Franklin Memorial Library’s Food for Fines



During the month of February, Franklin Memorial Library conducted a service called, "Food For Fines". This was an opportunity for our patrons to waive any fines they may have collected over time in an effort to reduce their debt. We accepted canned goods, packaged food and pet food. Each non-perishable item waived $1.00 off of their fines.

After the month of February, we reached out within our community and contacted our local Emanuel Co. Animal Shelter and donated to them what pet food was brought in. We also reached out to our new local food bank, The Lazarus Project, to donate the canned and packaged foods to them. Both of these organizations have one thing in mind, our community. Their dedication and love for our community is not only needed but appreciated.

We would also like to thank you, our patrons. Your kindness goes a long way, and we are truly thankful for you!