ECSO 2.22.2023


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

February 13

A Deputy took a walk-in report in reference to a lost car tag. After speaking with the complainant, the Deputy learned that the tag was lost after the complainant traded his vehicle and the complainant stated he was making the report so that he could obtain a new tag.

Deputy took a walk-in report in reference to fraudulent activity. The victim stated that she wanted to make a report against Power Home Solar LLC. Because the company had illegally signed her name and added her to a contract that she never signed, damaging her credit. She further stated that they had also gotten her name wrong on the illegal documents that she hadn’t given her consent for. The name listed on the documents was her marital name and the victim stated that the only person who had signed the documents was her husband. The victim stated that she believed she was illegally put into the contract due to her home being in her name. The victim also stated that the company has filed for bankruptcy per Georgia Document of Law Consumer Protection Division, and also is being sued by customers from the states of Ohio, South Carolina, and Georgia. The victim stated that this has been reported to three different credit bureaus and has negatively affected her credit. She also brought copies of the contract that was not signed by her and a letter from the Georgia Department of Law and Consumer Protection Division.

Deputy responded to a vehicle/animal collision on Lambs Bridge Road. Upon arrival, the Deputy made contact with the Complainant who stated that she struck a deer after the deer left the shoulder of the roadway and entered her lane of travel. Vehicle had slight damage to the front fog light. The vehicle was removed by complainant.

Deputy assisted a motorist with a locked vehicle at Shop Rite Pharmacy.

February 15

Deputy was dispatched to North Railroad Ave in Twin City in reference to a Smith & Wesson pistol being stolen from the victim’s vehicle. This is an ongoing investigation.

Deputies were dispatched to the area of South Old Reidsville Road in reference to cows in the roadway. Upon contact, two cows were located alongside the roadway and ran back into their fenced pasture.

Deputies and EMS were dispatched to Fendley Cemetery Road in reference to an intoxicated male. No arrests were made.

Complainant arrived at the Sheriff’s Department and met with a Deputy to give a statement in reference to a civil dispute concerning an alleged witness identified by complainant. The complainant stated that he had loaned $6,075 to the witness who had signed a written agreement that stated that the money would be paid in full to the complainant upon receiving their tax return. The complainant was advised of available remedies pending further outcome of a civil dispute.

A victim received a package in her USPS mailbox that was cylinder in shape and approximately nine inches long. The victim stated to deputies that upon opening the package in her vehicle it exploded with glitter covering the interior of her car. The victim further stated that in October of 2022, she received a FedEx package from the same address with a book and vulgar card.

February 16

Offender was present at Emanuel County Magistrate Court for a Probable Cause hearing. At the conclusion of the hearing the Offender was placed under arrest. Offender was transported to Emanuel County Jail, without incident, for 6 charges of Theft by Shoplifting. Offender was turned over to Jail Staff for booking.

Offender was present at Emanuel County Magistrate Court for a Probable Cause hearing. At the conclusion of the hearing the Offender was placed under arrest. Offender was transported to Emanuel County Jail, without incident, for 6 charges of Theft by Shoplifting. Offender was turned over to Jail Staff for booking.

Deputies were alerted to the Emanuel Medical Center in reference to a male subject who had been administered to the emergency room for injuries sustained in an explosion. Upon further investigation deputies made contact with the victim who stated that the incident occurred at a residence on Oak Chapel Road. The subject further stated that a friend arrived at the address with a device being in the shape of a pipe that was capped off at the end. As the victim turned the device in his hand, it exploded. Deputies also discovered that the victim was dropped off at the emergency room by an unidentified person and the suspect left the victim at the residence possibly headed to Johnson County. The case was turned over to the Criminal Investigations Division for further investigation.

Deputies responded to Highway 56 in reference to a reckless driver. No arrest was made.

