Future Generation annual book bag drive a huge success


Dear Community,

I want to thank God and my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for another great book bag drive event. I want to also thank all those who gave and prayed for the success of this event. This event highlighted 20 years for Future Generation Youth’s annual book bag drive. It was so special to me to witness all those who helped with this event. We served hundreds of children with book bags and school supplies, as well as hotdogs, chips, and cookies to enjoy during the event.

I want to thank Mr. Milton Gray and the First Methodist Church Men’s Group for a job well done. Thanks to all the Pastors, school teachers and retired school teachers who volunteered their time during the event. Thank you, Superintendent Scotty Hattaway, for your leadership, sir.

Special thanks to Pastor Roy Brantley, and everyone else that prayed for all the children and their families to have a safe and blessed school year. Thank you to the Men Reaching Men Group for being with us. Thank you, Mrs. Alneata Kemp, of “Socks for Courtney” for providing the children with socks and the blessing that goes along with receiving the socks.

Thanks to Mr. Theo Howard, Athletic Director of East Georgia State College, for providing a basketball, softball, and a baseball sign by his college coaches, and also a great baseball player, Sammy Daniel, for signing a baseball for a child.

I also want to give a very special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins. This is the first book bag drive that Mrs. Erma Jenkins has ever missed. She was recognized during the event for her dedication, love, and leadership she has always showed to the children, and I have learned a lot from Mrs. Jenkins. Mrs. Jenkins, we all love you and thank you for your service to the book bag drive and the entire community.

Another big thank you to Mr. Rick Stevens, owner of Quality Air, for donating $440.40 to Future Generation Youth this year. You don’t know how much we appreciate you and what you did to help provide for so many children for the 2023-2024 school year.

As I close this thank you letter, I want everyone to know that all your prayers and donations have been permanently recorded in my heart. Thank you, I love you and God bless you. It’s always a privilege to serve our children. Thank you for 700 book bags, along with school supplies.

God bless,

Ronnie Shuemake