ECSO: 11.22.23


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

November 15

Deputy responded to Lambs Bridge Road in reference to an animal collision. No injuries were reported. C/p advised that she was driving and a deer ran out in front of her causing minor damage to the driver’s side of the vehicle.

Deputies responded to McGarr Mill Pond Rd. in reference to a domestic dispute. Upon arrival c/p advised that she was arguing with her child’s father about something on Facebook. She stated that the suspect was being irate and wanted him removed from the residence. The suspect told deputies that they got into an argument over something that the c/p had posted on Facebook. Suspect advised that he was on the phone with their landlord and discovered that c/p had gone behind his back and made a new lease without him. C/p also cancelled suspect’s insurance to his vehicle. No physical contact was made, just verbal. Both parties were advised to separate until a later time.

November 16

Deputy responded to Herndon Rd. in reference to an animal collision. No injuries were reported and c/p advised that a deer ran out in front of her. Deer caused damage to front driver’s side, vehicle was not drivable.

November 19

Deputies were dispatched to Dollar General in Garfield in reference to a white male that was being irrate. Upon arrival the offender had already left the scene, but deputy spoke with c/p who stated that the offender comes into the store all the time and that he is always asking people to buy things for him. She stated that he came in that day and began arguing with them and got in her face and then left. She also showed video footage and identified the suspect. Deputies were able to locate offender’s truck and offender told deputies that the girls at the Dollar General were talking about him and got him in trouble with his family. He was advised that he was no longer allowed at the Dollar General, and he agreed.

Deputies were dispatched to Horse Branch Road in reference to a private property vehicle accident. On arrival, deputy made contact with c/p who stated that she was backing up and struck another vehicle. There was minor damage to both vehicles.

Deputy was dispatched to Highway 23 North in reference to a residential alarm. Motion was advised to be carport door. Deputy spoke to a resident who stated that it went of accidentally.

Deputies were dispatched to Overstreet Road in reference to a call of a nuisance animal. C/p advised that a hog was loose in the area and tried to bite him. The owner collected the hog and placed it back in its pen.