ECSO: 11.8.23


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

October 30

Deputy met with complainant at ECSO where he stated he received a message on Facebook Messenger from what he thought was his friend. C/p stated his friend asked him if he heard of Community Service Block Grant that helps people out of poverty and gives extra money. C/p advised his friend told him to go buy cash cards in the amount of $1,000 and send pictures. C/p did so and sent pictures, then thought he had been taken advantage of and went to ECSO and contacted his friend who stated he hasn’t spoken to c/p in a while. The friend stated his account had been hacked and c/p was not the first person that called him about this.

Deputy met with complainant at ECSO in reference to damage to property.

Deputy performed a traffic stop on Hwy 1 South.

Deputies responded to Canoochee Rd. in reference to caller seeing vehicles parked and hearing gun shots. Upon arrival, the vehicles were gone but deputies found multiple 9mm 5.56 rounds.

Deputy made a traffic stop on Hwy 56 North for speeding. Offender gave a false name and DOB due to having suspended license. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.

Deputies were on Lindsey Rd. in reference to an individual who had an active warrant. Deputy observed offender walking and made contact with him and confirmed the warrant. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.

Complainant went to ECSO to make a report in reference to identity fraud. C/p stated a number called her stating they were a lawyer seeking to obtain payment on an internet account from 209-2022 in Texas. C/p advised she has not had an account with them and has not been to Texas and the lawyer advised her to make a report.

October 31

Deputy was dispatched to Cypress Dr. for an unwanted person. Deputy met with offender and told her she was not wanted there and transported her to Maple St.

Offender was transported from Jenkins Co. SO to EmCo Jail for multiple outstanding felony warrants.

ECSO got a call about a suspicious person walking on Hwy 1 North close to Dellwood. Deputy spoke with the subject who stated he is homeless and was trying to get to Florida. Deputy gave him a ride to Lyons.

Deputies were dispatched to Abb Johnson Rd. in reference to items being stolen out of a truck. C/p stated a Browning 270 with scope, .38 revolver, .22 revolver, half inch drive Milwaukee and $200 was stolen. C/p stated a friend told him he saw a vehicle parked close to his residence. Deputy observed shoe prints that traveled up to the address.

Deputy spoke with complainant where she stated she lost her tag.

Officers contacted 911 in reference to a probationer fleeing with a gun.

November 1

Deputy met with complainant on Pendleton Springs Rd. in reference to a theft report. C/p stated the outside A/C unit was found missing from the church.

November 2

Deputy responded to Crider where complainant stated she believes suspect took her laptop and Xbox gaming console from their residence in Vidalia. C/p advised she and suspect are roommates and are related and due to the extensive criminal history of suspect, she believes he is the one that took her belongings.

Complainant stated victim snatched keys to a vehicle from c/p’s mother after an argument then left the residence in the vehicle without permission.

Deputy met with complainant on Canoochee Garfield Rd. in reference to some mail that was believed to have been misplaced. Three separate pieces of mail addressed to officials within the GA Dept. of Corrections were left at the residence by an unknown person. C/p stated he believes the person who left the mail done so by mistake due to his involvement with New Beginnings in Christ.

November 3

Complainant contacted ECSO stating she is in the process of moving out of a residence on Rainbow Ridge and two days prior, offender removed a washer and dryer from the residence. C/p stated offenders had not been asked to move anything from the residence and stated offenders advised they would hold the items for storage while she moved to a new residence. C/p stated it was later decided that offender would purchase the items for $600. C/p advised she knows one offender gave the other offender $300 to give to c/p and offender refuses to provide the agreed $600 or return the items.

Offender was taken into custody on 6th Ave. on an Order to Apprehend made through EmCo Probate Court requiring offender to be transported to a treatment facility for mental health and drug dependency issues. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail, then transported to a treatment facility in St. Simons.

Deputy spoke with complainant on Fairground Rd. in reference to damaged property.

November 5

Deputies were dispatched to Union Chapel Rd. in reference to a residential alarm. Alarm company advised they spoke with the key holder who did not give the proper passcode. Deputies met with the homeowner who advised everything was fine and the alarm was set off accidentally.

Deputies were dispatched to Old Garfield Rd. in reference to a remport of criminal trespass. Complainant stated for the past year, she has had issues with unknown males hunting on property near her residence and her husband has warned the subjects to stay off they property and it resulted in a physical altercation. C/p stated she was walking her dog and observed an unknown male subject running through the woods near her residence towards Old Garfield Rd. C/p stated the subject was later licked up by someone on a side-by-side. C/p’s do not know the names of the subjects and advised she is installing further security cameras on the property to attempt to identify the offenders.

Deputies were dispatched to Whippoorwill Rd. in reference to a trailer fire. Contact was made with complainant who stated he arrived at the trash cans and noticed his wheel was on fire so he called 911. Emanuel Fire arrived on scene and it was turned over to them.