ECSO: 11.29.23


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

November 20

Deputy received a report from complainant advising she made two purchases through Facebook on 11/4 and 11/15 for $600. C/p stated she checked the reviews and it seemed legit and had to pay an additional $1,400. Delivery was set for 11/17 but was not delivered so she called offender and he set a different location in Metter on 11/20. Offender did not show up and c/p was unable to contact him.

Deputy talked with complainant over the phone who stated he made a call to offender about some work being done on his roof and offender advised it would be $9,000. C/p stated he borrowed the money to give offender $4,500 and sent $275 and $375 to offender through Cashapp and hasn’t talked with him since 10/31.

Deputy took a report regarding property damage on Stevens St. Offender stated she was driving a U-Haul when she accidentally drove it over the septic tank that caused it to collapse, and the truck got stuck.

Deputies responded to Hwy 46 East in reference to a physical domestic that already occurred.

November 21

Deputy met with complainant on Jackson St. in reference to a vehicle damage report. C/p stated while following a tractor/trailer on Hwy 1 South into Emanuel County, a rock fell from the trailer and struck the top of her windshield causing it to shatter. Company, phone number and tag number was provided by c/p.

November 22

Deputy responded to Old Kenfield Rd. in reference to a report of criminal trespass. Complainant stated offender went to his residence three separate times and got out of his vehicle and looked around the residence, then left. C/p stated he has offender on his security camera but did not see offender take anything.

Deputies were dispatched to Five Points Store in reference to a general alarm call. Deputy observed the air conditioner appeared to be pulled from the window and the door appeared to be damaged. Deputy advised 911 to send more officers and did a walk around where the cash register was observed on top of the counter with money still visible. Deputy then stood by for additional officers and complainant arrived and stated she was a worker meeting a delivery truck. The delivery truck arrived and was advised to leave and c/p walked across the road to wake up the manager and they walked back to the store. Once back-up arrived, the building was cleared where the ATM in the rear game room was damaged and appeared to be torn apart. Deputies then observed the front counter where everything was thrown around and the camera system was snatch ed off the wall. All cabinets seemed to be gone through and the alarm system by the front door was snatched off the wall. Deputies exited the building and spoke with the manager while waiting for the Investigator. Inv. arrived and began processing the scene. While Inv. was processing the scene, deputies walked outside to count cameras and observed the meter boxes were damaged.

Deputy was dispatched to Superior Probation in reference to a wanted person for seven outstanding arrest warrants. Deputy met with DCS officers who advised offender would be arriving to report to his probation officer. Offender was taken into custody and transported to EmCo Jail without incident.

November 24

Deputy responded to a call regarding a gun being drawn on an individual on Maple Ave. Complainant stated when she returned home, someone had entered her home and threw her clothes and belongings all over the house and washer detergent had been poured on the floor. C/p stated nothing appeared to be stolen and stated offender entered her home and he was the one that called 911 about a gun being drawn. C/p stated offender is not supposed to be at her residence and has been calling her repeatedly from a restricted number. When offender called 911, he gave a false name and did not give much information.

Deputy responded to Kersey Rd. in reference to a report of dead animals found on a vacant property.

Deputy assisted GSP with a traffic stop that yielded a small quantity of narcotics.

Deputies responded to Dollar General in reference to a shoplifting incident that had already occurred and offenders were no longer on scene. Complainant advised her manager sent them a photo of a suspect that had just shoplifted at DG in Twin City that morning. C/p advised she and her employee were busy at the time and recognized the female on her way out the door. C/p then went back to review the cameras and discovered the female had another female assisting in the shoplifting. Offenders were observed walking out the store with a laundry basket filled with an undisclosed amount of items. Offenders were seen getting into a vehicle with a third suspect driving. Deputies reviewed the surveillance cameras and received a photo of the suspects.

Deputy met with complainant at WalMart in reference to an incident that was said to have occurred the day prior on Hwy 56 North. C/p stated his son/suspect pulled a gun on him and threatened to kill him. C/p further stated that deputies had been called out to assist with the situation when the incident first occurred where both parties were mediated and separated. C/p further stated he chose not to press charges due to his relationship with his son and did not want any criminal charges but stated another reason he wanted the report is because he loaned his son a $400 jack and was having trouble reclaiming the property due to the incident.

November 25

Deputy received a report in reference to a domestic dispute. Complainant advised she had been arguing with her husband/offender and offender was trying to take her keys to her vehicle. C/p advised they had been separated for three months but have not gone through with the divorce process. C/p also stated offender had his hunting rifle on his shoulder at the time of the incident and during the argument, he removed it from his shoulder and pointed it at c/p, then placed it back on his shoulder and stated he didn’t point it at her, he was just readjusting it. C/p advised that the two constantly argue and she don’t want a report but felt it was necessary for her safety and well-being. C/p has the incident on home surveillance but did not wish to press charges at this time.

Deputy met with victim at EMC ER inn reference to an incident that was said to have occurred at The Barn in Twin City. Victim was found to have been involved in a physical altercation with wounds to the face. Suspect was identified by victim. Other responding deputies attempted to locate other parties involved but suspect could not be located and was GOA. Charges are pending per request of victim pending further investigation.

November 27

Deputies responded to Samuel Marvin Rd. in reference to a report of suspicious activity. Deputies were advised that a group of subjects had been observed on the property next door from complainant’s home security camera system. C/p stated that upon observation, he knew the house was vacant and that no one should be on the property and the landlord was having restoration work done on the house. C/p further stated he chose to investigate and as he approached the property, he could hear someone run from inside the house and noticed a SUV parked in the driveway. C/p stated the SUV began to back up in an attempt to leave the property. C/p also advised he noticed the same vehicle driving slow in the area before leaving out on Hwy 80 West.