ECSO: 5.24.23


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

May 13

Deputies responded to a MVA with injuries and entrapments on Griffin Ferry Rd.

May 14

Deputy was dispatched to Nunez-Lexsy Rd. in reference to a vehicle unlock. Vehicle was unlocked with no damages.

Deputy responded to Egret Pl. in reference to a burglary. Victim stated as he approached the front door, he noticed pry marks on the doorknob. As he walked into the residence, he observed the TV and two DVD players were missing in the living room and the closet door and bathroom door were open. Victim walked in the closet and noticed all his tools and fishing tackle were gone, as well as misc items from the bathroom.

May 15

Deputy met with complainant at ECSO in reference to a lost tag.

Deputy was called to Center St. in reference to a missing woman’s wallet. Complainant stated she believes it was stolen out of her car at her residence.

Deputies were dispatched to Corinth Church Rd. in reference to a stolen vehicle. Complainant advised she had located the vehicle and wished to go get it but did not want to prosecute. Deputies escorted c/p to the location of the vehicle to retrieve it. The driver of the truck was a terminated employee who refused to take it back.

May 16

Deputies were dispatched to Hwy 57 West in reference to farm equipment broke down in the roadway.

Deputy was dispatched to Falcon Trl. In reference to a reckless driver. Caller advised the vehicle was speeding up and down the road.

Deputy received a call in reference to harassing phone calls.

Deputy responded to Scuffletown Rd. in reference to a domestic.

Victim noticed a vehicle struck her vehicle on the driver side rear wheel panel.

May 17

Deputy unlocked a vehicle at Leanna’s.

Deputy assisted an off-duty officer unlock their patrol vehicle.

Deputy took a walk-in report at EMCO in reference to a lost tag.

Deputy took a report at ECSO in reference to fraudulent activity. Deputy spoke with complainant who stated her EBT card was uploaded, and she checked her balance to find it had $2 on it, and she had not used it.

May 18

Deputy unlocked a vehicle at WalMart.

Deputy met with complainant at ECSO where he stated someone got his banking info and paid bills. C/p advised he does not know who could have done this and has already notified the bank.

Deputy unlocked a vehicle at Hwy 56 North with no damages.

Complainant contacted Investigators regarding an account holder attempting to deposit a fraudulent check.

Deputy responded to John Deere Rd. in reference to a possible damage to property. Suspect called dispatch advising that complainant was renting from her and was in the process of moving and had been told by neighbors that she was destroying the residence. Contact was made with c/p and she was packing boxes and invited deputy inside and no damage was observed. C/p stated the suspect sent her a notarized letter to move out and deputy advised c/p to return the property as it was given to her when she moved in. C/p advised the residence was in poor condition and she repaired the floor and walls and had receipts. Deputy advised c/p that it would be a civil matter and explained the process. About an hour later, deputy received another call for service at the same location. Complainant advised she sold a refrigerator that was given to her by her uncle and when the buyer arrived, her uncle and cousins went to her residence and started arguing with her and telling the buyer that the property was not the c/p’s to sell, and c/p felt threatened by the family members and wanted a restraining order. Deputy advised her of the process.

Deputy took a report in reference to a stolen tag. Complainant advised he believes he knows who took the tag because suspect does not have a tag on his vehicle and stole $500 from him three days prior.

Deputies executed a probation warranto on offender on Parrish Pond Rd. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.

Deputy executed a 1013 on Racetrack St. and suspect was transported to East Ga. Regional in Augusta.

May 19

Complainant/Asst Mgr. at Dollar General in Twin City stated she found where someone broke a glass fixture and found out that offender had broken it. C/p stated when she asked offender about the glass, they got into a verbal altercation and offender was cussing at her and never paid for the glass fixture. Upon deputy’s arrival, offender had already left but pulled back up. Offender stated she accidentally broke the glass fixture and she thought someone was going to clean it up, and stated c/p was rude to her. Offender also stated she told c/p that she would pay for the broken glass fixture.

