

Deputy responded to Ed Youmans Rd. in reference to complainant stating she believed someone has been poisoning her animals. C/p stated during a period of two weeks, her two young cows valued at $95 each died and has had five pigs valued at $30 each die. C/p stated she believes the animals were poisoned by sodium nitrate. C/p produced video surveillance that showed a light coming towards her animals from the wood line. C/p then produced a still shot taken from the video that shows the shoes and pants of the unknown suspect but does not capture his face, but believes she knows who it is.

Deputy took a report at ECSO in reference e to harassing calls and threats.

Deputy responded to McKenzie Dr. in reference to a domestic dispute. Both parties were arguing because the complainant had been talking to her ex-boyfriend and offender/husband was trying to take c/p’s phone and car keys from her. The couple has been married five months. C/p stated the dispute never got physical. Offender voluntarily left the residence for the night.

April 25

Deputy received a call in reference to a welfare check on Modoc Center Rd. Deputy spoke with complainant who stated it had been a few days since anyone has heard from her ex-husband and she would like for a deputy to try to make contact with him. Deputy drove to the residence and made contact with him and he stated his phone is broke. Deputy called c/p back and let her speak with him.

Deputies responded to Page Garrett Rd. in reference to an irate female believed to be on drugs.

Deputy to a report regarding a gun being pulled on an individual. Deputy met with complainant who stated she went to her ex-boyfriend’s house to get a dog that they had gotten together and when she was walking up to the residence, offender put a gun in her face and said he would kill her. C/p stated they had not spoken prior to her arrival and offender’s actions were unprovoked. C/p stated that her ex never stated she could not get the dog and she wants it because it is not being taken care of properly.

Deputy assisted with traffic control on Hwy 1 North for an 18-wheeler that was partially on the roadway after getting two flat tires.

Deputy responded to EGSC in reference to a locked vehicle. Vehicle was unlocked with no damage.

Deputies responded to Hwy 23 North in reference to a female and male arguing on the side of the road. Complainant advised the female then got in a vehicle with the male and they drove off. Deputies were unable to make contact with the vehicle.

Deputies responded to Twin View Nursing Home in reference to an elderly male that had ran away from the facility. Upon arrival, staff had located the male who was hiding in a wooded area behind the facility. Deputies entered the woods in search of the male and located him and suspect was refusing to exit the woods and had to be escorted out of the woods. Suspect then started to resist the closer they got to the vehicle, at which time suspect grabbed deputy’s firearm in his holster and got a hold of the other deputy’s as well. Suspect was not handcuffed at this time and was forced to the ground. During the struggle, suspect broke deputy’s holster. Suspect was then detained for officer safety and placed in a patrol unit. Staff advised that suspect has been irate and trying to get physical with staff all day and the Dr. signed a 10-13 form. Suspect was transported to EmCo Jail for further transport.

April 26

Deputies were dispatched to Puffin Pl. in reference to a residential alarm. Motion was advised to be the den door. Deputy found the driveway to be gated with a fenced yard and appeared to be secure with no signs of tamper or forced entry.

Complainant went to ECSO and reported that she had a TPO on her ex-husband and dropped it. C/p stated that since November 2022, offender has done nothing but harass her by calling and sending her messages on Facebook. C/p stated offender has made threats to kill her if she does not let him see the kids. C/p also stated that the children have told her that when they stay with offender, he drinks until he passes out. C/p advised she wishes to have another TPO taken out against offender because she is scared of him and believes he is on drugs.

April 27

Deputy responded to W. Pine St. in Adrian in reference to a female complaining of stomach pain and suicidal thoughts. Deputy met with c/p on the porch who stated she had been having severe stomach pains for several days and couldn’t live like that anymore. EMS arrived shortly after and transported c/p to EMC.

Deputy responded to Palm St. in reference to a rear door alarm. All doors and windows were checked and were secure. Contact was made with the homeowner and advised to contact the security company to have the sensors checked.

Deputy met with victim at ECSO in reference to a TPO violation made against suspect. Parties have a child together. Incident report was made as a continuation in a series of events concerning both parties to an existing court order. Victim stated suspect contacted her through a third party via text message on 4/26. Upon further investigation, suspect was contacted by the Sheriff and advised to not attempt any further contact with victim. It was further determined that suspect had again attempted a second contact with victim through another third party.

