ECSO 2.15.2023


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

February 6

Deputies responded to Longbay Dr. in reference to a glass bottle being broken in the roadway. Complainant stated her grandchildren observed a group of young males and female break glass beer bottles in the road. C/p stated she had to drive around some of the bottles to keep from puncturing her tires. Deputy observed several fragments from a broken beer bottle laying in the roadway. The names of the offenders were given and all are minors.

Deputy made contact with a vehicle parked at the trash dump in Dellwood and discovered offender had an active bench warrant for her arrest. Offender was placed under arrest and transported to EmCo Jail.

Deputy was dispatched to Cordie Rd. to meet with complainant who stated her sister-in-law has been harassing her about moving out of their camper. C/p stated she has had enough of the harassing and was moving out. Deputy spoke with the sister-in-law who stated she has not done anything to c/p and she has no problem with her living in the camper.

Deputy responded to Bailey St. in reference to complainant advised her mother was keeping her from going in the house. Complainant stated she has been living with her mother for two years and pays rent. C/p stated her mother got upset because she was not home and refused to let her and her child return to the residence. Deputy knocked on the door with no answer and c/p was able to use her key to enter the home.

Deputies responded to Oak St. in reference to a repossession in progress and the debtor was refusing to let them take the vehicle. Deputies advised the repo agent of the peaceful repossession law. Deputies then drove around the block to receive another call from the repo agent that the debtor was still refusing to relinquish the vehicle, even after he was told it was a civil matter. Repo agent then proceeded to argue with the debtor and was asked by the home owner to leave the property. Deputies then advised the repo agent again of the repossession laws in Ga and he left the property.

Deputies responded to I16 in reference to a tanker trailer on fire. While enroute, dispatch advised the tanker had inflammable liquids inside and to use caution. Deputies discovered that the driver had already unhooked the tanker and the trailer’s rear axle tires were on fire. Deputies assisted with traffic control.

February 7

Deputies responded to Cordie Rd. and met with both parties in reference to a verbal dispute concerning personal items belonging to complainant. Arrangements were made for c/p to collect her items.

Deputy met with complainant at ECSO in reference to a complaint of someone claiming her daughter on their taxes. C/p stated her boyfriend’s mother use to claim her minor child but when c/p and her ex broke up, and c/p advised offender she would be claiming her child. C/p stated that offender has no legal rights to the child and should not have claimed it on her taxes.

Deputy responded to Pro Parts in reference to an alarm. Deputy found a door unsecured but nothing appeared to be disturbed.

Deputy responded to SW Railroad Ave in Oak Park about threats being made. Complainant advised his wife passed and her sister and her boyfriend called him advising that they were going to his house to get c/p’s wife’s belongings. C/p stated they have never been allowed at the residence and his deceased wife had a will made for her belongings to be between their kids and grandchildren. Deputy advised c/p to call 911 if subjects showed up.

Deputy took a report where complainant stated she hit a deer on Injunction Rd.

February 8

Complainant stated she hit a deer on US 1 Bypass.

Victim stated his tag was stolen off his vehicle.

Deputy took a walk-in report from complainant who stated his vehicle was side-swiped on the side of I-16.

Deputy took a walk-in report in reference to a lost/stolen firearm.

Deputy assisted complainant with a writ of possession for a vehicle.

Deputy was dispatched to Nunez-Lexsy Rd. in reference to a stolen boat motor. Complainant stated the motor had been cut from the fuel line and stolen.

February 9

Deputy was dispatched to Bonnie Rd. for a vehicle unlock.

Deputy met with complainant in regards to Uber Technologies sending c/p a 1099. C/p stated he has never worked for this company and could not file his taxes until the matter is resolved.

Deputy contacted victim who stated his phone was stolen in October and someone turned his phone on at Swan Creek Rd. in Kite on this date. Victim stated he knows the subject that turned his phone on. Victim was advised to contact Johnson Co. SO.

February 10

Deputy met with complainant at ECSO in reference to a theft. C/p stated that his boat motor was taken from his residence the Saturday night before.

Deputy responded to Huckleberry Rd in reference to a civil dispute over rent. Upon arrival c/p advised that she had been living in this residence for over a month and had been paying rent. C/p stated that the suspect had been staying with her and the residence belongs to him. Suspect had come home and wanted her to move out because he claimed that she was not paying rent. Deputy informed both parties of the eviction process.

Deputies responded to Falcon Trail in reference to a domestic dispute in progress. Upon arrival c/p advised that the offender had left prior to deputy arrival and stated that the offender was arguing with another family member. C/p stated that the offender got upset and kicked her front door causing damage.

Deputies along with Emanuel County Fire Units were dispatched to Kea’s Church Circle in reference to a brush fire threatening structure.

Deputy met with key holder in reference to an alarm call & residence was found secured and undisturbed.

February 11

Deputies responded to Pruitt Health in reference to a patient calling 911 advising that she needed help and there were no nurses in the building. Upon arrival deputy contacted a nurse at the front door and advised her about the call. Nurse advised that they were having a small party and were going to check on the patient then.

Deputies were dispatched to Hawhammock Church Road in reference to an alarm. Motion was advised to be entry area. Alarm was set off accidentally.

Deputy met with landlord to said property in reference to an eviction to ensure all unauthorized parties were vacated from the property upon closure of court order.

Deputy was called to a report of a broke down vehicle on John Deere Road. Upon arrival deputy talked with the driver and she said she had a wrecker on the way.

C/p is going through a divorce and had a final order from the courts to pick up some items from the offender, who is her ex-husband. The offender let the c/p in to get her belongings. The items in the final order were not in the home. The c/p and the offender got into a verbal argument. C/p began to go into the bathroom and throw things. Deputy advised her to leave because she didn’t need to destroy and property.

Deputies responded to Hall’s Minit Mart for a burglary alarm. Upon arrival all windows and doors were secured with no visible signs of forced entry.

February 12

Deputy discovered a vehicle at the intersection of HWY 1 & Harrington St. The vehicle was unsecured with no one around it. Vehicle was towed.

Deputies were dispatched to Dollar General in reference to a business alarm. Everything seemed to be secure.

Deputies along with EMS and Emanuel County Fire Units were dispatched to Pike Johnson in reference to a structure fire with entrapments.

Deputy was dispatched to the Sheriff’s Office in reference to meeting someone about damage to property. Deputy spoke with c/p upon arrival. He stated that he and his girlfriend got into a verbal argument where he told her he was done with her. She then came out with a bat and asked to talk with him and for a smoke. She got into her car and they spoke for a short time when he told her to get out of the car and that he was leaving. She got out of the car and busted the back glass with the bat. C/p did not wish to press charges unless she didn’t fix the damages.

Deputies responded to Cool Spring Road in reference to a non-responsive male. Upon arrival contact was made with c/p who stated that the victim was not responsive. Entry was made and a white nude male was found lying in the corner of the living room. 911 was contacted and a coroner was requested. On call detective was contacted also.