ECSO 5.17.2023


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

May 8

Deputy met with victim and took a report where victim stated her ex-boyfriend who use to live with her started calling her a few days prior and has called her several hundred times since then, calling her from six different numbers. Victim stated offender blames her mother for them ending their relationship and has also called her mother several times harassing her as well. Victim inquired about a TPO and was advised of the process on how to obtain one.

Complainant stated offender has been calling her and her daughter non-stop for the days from different numbers. C/p stated offender has also called her phone from offender’s grandfather’s phone and stated she had offender’s grandfather’s phone number saved due to offender’s grandfather use to detail her car. C/p stated offender blames her for ending a relationship between her and offender’s daughter.

Deputy unlocked a vehicle at Swainsboro Supply without any damages.

Deputy met with complainant at ECSO in reference to a lost tag.

Deputies assisted Garfield PD with a possible overdose. Offender was treated and released by EMS. Offender was then found to be wanted by Appling Co. SO and taken into custody and transported to EmCo Jail.

Deputies responded to Almond Rd. in reference to complainant stating her dog went out to use the bathroom and she heard shots being fired. C/p stated she believes her neighbors shot her dog as it entered onto their property. Deputies went to the neighbor’s property and attempted to make contact but had negative contact. Deputies did observe c/p’s dog on the neighbor’s property interacting with their dogs. C/p was advised that her dog was fine, and she needed to go retrieve it.

Deputy assisted with a broke-down vehicle on US 1 South Bypass.

May 9

Deputy helped unlock a vehicle on W. Church St. with no damages.

Deputies had an alarm going off on Old Kenfield Rd. to find the owner’s uncle was already on scene. The back door was wide open, and deputy entered the house. While clearing the residence, deputy found a handgun laying on the bed.

Deputies assisted complainant with the eviction of offender. After part of the offender’s belongings were put by the road, offender called and the parties agreed she could have until Friday to get her belongings out of the residence.

May 10

Deputy met with complainant at ECSO in reference to a lost license plate.

Deputy was dispatched to Nordson in reference to a locked vehicle. Vehicle was unlocked with no damages.

Deputy met with complainant at ECSO in reference to c/p being harassed by an unknown person via Snapchat. C/p stated the unknown offender has created 6-7 accounts and she does not know anyone by the created name. C/p further advised the messages received threaten bodily harm to her.

Deputy was dispatched to Hwy 221 North in reference to a report of fraudulent activity. Complainant stated he tried to use his debit card and it was declined. C/p stated he contacted the bank and was advised his account had been locked for suspected fraudulent activity. C/p stated the bank advised an unknown person attempted to use c/p’s bank info to make a $90 purchase.

Deputies apprehended suspects in reference to felony warrants. Suspects were transported to EmCo Jail.

Motorist was assisted with a locked vehicle at WalMart.

Deputy responded to WalMart to unlock a vehicle. Vehicle was unlocked with no damages.

Deputy met with Bulloch Co. deputy in Metter and took custody of offender. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.

Deputy met with complainant #2 in reference to an alleged theft concerning five separate firearms. Upon further investigation, c/p #1 had removed the firearms and was further determined that some of the firearms had been left to complainant #1 from a previous marriage.

May 11

Deputies were dispatched to Lindsey Rd. in reference to the caller advising of a shot fired. Complainant advised a single shot was heard and stated shots have been heard in the area for the past two weeks. C/p believes the shots are coming from a residence on Glenwood Rd. and seem to be getting closer to his residence.

Two firearms were found and given to ECSO.

Deputies were dispatched to N. Prong Rd. in reference to a domestic dispute with weapons.

Deputies were dispatched to N. Prong R. for a locked vehicle. Vehicle was unlocked with no damages.

Offender was located at EmCo Courthouse and taken into custody for an outstanding warrant and transported to EmCo jail.

Suspect was turned over to EMCO by Bulloch Co. SO on warrants issued by SPD. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.

Deputy observed a vehicle traveling through the intersection at Griffin Ferry Rd. with a large crack in his windshield, no tag, and no seatbelt, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. Offender informed deputy that he did not have a license and provided his name and DOB. Driver was sweating profusely with both windows down and deputy asked where they were coming from. Offender stated the vehicle had been broken down and was headed to Aline. Deputy ran the license to find it was suspended and asked the driver to step out of the vehicle. Deputy asked if there was anything illegal in the vehicle and he advised there was not. During the search, a bag of meth was found, and the driver advised he knew nothing about it and that his cousin had the vehicle for three days prior to him picking it up from the side of the road. Passenger o the vehicle also denied possession of the narcotics. The driver then asked if he could speak with the passenger, then the passenger set claim to the narcotics. Passenger was transported to EmCo Jail.

May 12

Deputy responded to Plumtree Ln. in reference to a stolen phone. Complainant advised his phone number had been ported to another phone without his consent. C/p also explained that he recently had $600 removed form his bank account but was able to retrieve it back through the bank. C/p advised he received emails from EGSC about data breaches and that he uses his google account and phone number for verification purposes there.

Deputy made a traffics tip on offender for failure to stop at stop sign on Griffin Ferry Rd. The vehicle did not have valid insurance and was towed.

Victim was pulled up in a parking space at the loading dock of Crider Foods when offender hit his brush guard. Offender was swinging around to park and his trailer caught victim’s truck.

Deputy was dispatched to Dollar General in reference to a private property crash. Complainant stated while she was parked, offender backed into her vehicle. Offender stated while she was backing up, she accidentally made contact with c/p’s vehicle.

May 13

Deputies assisted GSP with a three vehicle MVA.

Deputy was dispatched to Griffin Ferry Rd. in reference to a two vehicle crash. GSP was notified due to the extent on the injuries. All three victims were transported to AU Medical Center in critical condition.

Deputy was dispatched to Hwy 192 South in reference to a tree across the road. 911 dispatched the County Road Dept. to clear the roadway.

May 14

Deputy observed a vehicle fail to stop at the intersection on Canoochee Rd., at which time he initiated a traffic stop. While out with the driver, a hit came in for the registered owner of the vehicle identified as the passenger. Offender was wanted out of Toombs Co. Offender was transported to Toombs Co. line and released to TCSO.