ECSO: 9.13.23


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

September 5

Deputy drove up on a vehicle sitting beside the road with the driver standing outside of it. Deputy observed extensive damage to the front end of the vehicle and the airbags deployed. The driver stated he hit a deer.

Deputy took a report in reference to a property dispute. Complainant advised she has tried to contact offender about getting her father’s /victim’s belongings back and offender claims she put the belongings in the landfill but also advised offender stated she talked to the Sheriff and he advised her to take the items to his office so c/p doesn’t know what to believe, and stated she doesn’t know what county offender lives in. Deputy advised c/p that this is a civil matter and referred her to Magistrate Court.

Deputies responded to a wooded area off of Johnson Gary Rd. for a report of a decomposed body.

September 6

Deputy met with complainant in reference to stolen firearms.

Deputy responded to Terwilliger’s in reference to a theft of services report. Complainant stated an unknown male arrived at the location needing two tires replaced and once replaced, offender was advised where his trailer was and he could pay for the services rendered. Offender went to his vehicle and left the property without paying for the tires totaling $239.90.

Deputies responded to GLS Rd. in reference to an unwanted person. Complainant stated offender suffers from drug addiction and mental health and he started calling c/p and threatening suicide if she didn’t go get him, so c/p went and got him and took him to her camper. C/p stated offender then started acting out and had been for 3 – 4 days and believes he was coming off of meth. Deputies attempted to speak with offender but he was unintelligible.

Deputies responded to Oak Park Ave. in reference to a domestic dispute. Complainant advised her husband/suspect has been acting weird the last few days and is not taking his diabetic medicine. C/p advised she stepped outside for a minute and heard their 7-week-old child crying and went inside to find her husband was holding the child from its feet on a changing table. C/p stated she was upset and her husband left. While speaking with c/p, suspect arrived and stated he was just changing his child and left to get some clothing from his cousin’s house.

September 7

Deputies responded to Oak Grove Church Rd. in reference to loud music.

Deputy met with complainant at East Georgia Secure Storage in reference to a criminal trespass report. C/p found her self-storage roll-up door with the lock cut. Upon further investigation, no signs of disturbance were found.

Deputy met with complainant at ECSO in reference to a stolen vehicle.

September 8

Deputy met with complainant at ECSO in reference to a civil dispute. C/p stated he and offender made an agreement on an ATV for offender to make the payments and he stopped making them.

Deputies spotted a suspicious vehicle parked at a business on Fairground Rd. and investigated to find two suspects from Laurens Co. In the vehicle, deputies noticed over 1,000 90-degree copper fittings. When questioned about the fittings, deputies were advised that they were given to them by a named male subject, and they were bringing them to Swainsboro to sell.

Deputy responded to Lake Luck Dr. in reference to a report of a scam.

Deputy conducted a traffic stop on Hwy 4 in oak park for the driver not wearing a seatbelt. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail for possessions.

September 9

Deputy responded to Junction Station in reference to a report of someone harassing employees and customers. Complainant stated offender went into the store and made her feel uncomfortable by following her around the store and lingering around. C/p also stated offender made vulgar statements towards her and other customers. Deputy spoke with the manager who stated offender regularly goes in the store and confronts customers by. Begging for money and harassing them. She explained that she would like to have offender trespassed from the location. Deputy then made contact with offender at his residence and verbally trespassed him from the store and advised him that if he returned, he could face prosecution.

September 10

Deputy responded to Old Wadley Rd. in reference to a domestic dispute. Offender was outside the residence and stated complainant was suffering from mental issues and a dispute started when offender went downstairs to get a cup of water for their minor child. Offender stated c/p got upset when she learned the child was not asleep. Offender stated complainant shoved him against the wall and threw water all over the bed and c/p stated offender grabbed a cup and shook it against her head and threatened her. C/p also stated it was not safe for offender to stay at the residence and that she had been incarcerated for stabbing someone before. C/p stated her name is the only one on the lease and advised she wanted offender to leave. Offender was asked to leave for safety reasons, and he agreed but stated he was worried for the safety of the minor child due to c/p’s anger issues.

September 11

Deputy responded to Herndon Rd. in reference to an alarm call. All windows and doors were secure with no key holder at the location.