SPD: 6.26.24


Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department (SPD) reported…

June 14

Officer was dispatched to Gumlog Rd. in reference to an altercation. Noone answered the door but complainant was in the vehicle and stated a verbal altercation between he and offender began inside because she wanted to leave the kids with offender while she went to the store and he became agitated and began hitting her. C/p stated she went outside and offender followed her and kept hitting her. C/p advised offender left on foot prior to officers arrival.

June 15

Officer responded to Harvey’s in reference to damage to a vehicle. Complainant and victim advised someone let a buggy go after unloading it and it rolled into their bumper causing damage.

Officers were dispatched to Happiness Dr. in reference to shots fired. 911 advised the caller’s boyfriend was drinking and got mad and started shooting. Contact was made with complainant two doors down at a neighbor’s house. C/p stated offender got mad because she hid the keys and medication offender did not need to take because he had been drinking all day. Offender was given loud verbal commands by officers with no response. C/p advised offender never threatened her or anyone, he just suffers from PTSD.

June 16

Officer was dispatched to Washington Ave. in reference to somebody attempting to take an air conditioner unit from a window. Complainant stated she heard a noise that sounded like someone knocking but by the time she got to the door she didn’t see anyone. C/p advised when it became daylight, she went outside and noticed the AC unit had been attempted to be removed.

Officer observed a vehicle go well past the stop bar at the four-way and could see it turn but wasn’t sure where it went. As officer turned into the carwash, he observed the van behind it with a male subject coming from the passenger seat and was advised to have a seat. Offender advised he does not have a valid license and was transported to EmCo Jail.

Officer responded to Project St. in reference to a domestic. Offender was standing in the front door yelling and cussing at victim. Officer asked offender to step out on the porch and stop yelling and cussing and asked what let to the argument. Offender stated complainant was fussing about him discipling their son. C/p stated the same thing as offender and said offender woke up angry and had been yelling and cussing all day and that she had enough so she called 911.

Officer responded to McLeod Dr. for a dog killing a chicken. Complainant stated and dog killed his chicken and took it across the road and no one is home at the address because the owner goes out of town for work and leaves his dogs with no water or food. Officer could see the dog in the roadway and knocked on the door with no contact and could see and hear more dogs behind the house. Officer observed the dogs not looking in the best heath so he requested AC1 be sent to the location. C/p advised that he didn’t want the dog to kill the rest of his chickens in his yard and would kill it if it tried to.

June 18

Officer was dispatched to Enmarket in reference to a report. Complainant stated a female subject has been going inside the store after being asked not to return and wants her criminally trespassed from the property.

Officer was called to Harmon Park in reference to people with guns and a mask. When officer arrived, the vehicle doors were open and one passenger got out and ran and officer observed him throw something to a subject in the back seat. One passenger gave the runners name and said they were just friends and stated when he got out to run, he threw a gun to him. Offender came back wanted in EmCo.

Officer spoke with complainant who stated offender was in her yard when she was pulling in and blew the horn for him to move out the way and offender grabbed a gun from his pocket and looked back at her.

June 19

Officer conducted a traffic stop on S. Main St. due to owner of the vehicle having suspended license. Driver was issued a citation and advised she could not drive the vehicle.

Officer was dispatched to Herrington St. in reference to a report. Complainant and her daughter stated a male subject known to them started making threatening comments towards then when they told him not to go back to their house.

Officers initiated a traffic stop on two squatted trucks. Officer made contact with the driver and advised him of why he was stopped and that he had already written him a citation for altered suspension and has been warned by other officers about the same issue. Offender had 16 days from the previous citation to fix the issue, so his vehicle was towed.

June 20

Complainant went to SPD to ask for an escort to his son/offender’s house so he could pick up his vehicle that his son had not been paying for. C/p stated the car is registered to him and since his son was not making payments like they agreed, he wanted to pick it up. C/p advised he did not expect any problems but wanted an officer there just in case. Offender drove away when c/p was headed to the house to get the car. A short while later, a traffic stop was initiated on the vehicle for driving on the wrong side of the road. Officer spoke with offender about his dad wanting to get the vehicle and he stated he could get it but was gonna be mad because he hit a utility pole causing damages to the vehicle. C/p arrived to get the vehicle.

Officer was dispatched to Sycamore St. in reference to complainant’s storage room being kicked in. Officer observed the door frame damage and c/p stated she has had problems with her neighbor’s children going onto her property without permission.

Officers responded to Carver St. in reference to an active domestic. Officers saw swelling to the female’s face and transported offender to EmCo Jail.