Deputy conducted a traffic stop on N. Main St. for defective equipment.

Deputies were dispatched to Fairground Rd. in reference to a welfare check. Caller was advised to be the witness’ doctor, advising she missed an appointment. Contact was made with the witness and was advised to make contact with her doctor.

Deputy was dispatched to S. Main St. for a vehicle unlock. Vehicle was unlocked without incident.

Deputy met with complainant in reference to a traffic related report.

Deputies responded to Ricksville Rd. in reference to a stolen dog. Complainant stated his Boykin went missing and was believed to have been taken by offender. C/p stated his wife posted it on Facebook and a short time later, c/p was contacted by witness who stated he may have c/p’s dog. C/p was advised by the witness that he purchased the dog for $100 from offender who was called by name at a gas station in East Dublin. Offender is the next-door neighbor to c/p.

Deputies executed an arrest warrant on offender of Hwy 297 without incident.

April 28

Deputies responded to Mixon R. in reference to a domestic dispute. Complainant stated her boyfriend/offender took $200 from her and the two were in a verbal argument. C/p advised her father next door heard the two arguing and went to check on her and her father and offender started arguing. Offender claimed he was punched but had no marks and refused to press charges. Offender then returned the money to c/p and voluntarily left the property.

Deputies responded to Norris St. in Adrian in reference to an unwanted person. Complainant advised offender/son was not allowed back at her residence and after telling him, he proceeded to force himself into her home and refused to leave. C/p stated offender does not reside at the resident and pops up when he has nowhere else to go. C/p advised offender gets drunk and irate when he shows up at her house and she wanted him to leave. Offender advised c/p was lying and voluntarily left he property and was told by c/p verbally not to return to the property in the presence of law enforcement. Deputies advised offender that if he returned to the property, he could be arrested for criminal trespassing.

Deputies responded to Hwy 56 South in reference to assist Ga Crisis Center with the victim with mental illness. Deputies arrived and victim was transported to EMC.

Deputies and Inv. executed an arrest warrant on offender on Herrington St.

Inv. was located inside Harvey’s when witness grabbed his attention and started hollering toward a male subject walking down an aisle towards the front of the store telling him to come back and he was tired of him doing that. Inv. observed offender start walking back toward witness and as he got closer, witness advised him to give the goods back and offender took them out of his pants and handed them back to the witness. Inv. then detained offender and spoke with the witness who stated he wanted to press charges and does not want offender back in the store. Inv. requested transport and offender was transported to EmCo Jail.

Deputy responded to Harvey’s in reference to shoplifting. Offender was arrested and transported to EmCo Jail.

Deputy was dispatched to Quail Ridge Apts. in reference to damage to a vehicle. Complainant stated he was called by another neighbor that told him his windshield was busted. C/p stated he called the police a few days prior on his neighbor’s because they were being loud so he does not know if they might have done it but believes they might have been responsible.

Deputy was dispatched to Magnolia Rd. in referenced to stolen items valued at $2,996.

April 29

Deputy responded to a call regarding a suspicious person. Complainant stated she approached offender who was sitting in the driveway to her residence with her car parked there. C/p stated offender told her that the car was out of gas and her friend went to get some. C/p stated she tried to get gas from someone next door but they didn’t have any and stated that the offender got frustrated and left the vehicle and started walking down the road. The vehicle did not have valid insurance so it was towed.

Deputy was dispatched to EMC ER in reference to a domestic that had already taken place.

Deputy conducted a traffic stop on 5th Ave. for failure to maintain lane.

April 30

Deputies responded to I16 in reference to a suspicious female walking down the side of the interstate. Deputy made contact with the female subject who advised she was put out beside the road and left stranded and was trying to get back to Chatham Co. Nothing appeared out of the ordinary with the female subject. Deputy then gave the female a courtesy ride to Metter off of Exit 104 at the Shell Station. A few hours later, the same female was reported missing from a Personal Care Home in Swainsboro. It was reported that she had only been missing for appx. 30-45 minutes.

Deputy was dispatched to US 1 South for vehicle racing. After speaking with the caller, he advised they were under the bridge playing loud music. Deputy spoke with several subjects stating nothing like that was going on there and deputy advised them to keep the noise level down.

May 1

Deputy responded to TCE in reference to a burglary alarm. All doors an windows were secured with no signs of forced entry.