February 17

A deputy was dispatched to a residence on North College Street in Twin City in reference to a burglary. When the deputy arrived, the victim stated that after arriving home at 12:00 a.m. she discovered that her bedroom was trashed and a container that she kept change in was empty. Victim stated that she believes the suspect is her son because he has stolen from her numerous times and recently left a court ordered rehab on February 13.

Deputy responded to 2nd Street in Stillmore in reference to an animal collision. Upon arrival the Deputy removed a deer carcass from the roadway and made contact with the Complainant. No injuries were sustained.

Deputy was alerted by his radar of a vehicle traveling at 97 MPH in a 70 MPH zone, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. Deputy approached the vehicle and retrieved the driver’s license and returned to his unit to confirm valid insurance and registration of the vehicle. Upon running offender’s license, it was discovered that they are suspended through FL. Offender was then asked to exit the vehicle and placed under arrest and transported to EmCo Jail.

Complainant stated someone stole his license plate off his vehicle while it was inoperable.

Deputy was informed of a vehicle parked int eh roadway on the bridge on Canoochee Rd. Upon deputy’s arrival, he observed the door to be locked and a male subject asleep behind the wheel and the vehicle appeared to be in drive. Deputies were unsuccessful in waking the driver by knocking on the window and shaking the vehicle. A door unlock tool was used to gain access to the vehicle. Once access was made, the vehicle was turned off and the driver was then awoken via several hard sternum rubs. The driver’s eyes were bloodshot and glassy upon waking up, and he had slurred speech. The driver was asked if he had taken any medications or illegal narcotics and he stated no, that he had been drinking. Offender agreed to perform a field sobriety which gave a positive result of alcohol. Offender was placed under arrest for DUI and transported to EmCo Jail.

February 18

Deputies conducted a traffic stop on Canoochee Rd.

Deputies responded to Marlynn St. in Dellwood in reference to a domestic dispute. Upon arrival, deputy could hear loud yelling and made contact and separated the neighbors. Male subject stated his neighbors stated they were going to kill anyone that they saw on their property, and stated offender had a shotgun and stated he would kill them. The argument was over a No Trespassing sign and complainant showed deputy on EmCo Tax Accessors where the property lines were and offender’s vehicle was in fact on c/p’s property. Offender moved the car to the other side of the house to avoid any more conflict.

February 19

Deputy responded to Lawrence Sherrod Rd. in reference to a prowler. A white male subject with a dog was seen on the deer camera holding a gun walking on the property. Deputy spoke with complainant who stated her neighbors identified the suspect. C/p stated she had prior pictures of the dogs on her property and has had the dogs get aggressive towards her while she was at the property.

Deputy responded to Herndon Rd. in reference to an unwanted person. Before his arrival, he was informed that the male subject had left and was at the church down the street. Deputy made contact with the vehicle and spoke with offender. Offender informed deputy that his wife had just passed away and there had been a property dispute at the residence. He stated that his child and brother were still at the residence collection vehicles that belonged to him. Deputy followed him back to the residence and spoke with complainant who stated that offender had been dating her mother and she tried being civil with offender on obtaining his property but he became intoxicated and belligerent and pulled a knife on her son and threatened him with it. C/p stated that it was okay for offender’s brother to obtain the vehicle off the property but that offender was no longer wanted on the property. Offender was informed to leave the property and not return and to let his brother retrieve the vehicles.

Deputy was dispatched to Hwy 80 East in reference to a vehicle unlock.

Deputy was dispatched to Hwy 80 East in reference to an alarm. All doors and windows were checked and deputy made contact with the owner who informed deputy that there is something wrong with the door sensor.

Deputy took a harassing communications report. Complainant stated he and witness have been talking and witness is in the middle of filing for a divorce from offender. C/p stated he was contacted by offender who told him to leave his wife alone. C/p stated he tried to tell offender that they are just talking and offender became irate and stated he had a bullet with c/p’s name on it and that he knows where c/p’s family is and where c/p works. C/p stated he finally just hung up the phone and offender continued to call his phone.