ECSO 1.18.2023


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

January 9

Deputies were dispatched to W. Broad St. in reference to an unwanted person. Deputies met offender and complainant where c/’ advised a TPO had been taken out on offender and he was not supposed to be on the property. C/p advised that offender had been walking around the residence and acting strange. Offender had not yet been served with his copy of a 112-month TPO, and was transported to ECSO where he was served his copy. Offender was then transported to the VA in Dublin at his request due to being off his medication.

Deputies responded to Old Kenfield Rd. in reference to an animal collision. Complainant was dizzy and had chest pain so EMS was dispatched. C/p advised that a deer ran into her car, causing minor damage. C/p was evaluated by EMS, then went by personal vehicle for further evaluation.

Alleged suspect was takin into custody on Tiger Trl. on felony warrants from Bulloch Co. Suspect was transported to EmCo Det. Ctr.

Deputies were dispatched to Johnson Gay Rd. in reference to a welfare check. Complainant advised she had not been able to make contact with witness since the previous day. Contact was made with witness who was advised to get in contact with c/p.

Deputy observed a vehicle travelling at a high rate of speed and checked his radar to find the vehicle was going 76 MPH in a 55 MPH zone, at which time deputy initiated a traffic stop. Offender informed deputy that his license is suspended. Deputy could smell a strong odor of burnt marijuana coming from the vehicle and asked the driver how much was in the vehicle. Offender advised there was not much in the vehicle and showed deputy a bag with a small amount in it. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail for speeding and driving with suspended license.

January 10

Offender was taken into custody for an outstanding warrant and transported to EmCo Jail.

Deputy met with complainant who stated she lost her tag.

Deputy unlocked a vehicle with no damage.

While attempting to serve outstanding warrants on offender for theft by taking and prowling, offender attempted to flee on a bicycle, then on foot. During this time, offender was observed throwing a pipe, commonly used to inhale illegal narcotics. Offender was apprehended and transported to EmCo Jail.

January 12

Deputy met with complainant at ECSO to report a damage to his vehicle. C/p stated he isn’t sure when or where the damage occurred.

Deputy contacted complainant in reference to a report of mail being opened by a neighbor. C/p stated she ordered a package from Amazon that showed delivered to a side door and she knew it was at the neighbor’s due to a previous occurrence. C/p went to the residence and blew the horn but got no response. C/p later got a text from the renter of the house stating the package was there and that she was not allowed back at the residence due to her being irate and being at the house late at night, waking the children. C/p stated she only blew the horn once, then left, never getting out of her vehicle. Deputy made contact with the renters who presented the unopened package. Both renters stated c/p showed up at their residence constantly blowing the horn and screaming obscenities over the package. Renter stated the package was left beside his door and his children took it inside to keep the dogs form destroying it. Renters both stated they did not want c/p back on their property unless it had to do with a shared well on the property. Deputy informed the renter it would be a good idea to add numbers of the residence to the side of the house where packages were delivered to keep the postal carrier from confusing the residences. The package was retrieved from the renter and delivered to c/p at her place of employment and was informed not to return to the renter’s property.

Deputy contacted another deputy and informed him that he had a wanted subject who was riding a bike on the side of Lambs Bridge Rd. and he knew offender had active warrants. Deputy made contact with offender and he fled on foot into the woods. Deputies gave chase giving verbal commands to stop. Offender continued to flee on foot until contact was lost. Deputies then set up a perimeter and contacted other agencies for assistance with a drone and dog. Offender was then spotted in an open field where he was chased back to the wood line on foot. Deputy made contact with offender in the wood line where he again chased him for a short period until offender fell and was taken into custody. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.

January 13

Complainant struck a deer on Hwy 56 North, causing functional damage to the vehicle.

Complainant reported suspect locked his debit card and he was unable to access his funds. C/p advised that he received a TPO on behalf of the suspect and he has not had any contact with her or his daughter. C/p also stated that the suspect is only a “payee” to the account and she has not authority on the account. C/p advised that suspect has been reaching out to him on social media and he has ignored it due to the TPO and stated his daughter advised him that offender has been hitting her in the back of the head with his hand.

Deputy was dispatched to Woodchuck Rd. in reference to complainant stating offender has been renting a mobile home from his for a period of time and offender was supposed to be moved out by the first of January but had failed to move all of his belongings and offender has caused damages to the residence. C/p stated he received text messages from offender stating he would gather the remaining items and believes there would be issues when he arrived.

January 14

Deputy was dispatched to US 80 East in reference to witness stating offender turned in front of her and she had to run off the road to avoid a crash. Other witness stated he was traveling behind first witness and had to lock his 18-wheeler down to keep from hitting her. Offender stated he didn’t see the witness coming and was asked if he had been drinking and he stated he had a couple of beer earlier. GSP was called and charged offender with DUI.

Deputy was dispatched to Hwy 56 North in reference to a vehicle unlock. Vehicle was unlocked without incident or damages.

Deputies were dispatched to Flanders Rd. in reference to a two-vehicle accident with no injuries. Both were traveling opposite directions, navigating a sharp curve and a glare form the sun caused offender to be unable to see victim in the curve.

January 15

Deputy met with complainant about a nuisance animal. C/p stated she has been having problems with the neighbor’s dog going in her yard and destroying trash and toting off her children’s toys. C/p’s boyfriend stated he works with the resident that owns the dog and they have talked about remedies to resolve the issue and it would be taken care of.

Complainant stated her son/suspect left in her car without permission. BOLO was issued for the vehicle. Vehicle was later returned to c/p.

Deputies met with complainant in reference to a burglary/theft. Upon further investigation, the items had been taken form the property without forced entry due to repairs and remodeling being done. Victim stated he had some suspicion concerning two of the workers that had been hired. Victim stated he witnessed one suspect folding a knife that victim found to be odd due to the fact that victim owned a knife identical to that one and his was missing. Victim also stated suspect had a key to access the house and knew the location of the second key. Missing items are a 12-gauge shotgun, .243 caliber rifle, two knives, and binoculars, all valued at $2,300.

Deputy was dispatched to Enmarket to meet with complainant in reference to a report of lost property. C/p stated his daughter had a pair of Apple air pods taken from the locker room at SHS. A tracker on them indicated that they were on Wanda Lane. Deputy traveled to the location and made contact with a female subject who advised she had not been at the game nor did she have children that would have been at the game. Female further stated she did not have any air pods. C/p was advised to keep a check on the tracker and contact ECSO if the headphones moved.

Deputy observed offender with an inoperable headlight, at which time he initiated a traffic stop, and offender refused to stop. Deputy observed offender traveling at excess speeds on 108 MPH, failing to maintain lane, and failing to stop at stop signs. Offender crashed the vehicle and fled on foot inside a building. Security and deputies apprehended offender.

January 16

Complainant was burring a clear cut and it jumped the fire break. Nunez FD and Georgia Forestry were called to extinguish the fire.

Deputy was dispatched to Bonnie Rd, in reference to stolen property out of an abandoned trailer. Complainant stated she noticed a bed frame and ladder were missing.