ECSO: January 19, 2022


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

January 9

Complainant stated offender is violating her bond conditions by contacting her and stated she has asked offender to stop.

January 10

Deputy met with victim at ECSO in reference to a financial transaction card theft that was determined over the course of three days. Victim discovered that suspect obtained info from victim’s personal EBT card and had been observed several times at different business locations within Emanuel Co. Further investigation would reveal through bank account transactions that suspect had also used the EBT card info at other business locations outside of Emanuel Co. A total of $944.40 was determined to have been defrauded from victim. Victim stated she had previously given suspect permission to use the card info during a phone discussion during which time victim believed suspect copied the numbers from the card.

Deputy responded to Norristown Main St. in reference to Treutlen Co. SO requesting assistance. Deputy met with complainant who stated he made contact with offender earlier in the day in Treutlen Co. on a 911 call. Deputy stated he finally ended up at the incident location which is offender’s residence and offender refused to exit deputy’s patrol vehicle, at which time family members of offender arrived to see if they could convince offender to get out of the vehicle. Deputy met with two of offender’s family members who stated offender suffers from mental illness and has been recently discharged from EMC. Deputy observed the same family members repeatedly try to convince offender out of the vehicle but failed to do so. Deputy pulled his vehicle around the back of offender’s residence so offender could have easier access to his residence when he did get out of the vehicle and family members unlocked the back door and tried a few more times to get offender out of the vehicle. At this time, deputy advised TCSO deputy that the only option was to physically remove offender from the back of the patrol unit so deputy grabbed offender by his belt and pulled him out of the vehicle and assisted him into his residence and left him in the care of his family members. Both family members were advised of the Probate process for obtaining an Order to Apprehend pertaining to mental health treatment.

January 11

Deputy was dispatched to Horseshoe Loop in reference to a theft. Complainant stated someone entered his shed and took several tools but has no idea who may have done it. C/p informed the shed was unsecure due to broken lock and the items were laying inside the building on his work bench and other places.

Deputies responded to I16 in reference to a vehicle in the ditch. Deputies met with the driver who stated he struck something in the roadway and was able to make it to where the vehicle came to a rest before it lost power. C/p stated he did not wish to file a report through ECSO and did not wish to utilize a wrecker and would remove the vehicle later in the day. Vehicle was off the roadway and not causing a traffic hazard.

January 12

Complainant stated someone called witness wanting the phone number of complainant and her personal info claiming to be her boss. C/p was concerned that someone from the prison inmates are trying to get her info.

Deputy met with complainant at ECSO about a report.

January 13

Deputy responded to The Red Roof in reference to an individual wishing to speak to a deputy. Complainant advised that her brother lives on the same property as she does and she owns the property and wants them gone, however she allowed him to put a home on the property. C/p advised that when she went out to her building to pace some things in it, her brother came out and got into her face and began to yell at her. C/p was advised if she wished for them to leave she would need to go through the civil process as there was no way deputies could force them to move if there was a written agreement for him to place a house on the property.

Deputy responded to Hwy 57 West in reference to a suicidal individual attempting to jump out of a vehicle. Deputy made contact with offender and complainant and offender informed deputy she had attempted suicide and her boyfriend was trying to take her to the hospital. Deputy asked offender to show where she tried to cut herself and she showed her arm where there were numerous cuts that were recently bleeding or actively bleeding. Deputy informed offender at this point she had no option but to get on the ambulance and go to the hospital. Offender posed no problems and got into the ambulance and went.

Deputies were dispatched to Empire Expressway in reference to a residential panic alarm. Deputy met with the daughter of the homeowner who was pulling out of the driveway and was advised the alarm had been activated accidentally and everything was ok.

Deputies responded to Ogburn Dr in reference to a domestic in progress. Deputies met with both parties and were advised that everything was ok. The male subject advised deputies that all of his belongings were loaded up in in his vehicle and that he was leaving.

January 14

Offender presented himself to the EMCO to meet with deputy for required sex offender reporting. Offender was found to have an outstanding bench warrant through Swainsboro Municipal Court for failure to appear. Warrant was confirmed by SPD who wished to place to a hold on offender. Offender was placed under arrest without incident and transported to EmCo Jail.

Deputy received a call from detective stating that SPD had previously executed a search warrant on Arden Dr. at offender’s address and a full bag of medications had been recovered and had names of patient’s names and PruittHealth on them. Detective stated he reached out to them and was told the items would have been stolen from Pruitt. Deputy responded to SPD ad spoke with victim who stated the medications do not leave the premises and are supposed to be destroyed. When deputy asked victim if she knew offender, she stated offender is a current employee and had been employed for a period of time.

Deputies were dispatched to Mitzi Ln. in reference to a residential burglary.

Deputy met with complainant in reference to a report concerning what c/p believed to be a personal threat. C/p stated she had been threatened by two neighbors. C/p would further state that the situation with the neighbors had ensued over c/p’s dog which angered the neighbors. C/p stated she was told “we’re going to get you out of here” which she took as a threat.

January 15

Deputies met with victim on Waller Woods Cir. in reference to theft concerning two separate firearms taken from victim’s vehicle. Victim stated he had been contacted by a neighbor advising that the driver door on his truck was open, which neighbor found unusual. Victim stated he discovered two pistols were found missing from the driver door compartment with no other signs of disturbance. Further investigation would reveal that there had been some unusual activity in the neighborhood that night that was described by nearby neighbors as being the sound of an ATV and dogs barking.

Deputies were dispatched to Hwy 297 in reference to a suspicious vehicle.

Deputies were dispatched to Bishop Chapel Church Rd. in reference to a theft.

Deputies responded to Hwy 1 South in reference to a male that advised the store clerk to call 911. Clerk advised that offender went into the store and was in the bathroom for a while and was acting strange. Deputy then made contact with offender and he stated he was at a girl’s house close to the store and two vehicles pulled up and chased him down the road and were shooting at him. Deputy asked for the location and female’s name and he could not provide it. Offender stated he lives in Metter and he has an uncle that lives close to the friend’s house. After asking him for his uncle’s name and address, he could not provide that info either and then stated the “suspects” had taken his uncle. Deputy did observe that the offender was not intoxicated but did notice he was very clammy and jittery which gave suspicion that offender was under the influence of a possible narcotic. Offender then stated to get loud inside the store and refused to answer any more questions. Offender then requested to speak with another officer, and refused to speak with them any further and continued to get loud. Deputy advised offender to calm down and he continued to refuse, at which time deputy went to take him into custody for disorderly conduct and he pulled away and started to resist arrest. Deputies had to briefly fight with offender inside the store and was then taken into custody with no injuries or further incident. Enroute to jail, offender asked if he was being taken to Metter or Statesboro Jail and was informed that he was in Emanuel County, and had no knowledge of where he was.

January 16

Deputies were dispatched to Hwy 1 South in reference to child abuse.

Deputies were dispatched to Hwy 80 East in reference to a complaint of loud music. Deputy made contact with the caller who advised of the location of the music and advised that she and the landlord had asked the subjects to keep the music down, which they had not done. Deputy made contact with the individuals but no music was heard playing at the time. A verbal warning was given to keep the music at a reasonable level, as well as advising that further complaints would result in a citation. Individuals agreed to keep the music at a reasonable level.

Deputies were dispatched to Jersey Rd. in reference to complainant stating there were subjects outside her residence threatening her. C/p explained the issue advising she believes her ex’s new girlfriend is trying to harm her. C/p provided names of individuals and locations where incidents had previously occurred the night before. Deputies attempted to follow-up with the info provided by c/p but were unable to make contact with the other parties.


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