Suspect was removed from Hwy 221 South in reference to an incident that involved complainant who is the biological father of suspect. Suspect was transported to EmCo Jail with one count disorderly conduct and placed on hold due to alcohol intoxication.

911 dispatched deputies to Summertown Gas Station in reference to armed robbery. Appx. $1,580 was taken.

May 20

Deputy responded to Tammy Dr. in reference to a verbal altercation.

Deputy conducted a traffic stop on Hwy 80 East for a cracked windshield.

Deputy conducted a traffic stop on N. Main St.

Deputy responded to Williams Rd. in reference to the caller stating threw as creaming coming from the residence. Deputy found the front door open and could hear a male arguing in a back room of the residence. Upon announcing himself, deputy heard the back door open and heard metal banging in the back yard. Upon entering the back yard, deputy observed a male fleeing on foot, at which time he engaged in a foot pursuit and observed a female at the corner of the residence with black under both eyes. Female was advised to stay put while deputy pursued the male. After a brief foot pursuit, the male was apprehended and identified. Upon running offender’s info, it was found that he had active warrants through Johnson Co. EmCo Jail staff sent a hit on the warrants and Johnson Co. advised they wanted to place a hold. Upon speaking with offender about the female, he stated he did not know the female and that they were just having a verbal argument. The female had left the scene when deputy arrived back at the residence but learned the female subject was the homeowner of the residence and was informed that she had active warrants through Washington Co. The female was contacted and informed she was ok. Offender was transported to Johnson Co. line and turned over to Johnson Co. deputy.

Deputy was dispatched to Sam Overstreet Rd. in reference to a vehicle being broken down in the road. The vehicle was halfway in the road and deputy gave 911 the tag number to find that the vehicle was stolen out of Swainsboro. Deputy called for a tow truck and while waiting, he went to two neighbor’s houses to check on them and see if they had cameras facing the road. Both neighbors were ok and nothing was missing from their house and neither of them had security cameras. Deputy spoke with the witness who advised he seen the car on his way home and called 911 because it was in the road. Witness stated he did not see anyone in or around the vehicle or walking anywhere.

Motorist was assisted with a locked vehicle at Summertown Community House.

Deputies were alerted to a call on Hwy 56 North in reference to an irate female who was reported to have pinned and choked another female. Upon further investigation, it was determined that the alleged suspect had provoked victim over a cell phone during a heated argument that turned physical. Deputies were advised that the suspect suffers from mental issues and is medically dependent due to her conditions. Deputies, along with family members, attempted several times to persuade and reason with the suspect to go to the hospital to be evaluated for her condition during which time suspect refused. Suspect was taken into custody and transported to EmCo Jail for disorderly conduct.

Deputy was dispatched to Big Bobby Rd. for a locked vehicle. Vehicle was unlocked with no damages.

May 21

Deputy observed offender riding a four-wheeler on Canoochee Rd. at which time he attempted to stop the offender and offender sped up. Another deputy went around offender in attempt for the two units to slow offender down and stop the chase. After several attempts of offender trying to go around one patrol unit, the four-wheeler struck the front panel and door of the unit. Offender rolled the four-wheeler on its side and fled on foot. Deputies chased offender for a short distance and detained him for questioning. Offender complained of back pain and EMS was dispatched. EMS transported offender to EMC ER where he was cleared of any injuries. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail and WACO placed a hold on him.

Deputy was called to Mt. Zion Church Rd. in reference to property being stolen. Deputy spoke with victim who stated she was at church and her son went in and asked was her vehicle locked because suspect was outside looking in vehicles and he was beside victim’s car. Victim stated that after church, she noticed $80 was in fact missing out of her car and stated she did not lock her car at church and believes suspect took it. Deputy spoke with victim’s son, and he stated he observed suspect looking in cars and saw him next to victim’s car. Victim stated her other son went to go see suspect about the money and suspect ran into the woods. Deputy attempted to make contact with suspect but could not locate him.