Twisted Scissors: a happy place celebrates one year of business


When you think of your happy place, where does your mind go? Does it take you to a mountain top cabin tucked somewhere deep within the Appalachian hills? Does it take you to a gulf coast shore with white sandy beaches, salty air, and fruity drinks? Or does it take you somewhere that’s a little closer to home?

For the clients of Pam Claxtons Salon, Twisted Scissors, their happy place is only a new hairstyle away. Located off Highway 57 West in Kite, the eclectic little beauty shack is filled with tranquility and lively conversation. As you step onto the porch, you're welcomed by a whimsical sign that reads, “My Happy Place,” then, as you walk through the door, you’re greeted with wholesome smiles and good vibes, making it easy to understand how it earned that title.

It was through an innate calling that gave Twisted Scissors the opportunity to be established and it all began when Claxton was just a child.

“I just always knew that I wanted to be a hairstylist.” explained Claxton, “When my cousins and friends would come over, I would always do their hair and makeup for fun. It was something that I knew I wanted to do for the rest of my life.”

So, in 1983, Claxton began taking night classes at Swainsboro Technical College in pursuit of her cosmetology license. While managing the task of working during the day and being a student in the evening, Claxton reflected on how instrumental her determination was during that time and how it ultimately affected her later in life.

“I took night classes and worked during the day. It took me two years, but I did it. Some nights I questioned, ‘Oh, can I really do this?’ but I did, and here we are.” She said with a smile.

In 1985, Claxtons resilience paid off and she received her cosmetics license. Since graduating, she has built an incredible number of recurring clientele and has formed invaluable friendships with each of her customers and colleagues.

“I worked with Kelli Thompson and Kellie Scarboro for around 16 years at Studio 204 and Bangles in downtown Swainsboro. Then after my Daddy passed away, I felt that I needed to be closer to home. It was a difficult decision to make at 56 years old, you know? At the time I was like, ‘What am I thinking; starting a new business now?’ but now I wish I had done it years ago. It’s been great!” explained Claxton.

After opening Twisted Scissors, Claxton immediately put her touch on the place and made it her own, styling it with western bohemian accents and handmade décor. She then hired Ashley King who apprentices under Claxton's direction and offers her own craft in the cosmetics world.

“We’re like family.” Claxton said of King, “She’s hung in with me and is great at what she does. I’m very thankful to have her. We work well together.”

King is certified in eyebrow waxing and tinting but together, the beauty duo specializes in color, cuts, and professional hair and makeup for all occasions. They also attend hair shows regularly to advance their knowledge with cosmetology and stay updated with the latest trends and styles. Additionally, Claxton ensures that the salon is constantly stocked with the latest in high-demand hair products such as Amika, Thrix, Kenra, Joico, Sutra Infrared Flat Irons, Milkshake, WOW, Olaplex, and much more.

“I figured that Twisted Scissors would do good, but I never dreamed that it would become what it is today.” Claxton happily shared, “I couldn’t imagine doing anything else or being anywhere else, and I don’t have any plans to retire anytime soon.”

This Friday August 4, Twisted Scissors Salon will be celebrating one year of business. Throughout the day, Claxton and King will be serving complimentary refreshments for guests, having door prize giveaways, and toasting to the day that made their happy place possible.

“We will also have a Paparazzi jewelry vendor there who will be selling the trendiest collection of rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Everyone is invited to celebrate.” Claxton explained.

No matter where you find tranquility, it’s important to escape to that place every now and then so that you can be the best version of yourself. Twisted Scissors is open Tuesday through Saturday, and their hours accommodate their customers. You can make an appointment with Twisted Scissors by contacting them through phone or by sending them a message on their Facebook page.