SPD: 7.10.24


Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department (SPD) reported…

June 28

911 dispatched officers to respond to South Main Street to meet with a complainant stating somebody went into her room while she was away on vacation and stole important documents. Officer responded and met with c/p who stated that she had been gone for a week and when she returned to her room, she noticed that her deceased son’s birth certificate, her own birth certificate, and the title to her vehicle were missing. She said that she suspects the cleaning employee or maintenance may have stolen them.

A call came through at SPD requesting an officer meet with a female in the parking lot of Leanna’s in reference to a report. C/p stated that she had pulled into a parking spot and was sitting in her car when a man backed into the parking spot beside her. When he opened his door, it hit the rear driver side door. Minor damage was observed.

June 29

911 dispatched officers to Booker Street in reference to a female damaging the vehicle of the c/p by throwing a brick through the back windshield. C/p stated that the offender left the Starblazer and went back to his residence. An argument began between them over another female. She then threw the brick through the window and left in another vehicle. While officers were still speaking with c/p, offender called c/p and he put it on speaker for officers to hear. She threatened to go home and “strap up” to come shoot his house up and then admitted to busting his windshield. Offender was arrested.

911 dispatched officers to the area of Dawson and Sycamore Street for a female covered in blood and screaming. Upon arrival, officers could hear the woman screaming (yelling at another person). Contact was made with the woman, her husband, and their 4-year-old son. The woman stated that her husband did not do this to her, but she refused to provide any information. The woman was turned over to EMS and then taken to SPD. Officer asked victim to pull her shirt collar down, on her chest there was a visible bite mark found. The other woman had a laceration that was needing treatment.

Officer responded to a call at Enmarket in reference to an intoxicated male. The employee stated that the male came into the store intoxicated and bought more alcoholic beverages and went to the back parking lot to drink it. Offender was arrested for public intoxication.

Officer was contacted by c/p about a domestic dispute between the two. C/p stated that the offender always tried to put him out after he pays the bills. Offender was contacted and she stated that c/p gave his money to his kids, and she was tired of him. Adderall was found at the location and all evidence was collected.

June 30

911 dispatched officers to Crump Street in reference to a domestic and stated the male was throwing items in the yard. C/p stated that her grandson was throwing his child’s mother’s items along with the child’s into the yard. He then trashed the house and started busting the windows. A short time later, he returned and attacked his grandmother. After detaining and arresting the offender, a white powdery substance was located around his nostrils and dried saliva on his cheek. A small amount of marijuana was located on his person as well.

Officer responded to Hardee’s in reference to a woman beating a toddler. Officer arrived on scene and entered the location and noticed two females, a male, and a toddler sitting at a table. The caller stated that every time the toddler cried the offender would beat the kid in the back aggressively while saying “Shut up I don’t have time for you.” Officer then spoke with the mother of the child and the offender. The mother was only focused on who had called the cops on them. The mother stated that no one had touched the toddler then later stated that the step-grandmother popped the child on the buttocks, not the back. Redness was located on the toddlers back, but no other marks. Other witnesses stated the same thing as c/p.

July 1

Officer arrived at SPD in reference to someone wanting to make a report on an accident that had occurred. She stated that she was driving a few nights prior and stopped at a stop sign and hit the curb. She claimed that this caused damage to her bumper cover. Later, her story changed, and she stated that the accident happened at a red light. She then said that this did not happen in June, that it happened in March.

Officer was dispatched to Walmart in reference to a woman stating someone had stolen some money from her. The victim stated that she used self-checkout to purchase some items and received cash back in the amount of $20. then, she went through the exit and realized that she did not have a $20 bill anymore.

C/p advised that he and his girlfriend got into a verbal dispute over a game console and c/p thought he heard the slide to a gun. He thinks that the offender was threatening him. Offender advised that c/p is just mad because they got into an altercation and the police keeps getting called for no apparent reason. Offender advised that she does have a firearm that she keeps in her bag, but it is put away and that it is protection for travel.

Officer responded to Jerome Street in reference to a complaint about an alleged physical altercation that took place at a different location. C/p advised that two parties jumped on her at Center Street over a chicken sandwich. She stated that during the altercation she lost her cell phone. She stated that she believes the offender wanted to fight because she is accusing her of wanting her “man”.

July 2

Officers were dispatched to a call in reference to a down power line at the corner of Dawson Street and Herrington Street. Upon arrival, a trash truck was spotted with a power line down behind it. Georgia Power was notified of the situation.

Officer was dispatched to Stevens Drive in reference to family members having a dispute. Victim stated that the offender came into the yard of c/p’s residence and wanted to fight. Victim stated that he has told offender several times that he does not want to fight him and walks away, but he would not leave him alone.

911 dispatched officers to North Main Street in reference to damage to the front door of the business. Upon arrival, c/p stated that the offender hit his front door with his car. The offender stated that he just had his brakes worked on and that they were not working properly. He stated that when he pulled up, he applied the brakes and had to pull the emergency brake to stop. There was on broken glass on the window.

Officer was inside Enmarket when the manager came to speak to him in reference to a shoplifting that happened earlier in the day. She stated that she wanted to trespass the offender and provided footage. She was advised that if she saw the offender again, to call 911. Offender was located and he stated that he would go back and pay for what he had taken. Manager stated that she did not want to press charges, but still wanted to trespass the offender.

July 3

Officer responded to the intersection of Hwy 56 North and East Main Street in reference to an unoccupied vehicle in the roadway at the stop sign. Vehicle was towed.