ECSO: March 1, 2023


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

February 20

Deputies were dispatched to Canoochee Catfish in reference to a business alarm. Business owner advised the alarm was set off accidentally.

Deputy met with complainant in reference to a missing license place.

Deputy made contact with complainant in reference to a TPO violation. C/p stated suspect violated his TPO by entering the property on W. Church St. C/p furthered stated that suspect damaged the license plate on her vehicle.

Deputies were dispatched to James Morris Rd. in reference to an alarm. Homeowner advised she is changing alarm companies and everything was ok.

Deputy was dispatched to Waller Woods Cir. in reference to a verbal dispute. Deputy attempted to speak with complainant and asked what was going on and she stated that she had called them numerous times about her husband and they haven’t done anything and she just got out of a mental facility. C/p went into the bedroom and stated she was calling the GBI. Deputy asked c/p what happened and she stated to go ask the suspect. Deputy asked c/p again and she stated to go ask suspect. Deputy then spoke with the suspect who stated he went to the bathroom and c/p went came out of the bedroom cussing and calling him names, and stated this always happens when c/p drinks. More attempts were made to talk with c/p but she kept wanting badge numbers to give to the GBI call center. C/p then gave deputy the phone to talk with the GBI call center and they advised deputy to do her a report and reference her to the DA. No signs of any physical altercation were observed.

February 21

Offender was taken into custody from Freedom St. for multiple outstanding warrants.

Deputy unlocked a vehicle on W. Main St.

Deputies responded to Marlynn Dr. in reference to a dispute. Complainant stated her neighbor’s son had been at the residence stalking victim by standing in the driveway making threats towards him. C/p showed a video she took on her phone that showed offender standing in the driveway shouting at victim. Victim was heard shouting back and offender could be heard stating he knew where victim lives. Contact was made with offender who stated he was tired of victim and c/p picking on his elderly parents and that he was ready to fight victim to keep him from bullying his parents. Offender and the rest of his family were informed to stay on their side of the property line and not to be back on the driveway owned by c/p’s mother. Both parties were informed that if deputies continued to return to the residence that both parties would be issued citations.

Deputy was dispatched to Hall St. in reference to a missing person. 911 stated that a male subject who is the cousin of the victim called and stated no one has heard form victim since Feb. 19. Inv. made it to the scene and spoke with occupants that live with victim and they advised that the victim left some time Sunday afternoon and has not been heard from since. Inv. called deputy a short time later and advised him that victim had been locked up in McDuffie Co.

Deputy responded to a residential call and did a walk through with owner’s brother-in-law and nothing was found disturbed.

February 22

Deputy spoke with complainant in reference to making an appointment to get the rest of her belongings from her mother’s house. C/p stated she moved out of her mother’s residence on Curtis St. and was told by an officer of the SPD to make an appointment with ECSO to get her belongings. Deputy tried to make contact with c/p’s mother to set up a time but had negative contact, but left a message for her to return his call.

Deputy was dispatched to Tiger Trl. in reference to harassing communications. Deputy met with complainant who stated his ex-boyfriend had been harassing him and his pregnant girlfriend. C/p stated offender is constantly texting his girlfriend stating that he had been over to the house and was sending pictures of c/p. C/p also stated that offender has been posting pictures and making comments about him on FB. C/p stated that this is not the first report he has made in reference to the situation and he is fed up and has had enough. C/p was informed of the TPO process.

February 23

Complainant stated his vehicle left the roadway due to high fog causing him to jump a culvert and off into a small strand of trees.

February 24

Deputy was dispatched to Lambs Bridge Rd. in reference to harassment and spoke with complainant who stated his wife moved in with another man and she keeps calling wanting her stuff and stating that she’s going to take her boyfriend with her to get it. C/p stated he does not want his wife’s boyfriend on his property.

Deputy was dispatched to Harris Ln. in reference to damage to a TV. Complainant stated she went to offender’s/husband’s house to pick up a TV that belongs to her boyfriend that he let her borrow. C/p stated when she got back to her boyfriend’s house and plugged the TV in, only half of the screen works.

February 25

Deputy met with complainant in reference to an incident that previously occurred involving alleged suspect who c/p stated he loaned property to that had not been returned. C/p further stated he believes suspect also sold some of the property.

Deputy was dispatched to Hwy 46 West in reference to a suspicious vehicle that had been parked on the side of the road for appx. an hour with its brakes on. Deputy found the car and a trooper who had already started the field sobriety and placed offender under arrest for suspicion of DUI drugs. Upon searching offender’s vehicle, two unlabeled bottles were found containing various pills that were found to be Schedule II and Schedule IV drugs.

Deputy noticed a vehicle approaching him from the rear and checked the vehicle’s speed with his radar to show the vehicle traveling 78 MPH in a 55 MPH zone, at which time he initiated at traffic stop. Offender’s license came back suspended and was transported to EmCo Jail.

Deputy observed a vehicle traveling 130 MPH in a 70 MPH zone, at which he initiated a traffic stop. Offender was placed under arrest for reckless driving and transported to EmCo Jail.

February 26

Deputy responded to Herndon Rd. in reference to EMS requesting assistance for a disoriented male. Contact was made with complainant who stated an elderly male was walking in front of her residence when he fell and lost consciousness. Victim was transported to EMC for evaluation.

Deputies were dispatched to Gwenda St. in reference to harassing phone calls. Complainant stated she received a call from an unknown male who asked how old she was. C/p gave the number with a name attached to the call. C/p also stated she explained to the male that she did not know him and not to call back, but he called back a short time later and she didn’t answer, but called the number back and the male subject answered and she explained to him again not to call her phone.