ECSO 3.8.2023


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

February 27

Deputy took a call-in report in reference to damage to private property. Complainant stated she and her husband own property adjacent to Stillmore Baptist Church and the church cleared their property without permission.

Deputy met with victim at Durden Bank in reference to being on her computer and it crashed and locked down and projected a telephone number at the top of the screen. Victim stated the number was represented as a Microsoft number and she called and spoke with two different men stating they were customer service reps from Microsoft and gave their names. Victim stated she was told to go purchase gift cards from various stores totaling $1,400 and they would unlock her computer. After calling offenders back and giving them the numbers on the gift cards, offenders attempted to get the victim to mail them a check for $20,000. Victim stated she attempted to mail a check through UPS but was advised by UPS that they couldn’t send anything like that through the mail. It was at this time that victim contacted her bank.

February 28

Deputy was sent to America Knits per Sheriff Brewer in reference to taking a report about two former employees that had been harassing and threatening employees at work. Deputy met with complainant/owner who stated two former employees/offenders who are married were recently fired due to not showing up for work and since they’ve been terminated, both have been calling the business harassing employees, as well as sending threatening messages to employees, and c/p provided copies of the text messages. Deputy called offenders and informed them that they are criminally trespassed from the business and are not to have any further contact with any of the employees that work at the business due to c/p stating that he and his employees were in fear of what offenders might do, due to the harassing and threats that were made. Deputy also informed offenders that if they continued to harass or threaten anyone at the business, charges would be pressed. Offenders agreed and stated they would not have any further contact with anyone at the business.

Deputy responded to Dollar General in reference to a shoplifter. Complainant stated offender pushed a buggy loaded with items out the store. C/p stated she contacted people associated with offender and told her to take the items back or law enforcement would get involved. The buggy was returned with a small portion of the items.

Deputy responded to ECI ballfield in reference to an unknown matter. Complainant advised that a parent from the opposing team made a remark towards the players and she confronted the suspect and he called her vulgar names. C/p then asked the suspect to leave the seating area. Deputy made contact with suspect who stated he was enjoying the game and was a bit excited and c/p thought he said something to the players. Suspect admitted to cursing at c/p. Suspect advised when he was asked to leave the bleaches, de did without further incident.

Deputy responded to Whetsell Rd. in reference to damage to property. C/p stated that for two days, she has found her patio door ajar and there appeared to be pry marks on the door jam.

March 2

Deputy was called to Herrington St. in reference to someone hearing shots fired. Deputy observed victim standing in the doorway of a camper and asked her if any shots were fired and she stated no. Deputy noticed some of the windows of the camper busted out and saw two shotgun blasts in the side of the camper that looked to come from the outside. Deputy asked victim what happened and she stated she and her boyfriend got into an argument because he thinks she is cheating on him and things got out of hand. Deputy asked where offender and the shotgun were at and victim stated offender was at work and she didn’t know where the gun was. Deputy then asked victim to explain what happened and she stated it was just an argument and that she isn’t “a rat”.

Deputy observed a motorcycle with two people on it and the passenger not wearing a helmet, at which time he initiated a traffic stop the motorcycle. The driver increased his speed and would not stop once on the dirt portion of the road. Deputy passed the motorcycle and got in front of it trying to make him stop and he attempted to pass the deputy. The driver finally made it around the deputy and turned onto Long Bay Dr. and the passenger jumped off the bike. The driver pulled into a driveway and snatched his gloves and helmet off and deputy was giving him commands to stop and get on the ground. Offender stuck his hands in front of him and appeared to be digging in his waist band. Offender then opened the gate and pushed the bike inside the fence and started walking toward the house. Deputy started approaching, giving verbal commands to stop and offender would not listen. Deputy pulled his taser when the neighbors came outside and yelled “wait, wait, wait” and ran over and stated that offender does not know English. Deputy told them to tell victim to get on the ground and he did. Offender told the neighbors that he didn’t stop because he didn’t know what the blue lights meant. Offender was arrested for no license and fleeing.

