Caleb Burton: Emanuel Medical Center DAISY Award Winner


Nurses Week is a great time to recognize Emanuel Medical Center DAISY award winner, Caleb Burton, RN. The DAISY Award® is a special honor given to extraordinary nurses for the compassionate contributions they make every day going above and beyond expectations in science and sensitivity.

Caleb graduated from STC with his degree in ASN in December 2015. He began working at Emanuel Medical Center in February 2016. Caleb said “Since my time at EMC, I have had the privilege to work with great coworkers, which have grown very close to my heart. My coworkers and I have experienced very highs and very lows, especially during our time with the dreaded disease of Covid. I am continually grateful for the ability to work at EMC and the care that we strive to give to each and every person that comes through the door.”

Caleb was nominated by Jean Hackle and Candace Foskey family of Jerome Foskey, who Caleb cared for during two of his stays at EMC.

"It is an honor to nominate Caleb Burton for the DAISY Award. He is a blessing to the nursing profession and is a fine, Christian man. We first met Caleb and his beautiful smile and great personality in June 2019 when our daddy was admitted to Emanuel Medical Center. At that time, Caleb worked the night shift, and it was comforting to us to have him there because Daddy was strong. We felt Caleb could manage Daddy if he were to become disoriented. Caleb was very attentive and professional as well as compassionate and caring. Not only did he make sure Daddy was comfortable, but he made sure we were, too. Caleb took great care of us all. We were updated often as to Daddy's health, and our questions and concerns were answered. At the end of each shift, Caleb came by to let us know he was leaving and to let us know when he would be back. He also told us he would be praying for Daddy and for the family. When Daddy was well enough to leave the hospital, we were satisfied with the care Caleb had given him, and our family had made a new friend. In February 2022, Daddy was once again admitted to Emanuel Medical Center, and yes, Caleb was his night nurse. We were overjoyed to know that Daddy would have excellent care. Just as before, Caleb kept us updated as to Daddy's condition, and he made sure we were comfortable and had all we needed while we stayed at the hospital. Caleb was not working when Daddy passed away February 26, 2022, but he and his family sent flowers to the service and prayed for our family. We have kept in touch with him and feel blessed to call him a friend. We have told him on numerous occasions that we want him to take care of us if we are patients at Emanuel Medical Center. Friends have expressed to us their experiences with Caleb, and they have the same stories as to his dedication to the nursing profession and to his patients and their families."

Caleb reflected on his time with Mr. Jerome and the family, “I am honored beyond measures to have been nominated and selected as the DAISY Award recipient. I cannot express enough the gratefulness that I have and the honor to be selected for this one-of-a-kind award. I would like to express my appreciation and much love to my friends, Ms. Jean Hackle, and Ms. Candace Foskey. It was an honor to take care of their Daddy and to take care of them during their hospital stays. To be there during their times at EMC and experience the highs and lows of them being there meant the world to me. Although their Daddy has passed and went to see Jesus, we have continued being friends. I am truly blessed to be able to call them friends and am thankful for what they do for me and my family. I am so grateful that I left an impression on their heart, for that they have done the same to mine.”

Congratulations to all our DAISY Award Nominee's!