ECSO: 9.20.23


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

September 11

Deputy responded to Woodchuck Rd. in reference to a dispute. Offender stated a vehicle had been given to her by her ex-boyfriend who is friends with a repo company, and he paid them to pick the vehicle up. Deputy then spoke with the repo guy who showed a paper for repossession that was not signed by a judge. The manager of the company stated the vehicle had an active repossession for being a day late on payment and it was voluntarily turned over for repossession by the ex-boyfriend. The manager was informed they would not be able to get the vehicle due to the repossession no longer being civil to which they agreed upon and left the property. Upon speaking further with c/p, she agreed to clean the car out and turn it over to the rep company and stated she would contact the repo manager upon cleaning the car out.

A report was made in reference to a firearm that was said to have been lost in the area of Hwy 80 East.

September 12

Deputy responded to Herrington Homestead in reference to an alarm call. Deputy met with the house parent who stated that a resident inside the cottage set the alarm off by accident.

Deputy responded to Sunset Dr. in reference to a civil disturbance. Deputy was advised the incident was carried over from an incident that occurred the night prior. All parties were advised to have no contact with each other and referred to Magistrate Court.

September 13

Deputy responded to Mimosa Dr. in reference to a prowler. Complainant stated her neighbor’s dogs ran up on her porch barking and they usually only do that if they see something. It was discovered that the dogs chased c/p’s cat on the porch.

Deputy met with complainant at ECSO where she stated she has a TPO on offender. C/p advised offender is locked up in Johnson Co. and she received a collect call from offender and hung up the phone when she heard him say his name.

Deputies took a report of a lost printer. Complainant stated the printer belongs to the company she works for, and she wanted a report.

Deputy responded to Hampton Ave. for a panic alarm.

September 14

Complainant stated he was driving in the left lane passing vehicles on I16 West and a truck pulling a trailer was in the right lane and sped up as he started to pass and the truck and trailer went into c/p’s lane, making contact with the passenger side of his vehicle.

Complainant stated he hydroplaned and lost control, ending up in the median. No injuries were reported.

Deputy met with complainant at ECSO where he stated the neighborhood dogs got on his vehicle and scratched the driver side. The vehicle had moderate scratches.

September 15

Deputy responded to Mimosa Dr. in reference to a child custody. Complainant advised he was there to pick up their kids and offender was refusing to let him get them. C/p stated they have a child custody order, and offender has no electricity at the residence and needed a report for his lawyer. Deputy then made contact with offender who advised she was late getting home for the exchange and advised their nine- and twelve-year-old children were refusing to go with their father. Deputy advised both parties the process to seek in resolving the matter further.

Deputy responded to Bird Flanders Rd. in reference to a possible DOA. Deputy met with the coroner who advised that the victim was deceased and appeared to have passed from natural causes. The coroner also stated she has recently transported the victim to the hospital for heart and kidney problems. Deputy spoke with c/p who stated he last saw the victim the day prior. C/p was able to give the location of the next of kin and the deputy responded to the location and notified victim’s next of kin.

September 16

Deputy responded to Hwy 192 in reference to a possible stolen vehicle. Complainant stated his vehicle suffered a blown tire and maneuvered it safely off the roadway and due to it being so late, he was going to return the following day to get it. C/p stated when he returned, the vehicle was gone. A check was done through Em. 911 if any local law enforcement may have had the vehicle towed and deputy was advised they had no record of it being towed. C/p was then asked if the vehicle has a lien against it and he stated no.

September 17

Deputies responded to Parrish Pond Rd. in reference to a domestic dispute. Complainant advised she was having a conversation with her daughter and her daughter’s husband/offender got upset and started arguing about bills and lack of respect towards him. C/p stated when she tried to leave, offender tried grabbing her from her neck and started shoving her. C/p advised she did not fight back and left.