Deputies, along with Fire & EMS, responded to Mockingbird Rd. in reference to a structure fire where a mobile home was fully engulfed.

Deputy met with complainant on Old Wadley Rd. in reference to a theft. C/p stated an unknown male removed and took appx. 75-100 posted signs from the property that were affixed to the fence and tree line for Paces South Shooting Preserve.

Complainant stated offender struck the front right fender of his work truck.

Deputy was dispatched to I16 to assist a broke down motorist.

Deputies were dispatched to James Morris Rd. in reference to a welfare check. Caller advised they were on the phone with the homeowner when a knock was heard at the door and the caller could no longer get in contact with the homeowner. Deputy met with the homeowner outside the residence talking to the neighbors.

Deputy conducted a traffics top on W. Main St. for failure to use a turn signal.

March 3

Deputy made contact by phone from complainant in reference to a report that was made earlier. C/p stated she needed a report about an incident that took place the night prior as well. C/p stated her brother slapped her in the face. Deputy asked if c/p had any swelling or bruising and she stated no, that it was just red. Deputy asked if she had taken any pictures and she stated no but had several witnesses that were there. C/p was referred to Magistrate Court in regards to a TPO.

Deputy met with complainant at ECSO in reference to a lost tag.

Deputy took a walk-in report in reference to dangerous nuisance animals. C/p stated his neighbor’s dogs have been going into his yard and chasing his car biting at the tires. C/p stated this had been an ongoing problem and is unsafe for his wife and small children to go outside. C/p also stated he called AC and the advised him about the county not having a lease law and they would try to make contact with the neighbors. Deputy advised c/p that he would try to speak with the neighbors and that he has the right to protect himself, family, and property.

Deputies responded to Christopher Dr. in reference to a structure fire. All occupants were out of the residence with no injuries. Structure had flames at the front door and the Fire Dept. extinguished the fire.

Deputy received a call from SPD in reference to a locked vehicle at the Rec. Dept. Several attempts were made to unlock the vehicle with the keys in the ignition but was unable to unlock the vehicle. The owner advised she would go get her spare.

Deputy responded to Noonday Rd. in reference to a tree blocking the roadway.

Offender was stopped on N. MLK Blvd. for driving with no valid license.

Deputy responded to Old Nunez Rd. in reference to a possible attempted burglary. Deputy observed the front glass door was damaged and appeared as if the wind had blown it open. Deputy noticed there were lots of tree pollen on the porch and there were only shoe prints form the homeowners shoes she was wearing. Deputy checked the area and nothing else appeared to be out of place or missing.

Deputy responded to Rainbow Ridge in reference to a gate being open that was closed earlier that morning. Deputy spoke with complainant who stated he had been stalked and this was the second time the incident has happened with the gate. C/p stated he told a girl at work how he felt about her two years ago and that’s when the stalking began. C/p stated he was confronted by a gentleman that lives in Toombs Co. and c/p has seen the male subject ride by his residence and believes it is him. C/p requested deputies on day and night shift to do more patrolling on his road and his house and was advised that the info would be passed along to increase patrols in the area but deputies would not be able to stay in the location every day and night all hours.

Deputy was dispatched to Allen Dr. in reference to personal property burnt in a brush fire. Complainant stated he arrived home and a corner of his property was on fire so he called 911 and began trying to get the fire out. C/p stated offender was burning trash in his backyard and it must have jumped onto his property. C/p also stated the fire destroyed eight new truck tires and two pull behind utility trailers. Deputy spoke with offender who stated he was burning trash earlier but it did not start c/p’s fire.

March 4

Deputies responded to Old Nunez Rd. in reference to a domestic on the side of the road. Victim stated he and his wife/offender had a verbal altercation to the point that he got out of the vehicle and started walking to work. Victim stated while walking, his wife attempted to hit him with the vehicle several times before he made it to work. Victim stated he did not wish to pursue charges at this time due to his wife being eight months pregnant.

