ECSO 5.31.2023


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

May 20

Victim stated his chihuahua dog is missing and he watched his cameras and saw where it went toward neighbor’s/suspect’s house but never came back. Victim got the landowner to call the neighbor and ask if she had seen his dog and she stated she saw it and kept it overnight but when she let it out, it never returned. Deputy asked suspect about the dog, and she stated she thought it was a stray, but victim stated he has watched suspect’s children play with the dog and suspect knows it belongs to the victim. Victim stated he got a video of suspect coming from his residence when the dog was in the yard.

Deputy was contacted in reference to a burglary on Egret Pl.

Deputies were dispatched to Island Dr. in reference to vehicles spinning tires and tearing up the roadway.

Complainant reported he lost his motorcycle tag on Hwy 80 East.

May 21

Deputy was dispatched to Canoochee Rd. to assist a motorist with a flat tire. Motorist advised AAA was several hours away, so deputy transported the motorist to his residence on Lynn St.

Deputy was dispatched to Pinetucky Rd. in reference to a caller advising of a child walking alongside the road. Deputy traveled the area with no contact of anyone walking by the road.

Deputy was dispatched to Sunset Dr. in reference to a verbal dispute.

May 22

Deputies and TCPD officer served an outstanding warrant on offender on King St. in Twin City. Deputies knocked and announced themselves several times with nor response but could hear someone inside the house. After several attempts to get offender to come to the door, offender’s father pulled up to the home and stated his daughter called him at which point offender’s on opened the door and let them in. Deputy and officer took offender into custody and transported her to EmCo Jail.

Deputy was asked by SPD officer to check Pearl Rd. for a stolen trailer. Victim said it had a tracking device on it and it had a ping at the listed location. Deputies checked the area and did not see the trailer.

Complainant was assisted with the service of a writ of possession on Wheeler Dr. and suspect’s belongings that were inside c/p’s resident were placed by the road. Suspect complained that when she got a truck and went to retrieve her belongings, some of them were gone.

Deputy responded to N. Hall St. in Adrian in reference to an alarm call. Complainant advised she saw a male walking in her yard through her cameras when she was not home. Deputy checked all doors and windows and made contact with c/p via phone. Deputy then made contact with some neighbors who advised the person seen on camera was another neighbor trying to retrieve his dog that had gotten loose.

Deputy responded to Williams Rd. in reference to complainant advising he let his landlord/offender borrow his vehicle and it had not been returned. C/p advised offender asked to borrow his vehicle for about 15 minutes and had not returned after almost six hours. C/p stated offender called him a few minutes prior to deputy’s arrival and advised the alternator went out on the vehicle. C/p also stated that the day prior, offender went to his residence and punched c/p for no reason and a week prior, offender stole a smart TV from him.

May 23

Deputy responded to Christopher Dr. in reference to vandalism to a vehicle. Complainant advised that he owned the truck and was selling it to offender and the vehicle was up for repossession due to late payments and when he went to retrieve it, he discovered that vehicle engine and transmission had been removed.

May 24

Deputy was dispatched to Moores Ferry Rd. in reference to a welfare check.

Deputy responded to Modoc Rd. in reference to complainant hitting a deer.

Deputy observed a vehicle travelling at a high rate of speed and activated his radar to show the vehicle was going 62 MPH in a 45 MPH zone, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. Upon approaching the vehicle, the driver was extremely nervous to include shaking, talking fast, and fidgeting with things. While speaking with the driver, deputy could smell marijuana coming from the vehicle and asked when the last time was that marijuana was smoked in the vehicle and she advised her friend smoked earlier but she had not, and he was probably smelling a roach that was in the ash tray but there was nothing else in the vehicle. Deputy returned to his unit to verify the driver’s license and vehicle and was informed that she was wanted by Swainsboro PD for shoplifting. Deputy approached the vehicle and informed the driver to step out of the vehicle and place her hands behind her back. At this point, the driver became argumentative and was refusing, but was detained. During a search of the vehicle, two bags of marijuana were found. Offender stated that if Xanax was found inside the vehicle that it was hers and she had to have it, but it’s not prescribed, and she bought them. The Xanax was located in the vehicle, as well as a firearm with ammo in the magazine that belongs to offender. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.

Complainant contacted ECSO to report the theft of a check from his mailbox on Friendship Church Rd. C/p explained that his home security system captured images of a vehicle driven by a female parked in his driveway and after appx. five minutes, made a u-turn and drove out of the driveway. C/p stated his wife place a check in the mailbox and after the vehicle left, she checked the mailbox to find all the mail had been taken. C/p contacted their mail carrier who advised he had not picked up the mail. During the investigation, numerous residences in the area reported seeing the vehicle driven by a female stopping at homes and checking their mailboxes and no one was familiar with the vehicle. It was later verified that the unknown female was an employee of USPS and it was her first day delivering mail alone and accidentally picked up mail in the wrong area. The check was recovered.

May 25

Deputy was dispatched to John Deere Rd. in reference to a property dispute.

Deputy observed a vehicle with no tag parked in the center of Findley Cemetery Rd. and upon running the tag, it was returned with canceled registration and no valid insurance. Deputy advised 911 to get a tow truck to retrieve the vehicle and check the contact info and attempt to make contact with the registered owner to see if he knew where the vehicle was and advised him of the situation.

Deputies responded to New Hope Rd. in reference to a domestic between boyfriend and girlfriend. A female was walking down the road and stated she got into an argument with her baby daddy and her brother got involved in the argument. She then became verbally aggressive by raising her voice and using verbal language, constantly sticking her hands out in front of her and explaining to deputies that she was ready to go to jail and wanted to sleep and had nowhere else to go. Deputies explained to her that she could not be arrested and taken to jail for no reason. She continued to walk so deputies responded to the incident address and made contact with complainant, the female’s mother, who stated that the female became irate because she wouldn’t take her to town. C/p stated the female began arguing with her boyfriend because he wanted to leave the residence, but the female wouldn’t let him. Deputy then spoke with the boyfriend who stated the same thing as c/p. He stated nothing more than a verbal argument occurred and was offered assistance leaving the residence. Before he could leave, the female returned and would not let him leave and began getting verbally abusive towards him and screaming obscenities towards him. Due to the female’s behavior, she was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct and transported to EmCo Jail.

Deputy conducted a traffic stop on I16 for speeding.