ECSO: 3.27.24


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

March 18

Deputy met with complainant who filed a report about text messages he was receiving. C/p stated the texts are threats and disturbing pictures of people with their heads cut off and the sender would request money. It was determined to be a scam as found online as “Mexican cartel scam”.

Deputy met with complainant in reference to a property damage. C/p stated he struck a pothole in the road causing both passenger side tires to bust and had to pay a towing company to remove his vehicle and pay for two new tires. C/p wanted a report to provide to EmCo Commissioner for compensation of $428.87 due to the roadway not being properly maintained.

Deputy met with complainant who stated she was notified by someone that timber had been cut off her property on Scuffletown Rd. and she had not given anyone permission to cut the timber nor did she received any money for the trees that were cut down. C/p stated she found out a named subject gave permission to cut the timber and received money. It was also advised that the subject gave permission for timber to be cut off of several other parcels of lands adjoining c/p’s. It is unknow what logging company cut/removed the trees.

Deputy observed a truck cross the center line twice and initiated a traffic stop on US 1 Bypass. Deputy approached the driver side and advised why he was stopping him and he stated the reason was due to the wind and the size of his truck. Deputy asked for the driver’s license and while speaking with him, he appeared to be very nervous and was visibly shaking. Deputy returned to his unit and ran the driver’s Alabama license to find this commercial and non-commercial license are suspended. Deputy retuned to the vehicle and informed offender he was under arrest and the vehicle was searched to find s small bag containing meth. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.

March 19

Complainant was traveling on Hwy 1 when a log truck kicked a rock up and struck her windshield.

Deputy met with complainant who stated he has a junkyard on Hwy 1 North and found where someone cut the fence and took three sets of taillights and a windshield from a van.

March 20

Victim stated she hit a deer on Hwy 23 North causing inoperable damage to her vehicle.

March 21

Deputy met with complainant who stated she owns HB Logging and an ex-employee went to the job site and was watching with binoculars. C/p stated when they approached him, he stated he and his wife, who also works for the company, were going through a divorce and he was watching her.

Deputies responded to Hwy 297 in reference to damaged property. Complainant advised he ran over a large piece of metal in the roadway and another car also struck the object. C/p stated his vehicle sustained damage to the oil pan and was not drivable. The other vehicle was found a few feet away from the scene with visible damage.

March 23

Deputies were dispatched to McKenzie Dr. to serve an active warrant on offender. Offender saw deputies approaching and ran out the back door through the woods. Deputy gave chase while another attempted to cut offender off on the roadway, but he was able to escape.