Deputy took a report at the Kwik Shop in reference to harassment and threatening messages. C/p stated she has been getting harassed and threatened by offender who is c/p’s boyfriend’s sister. C/p stated offender has tried to fight her before and went to her job making threats and trying to make a scene at her job. C/p showed deputy several text messages from offender threatening to beat her up. C/p wanted to make a report due to offender going to her job and stating she was going to her house to fight her and wanted the events to be documented. Deputy informed c/p of all her options moving forward and advised he would try to make contact with offender about the harassing and threatening communication.

Deputy took a report in reference to criminal trespassing. Deputy spoke with complainant who stated offender went inside her house without permission and would not leave after she was asked several times and did not leave until c/p called 911. C/p stated she had been dealing with offender every since she found out that she might have possibly had something going on with her husband. C/p sated offender has been calling and texting her husband non-stop and he has been ignoring the texts and calls, and offender showed up and went inside their house without permission.

Deputy was dispatched t Hawhammock Church Rd. to meet with complainant who stated someone cut some tree limbs at Hall Cemetery which is right next to his property and threw the pile of limbs over the fence onto his property. C/p stated this is onto the first time this has happened and he would like something done about it. C/p was referred to Magistrate Court.

Deputies responded to James Morris Rd. in reference to a residential burglary alarm. Deputy made contact with the homeowner who advised she was fine and has been having trouble with her alarm. Homeowner advised she would contact the alarm company of the false alarm.

March 5

Deputy responded to Flats in reference to loud music. C/p advised dispatch that one of his customers left due to the loud music. Upon arrival, deputy could barely hear the music and made contact with onsite security and advised them of the complaint. Security advised they would make the owner aware and turn the music down.

Deputy was dispatched to Ivy Rountree Rd. in reference to a vehicle unlock.

Deputy responded to a call regarding kids driving their golf carts beside c/p’s fence and her grass. C/p stated the kids down form her residence are constantly riding up and down the grass beside her fence which is an extension of her property and the family members of the kids have used profanity towards her whenever she has spoken with them about not allowing the kids to do it anymore. Deputy spoke with the kid’s parents and advised them to not allow the kids to play or drive on c/p’s property.

Deputy was dispatched to Calhoun St. in reference to a vehicle unlock. They keyholder advised she locked her keys in the trunk and she was advised that they could not unlock the trunk.

Deputy was dispatched to Canoochee-Garfield Rd. in reference to harassing text messages. Complainant stated his son/victim has been getting harassing messages from offender.

Deputies responded to Nunez Lexsy Rd. in reference to a prowler. Complainant advised that she was not home and got a notification form her ring camera of movement detected. C/p advised that after viewing the video, she noticed a male subject on her front porch covering the camera with his hand. Deputies viewed the video and c/p stated she suspected it to be a known subject who lives a few houses down from her. C/p advised the subject tried to break into her home about a year ago and was arrested but has recently been released. Deputies checked all doors and windows with no signs of forced entry.

Deputies responded to the trash dump on Old Kenfield Rd. in reference to a figh. Prior to arrival, dispatch advised what the offender was driving and that he had left the area and provided a tag number. Dispatch then advised that suspect called 911 and advised he was in an altercation at the trach dump and complainant pulled a gun on him. Deputies made contact with suspect who advised he is tired of c/p always digging and removing items from the trash dump and he always puts his tailgated own so onsite cameras cannot read his tag.

March 7

Complainant went to ECSO to report a civil issue regarding a vehicle title. C/p stated she purchased the vehicle from Wilson’s Motor Mart on 3/7/20 for $3,145. She made a cash down payment of $2,100 and agreed to make monthly payment until the remainder was satisfied. C/p stated she made the final payment a few months after the initial purchase and since then, she has yet to obtain the title because Wilson’s Motor Mart hasn’t sent the paperwork in to release the lien. C/p has the purchase agreement and initial down payment receipt.