Days of Service


Life is made up of good days and bad. No matter who you are, we all have them. Good days are often taken for granted, but bad days can really leave a mark. Last Thursday, President Joe Biden had a bad day. For six days before that, he took off from his regular job and crammed and prepared and tried to get shined up for the debates in Atlanta, but when he got there you could tell right away, it was just not gonna be his day. I have said many times that I am not thrilled with either one of the choices we have in the upcoming November Presidential election and let me fully disclose: I am a registered Republican, but after last Thursday night, I must honestly confess, I felt sorry, surprised, bewildered and angry by the whole 90-minute affair. As much as I enjoy watching people on MSNBC panic and lose their minds, I felt no joy or delight in seeing the Democrat candidate and current President of the United States struggle and fail as badly as he did. That was the surprise and sympathy. The anger came about when the curtain was finally pulled back on the true physiological condition of Joe Biden. Without notes, a prepared speech and a teleprompter, Biden was left alone on stage in a confused, painful, political example of a real-life Jekyll and Hyde experience. The day-to-day contemptible misrepresentation by the Biden White House of the President’s physical “vigor” and mental “sharpness” was embarrassingly evident for all to see. The denial and disarray of the Democratic party and the aligned liberal media in the days since, have only confirmed what was obvious at the debate. The current President is simply no longer up to the demands of the job of leading this country. There is no shame in that, but the continuation of a deliberate campaign to deceive the entire country as to his true condition is despicable. The disrespect shown for the American public, as well as the disrespect for President Biden himself by perpetrating this charade, is the unqualified height of fake news, dishonesty, and is perhaps truly the greatest threat to democracy we now face. This country honors service in many forms. However it is rendered, it is a trust and a duty. This President has long served and now deserves the rightful act of honor for one final deed of service and obligation.

Tomorrow, our country will celebrate the 248th anniversary of its birth. We will get through this unusual election season, and we will continue to be the country that leads the world through might and right. The good days will outnumber the bad as long as our freedoms are secured by the values we hold. I hope you have a safe and meaningful Independence Day.