ECSO 3.22.23


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

March 13

Deputy met with complainant who stated someone went in her house and took a pair of diamond earrings. C/p stated she suspects two people are the offenders.

Deputy assisted a broken down 18-wheeler on the bypass.

Deputies were dispatched to Hwy 80 West in reference to a log truck stuck in the ditch blocking the road.

Deputy took a report in reference to a lost/stolen tag.

Deputy was dispatched to Hwy 80 East in reference to a repossessed vehicle. Complainant stated she wanted to report her vehicle stolen by a repo man. Deputy informed her that the repo man called ECSO before repossessing the vehicle so it was not stolen but he could do a report due to the them picking up the car before she was given time to make her final payment as agreed. C/p was advised that this is a civil matter and she would have to go before the Magistrate Judge to resolve the issue.

Deputy received a report from complainant advising she reached out to someone on Facebook in reference to a grant. C/p stated the suspect asked for her picture ID, address, and mother’s maiden name and she provided him with all the information in attempt to receive a grant. C/p stated after she gave suspect her information, suspect advised her that a $500 fee would need to be paid before receiving the grant. C/p asked suspect for two weeks to get the money and he agreed. C/p then realized the whole conversation was a scam and was concerned about giving him her information.

Deputies responded to E. Morris St. in reference to a domestic dispute. Complainant advised that Adrian PD had been to the resident the night prior in reference to the same thing. C/p stated that he and offender/step-son had been arguing and offender pinched his niece on the arm and c/p wants offender out of the house. C/p advised offender does not live there but he allowed him to stay a few nights on and off. Deputies spoke with offender who admitted to pinching the child because she was talking back to his mother. Deputy advised c/p of the eviction process and c/p and offender kept arguing. Offender then decided to leave the property with his 1-year-old son, and c/p and mother refused to allow offender to get any clothing for the child or his car seat. Deputy then transported offender and child to a Church St. address and advised him of the process in recovering his property at a later date.

Deputy responded to Pelican Rd. in reference to an unwanted person. Upon arrival, offender was gone and complainant stated offender, which is her ex-husband, went to her residence knocking on the door, wanting to go inside, because they were in an argument over their child. C/p stated she took her child’s phone for being unruly and offender called her arguing, then went to the residence and left when he heard her call 911.

March 14

Deputy helped assist a motorist unlock their vehicle with no damages.

Deputy responded to Webb Brothers Trucking in reference to a trailer that complainant purchased and recently found out it came back stolen when he sent the paperwork in to be registered. The trailer was reported stolen in Henry County. C/p stated the original owner leased the trailer to another company who was in the middle of a delivery when it was stolen. The trailer was recovered by the owner and sold it in Dekalb County at an auction, along with eight other trailers. C/p provided deputy with a Bill of Sale.

Deputy responded to Lindsey Rd. in reference to loud music. Deputy met with complainant who stated offender has been playing loud music with obscene lyrics for the past few days. Deputy has also heard loud music coming from offender’s residence late in the evening. Deputy attempted to make contact with offender but he shut the door in his face.

March 15

Deputy responded to Miller Dr. in reference to a stolen phone.

Deputy conducted a traffic stop on Hwy 56 in Stillmore for speeding and a passenger brake light not working.

Deputies were dispatched to Hwy 297 in reference to an iPhone call stating it was involved in a wreck. When deputies and First Responders arrived, there was no wreck but an iPhone was located on the shoulder of the road as if it were thrown out or left on the top of a vehicle.

Deputy responded to Old McLeod Bridge Rd. in reference to an unwanted person.

Deputies responded to Deluxe Inn in reference to an unwanted person.

March 16

Offender admitted to forgery during a probable cause hearing in Magistrate Court. Offender admitted to forging the title to a residence on Hwy 56 North. It was advised that offender used the original title and created a document that listed offender as the owner. Offender submitted the document, knowing it was falsified, and gave the name of a female subject who assisted him in creating the document.

Deputy responded to Hwy 80 East in reference to an unwanted person. Deputy met with complainant who stated he went to the residence to obtain some medicine from a female and observed offender leaving the residence. C/p stated when he questioned offender, a verbal argument ensued and offender hit c/p in the head. Deputy observed c/p’s ear to be red. Deputy then spoke with offender who stated c/p started screaming and cussing at him for being at the residence and c/p shoved him, so he punched him.

Deputy conducted a traffic stop on N. Green St.

March 17

Deputy was dispatched to Hwy 1 South in reference to complainant hitting deer.

Deputies were dispatched to McKenzie Dr. in reference to complainant stating offender attempted to enter his residence, then broke into a building and locked himself inside and was hiding in a closet. Suspect was taken into custody from the closet inside the building.

Deputies responded to Ricky Rowland Rd. in reference to a report of shots fired.

March 19

Deputies responded to Canady Ln. in reference to a civil dispute between neighbors. Complainant stated his neighbor kicked his truck sideways as he turned on Canady Ln. and came close to hitting c/p’s parked truck in his yard. C/p stated offender came within a few feet of striking his vehicle before gaining control. C/p stated he became irate due to the reckless act and feared that one of his children could have been outside and gotten hurt or worse. Deputies made contact with offender and offender’s father. Offender advised deputies that he did slide his vehicle sideways but did not mean any harm. Deputies stressed the importance of safe driving and advised him not to drive in the same manner again that close in proximity to children who may or may not be playing in the yard. Offender’s father assured deputies that his son would not drive in that manner again.

Deputy observed offender traveling with a headlight out, at which time he attempted to make a traffic stop. Offender refused to stop and continued traveling and turned into her residence on Thigpen Dr. Deputy asked why she would not stop and offender stated she was on the phone with her mother and she told her to just drive home. Offender was taken into custody and released to her mother at EmCo Jail.