SPD Reports 8-24-22


Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department (SPD) reported…

August 12

Officer was dispatched to Rainbow Ridge in reference to an unwanted dog in the yard.

Officer and Det. assisted in a traffic stop on Lee St. Offender was sitting in his vehicle with the door open talking to another officer. Offender was advised to step out of the vehicle to speak with officer but refused. Officer asked offender why he seemed agitated and nervous but could not hear offender’s response. Offender finally stepped out of the vehicle and started walking towards officers and kept reaching into his pockets. Officer advised offender to keep his hands out of his pockets and offender grabbed at his pockets where a large lump could be seen as if something like a bag was in his pocket. Officer asked offender what he had in his pocket and asked if he had any weapons or anything illegal. Offender did not state anything and grabbed his pocket again. Officers stopped offender and told him to place his hands on the hood of the car. Officer began to examine the outside of offender’s pocket and offender stated his phone and money was in his pockets. Officer felt a bag-like object in offender’s pocket and pulled out a bag of green leafy substance. Offender was placed in handcuffs and officer checked the rest of his pockets to find a phone and money. Officers then began a search of the vehicle and found a scale. Family members began to ask why offender was being charged with and offender gave consent to tell them. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.

August 13

Officer was dispatched to WalMart in reference to a shoplifter. Offender was observed “skip-scanning” $35.08 worth of items. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.

Officer was dispatched to Longview Rd. in reference to a damage to vehicle report. Complainant showed officer track marks in his yard that looked like a vehicle pulled in off the side of the road and believes someone backed into his vehicle.

Officer responded to King Circle Dr. in reference to a stolen phone.

August 14

Officer was dispatched to the area of Mable Ave. in reference to a male subject who was laying in the middle of the road with a bicycle. Officer observed the male laying in the road and approached him and woke him up and asked why he was in the middle of the road. Offender stated he was having a good time at the bar. Officer could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from his person and had very slurred speech. Offender was assisted to his feet and placed under arrest for public intoxication and transported to EmCo Jail.

Officer observed a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed and turned on his blue lights to conduct a traffic stop but the vehicle turned and kept rolling. The vehicle finally came to a stop and two males and a female got out of the vehicle and ran. There were more occupants in the vehicle and made commands for them to show their hands. Officer approached the vehicle and asked who ran and they stated they did not know them. One female stated that the ones who ran were in the back seat. Officer could smell alcohol on both females and small blunts were observed in the passenger area. The vehicle had a strong odor of marijuana and upon searching the vehicle, four small blunts were found in the passenger compartment. Officer also found a grinder in the front console with residue in it. A black jar containing marijuana and alcohol bottles with contents still in them was also found. After lengthy discussions with occupants, they finally admitted who was driving the vehicle and who the males were that ran.

Officer was dispatched to KTs for a report on someone not paying of gas. Complainant stated that two males paid for $5 in gas but got around $35. The two males told the clerk that they had to go home to get money because they didn’t have enough to pay for the gas but they never showed back up. C/p gave officer the tag number of the vehicle and receipt with the amount of gas that was taken. Officers ran the tag info and went to offender’s residence on William Roundtree St. and spoke with him. Offender stated he never went in the store and that the man he was giving a ride to paid the clerk and didn’t realize the pump was still going. Offender gave officers the other males name and address and they went to his residence on Marion St. Officers asked his side of the story and stated the line was long so he held up a $5 and told the clerk it was for gas she started the pump for him. He then stated when he got back to the truck, the other offender had already pumped too much gas and he didn’t have $33 at the time to pay for it. Officer asked offender if he would be willing to pay for half of the gas and he stated he would. Officers then returned to other offender’s residence about paying for half of the gas and he stated he would. Officers then returned to KTs to talk with c/p and he stated it would be fine as long as they pay. A report was made in case offenders did not go back and pay. Officer was dispatched to Walgreens in reference to complainant stating the incident took place at Wendy’s. C/p stated three females keep going to her job and sitting outside and she has already had previous physical altercations with them. C/p identified the three females and expressed that they are insinuating that she is having relations with a night shift employee.

August 15

Officer made a traffic stop for a tag light violation and the driver stated he did not have a license on him but it was valid. Officer then asked for his name and DOB and he gave the info. Officer was attempting to run the info but was unable to get any information back. As officer was about to exit his patrol unit, the driver fled on foot. Officer set up a perimeter and as soon as it was set-up, 911 dispatched a call for assistance on Turner Dr. for a possible overdose. Another officer was advised to handle the overdose call due to his medical background. A lead was given on who the driver of the vehicle was and the owner did not give him permission to drive it, therefore it was reported stolen. After reviewing the driver’s driving history, it was found that this is his fourth offense for driving on suspended license. The last three offenses, he was found guilty which will make this a felony driving on suspended license.

Officer was dispatched to Turner Dr. in reference to a possible overdose. Upon arrival, officer met with offender and her father. Offender was asked by officer how he could help and she cussed at him and stated she took some pills and wanted to die. Her father stated she took 11 Adderall and stated for her to be taken for evaluation because he can’t do anything with her anymore. A call came of the radio about the previous traffic stop and the overdose offender jumped up and started making comments and left running down the road. As officer was trying to cuff her, EMS arrived and she kept resisting and pulling away. She was finally transported to the ER by another officer. After finishing up with the chase, officer went to the ER and offender wanted to talk to him. She apologized and stated she knows they are honest cops and she respects them. Det. was contacted and responded to the ER. Officer spoke to complainant about a theft. C/p stated that offender left WalMart with an air compressor and an air hose through the garden center without paying for them. Offender then returned to WalMart and took a circuit machine along with accessories and exited the store through the rear fire exit doors without paying for them. The doors were found to be opened after the alarm was sounding and the shoplifting was viewed through the video footage. Offender left WalMart with $402.35 worth of merchandise. Offender is currently in custody at EmCo Jail and citations will be issued for two counts of theft by shoplifting.

Officer was dispatched to King Circle Dr. in reference to a possible domestic dispute. Complainant identified himself to 911 and stated his child’s mother was being beaten and possibly held against her will at the residence. Upon arrival, two males were standing outside. One was asked if anyone was in side the residence and responded that his girlfriend was and allowed officers to speak with her. Offender was oblivious and reported that he and the girlfriend had an argument several days ago but nothing along the lines of false imprisonment or family violence. The girlfriend reported that there was an altercation that took place in Twin City several days ago and that she was the predominant aggressor in that incident but nothing occurred on King Circle Dr. She stated that the c/p has been contacting her repeatedly but she wishes nothing to do with him. She stated that the manner in which she last communicated with him may have seemed suspicious but she intended it as a direct cut in communications due to her relationship with him.