ECSO: 7.3.24


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

June 21

Deputies were notified by complainant that the tag off his motorcycle was stolen.

June 22

Complainant advised there is a lot of damage at Swann Cemetery. C/p stated someone cut the gate and entered and spray painted the cemetery sign.

June 24

Complainant reported items were taken out of the back of his truck on Egret Rd. while fish-ing in the river.

Complainant called 911 in reference to a domestic dispute with her husband. Victim state her husband has been very abusive towards her recently and she’s afraid of him. Victim stat-ed offender told her he would smash her face in, called her names and destroyed her clothes by pouring some kind of glue on them.

Complainant went to ECSO and stated someone purchased a vehicle in his name for $18,487 and defaulted on the loan. C/p advised he does not know anything about the vehicle and has not purchased one.

June 24

Deputy was dispatched to Lindsey Rd. in reference to a stolen vehicle.

June 25

Complainant stated a suspect, along with two other juveniles, rode by his house several times harassing him by throwing balls and vegetable cans at him and making a verbal death threat. C/p stated after the last encounter, he fired a pellet rifle at the subjects in an attempt to deter further harassment. Deputy made contact with subjects who stated they were only playing around and did not think c/p took it seriously. When questioned about the verbal threat, suspect stated he did not threaten to kill c/p but would beat him up after shooting the pellet fun at them.

June 26

Deputies responded to Redbud Ave. in reference to a domestic. Complainant had blood on his ripped shirt and swelling to both cheeks and advised his nephew started fighting him and ran out the front door. Upon exiting the residence, officer attempted to tase offender, Deputy exited the residence and placed offender under arrest and transported to EmCo Jail.

Deputy responded to Nunez-Lexsy Rd. in reference to criminal trespass. Complainant stated she hung two fly traps on a tree in her yard and she believes her neighbors took them down.

June 27

Complainant went to ECSO to file a report about her tag being mailed and never receiving it.

Deputies responded to Rainbow Ridge in reference to a domestic. Parties had already sepa-rated when deputy arrived, and he advised he would speak with each one separately. Depu-ty spoke with the husband/offender who stated his wife attempted to leave him and the res-idence and take their child. Offender stated this started the night before after confronting his wife of cheating on him. Deputy spoke with the wife who stated things have progressively gotten worse over the past week and two weeks ago she was physically assaulted by her husband. C/p appeared to have bruises on both arms and what appeared to be needle/tract marks associated with drug house. Neither party wished to pursue criminal action, and both agreed to separate on their own. GCIC alerted an hour after leaving the incident that offend-er had an outstanding felony probation violation issue in Washington County.

June 28

Deputies responded to HWY 1 South three different times. The first time was due to the of-fender needing a ride from the E.R. to his wife’s house in Oak Park. Upon arrival to the resi-dence, he saw that her car was not there and asked if he could be dropped off at Subway to eat. After deputies left, offender called 911 and stated that he had a stroke. EMS was dis-patched then requested deputies because there were no signs of a stroke and no one at the store saw him have one. Offender then asked to be taken to his wife’s house. He was later advised that making a false 911 call was unlawful just to get a ride. He later walked back to the store and called 911 again advising he had another stroke. When deputies arrived, he was told to go home and not return. He advised that he does not want to stay at his wife’s house and that he would do it again. Deputies arrested offender for making false reports.

C/p stated that the offender had been harassing him and came to his residence and was in a dispute with the victims. C/p stated that when the offender got in his truck to leave, he stopped, got out with a handgun and pointed it at the victims and threatened to kill them. Offender then got back into his vehicle and left. On the same date, the offender came into the office and spoke with the Chief and stated that the victims had gotten in front of his ve-hicle trying to stop him from leaving. This was when he grabbed his weapon and never pointed at anyone but laid it on his lap. He was told not to return to the residence without setting up an appointment with the Sheriff’s Office to have someone accompany him to get his belongings.

Deputies responded to Dellwood Main St. where c/p stated that her husband chased her from the gas station to her home and attempted to hit her in the head twice. After she ar-rived home, he stopped in the road in front of the house and threw an open pocketknife at her. She stated that the knife did not hit her.

911 dispatched deputies to Long Bay Drive in reference to a suspicious man. Upon arrival, a man was located without any clothes on and appeared to be under the influence of drugs.

June 29

Deputy responded to Ab Johnson Rd in reference to a vehicle driving by a residence and shooting a firearm. Upon arrival, deputy met with c/p who stated the vehicle fired approxi-mately 5-6 rounds. She stated that the same thing had happened before. 4-5 shell casings were located in the roadway. C/p stated that she had not had any issues with anyone and neither had her children.

Deputies were dispatched to Wendy Ln. in reference to a domestic. The caller told 911 that his wife pulled a gun on him and was damaging their lawn mower. Both parties were sepa-rated upon arrival and the wife was visibly upset. She stated that her husband was treating her badly and she was tired of it. She stated that she pulled the gun because she was defend-ing herself.

Deputies responded to Bonsue Dr. Upon arrival, deputies were informed that a woman hit the victim. She stated that the offender got out of her car, hit her, and left when she was on the phone with 911.

Deputy was dispatched to Parham Rd in reference to the caller receiving threats by phone. Upon arrival, deputy met with c/p who stated that an unknown individual has been calling the landline at his residence claiming to be from Publisher’s Clearing House. The caller ad-vised that c/p had won and will need to provide money via Greendot Card to receive their winnings. C/p told the called that they knew it was a scam and the caller keeps calling de-manding the money. They then bean threatening bodily harm if c/p does not give the mon-ey.

June 30

Deputies were dispatched to Hwy 221 North to meet with c/p in reference to trash being thrown in the front of her residence. C/p stated that her brother, the offender, has been har-assing her since a previous incident between the two. C/p stated that the offender has been driving by the residence throwing trash out in the ditch. It was determined that the offender was throwing trash on the right of way of the highway and not on her property.

Deputy observed a vehicle leave from a dumpster area and turn into a residence nearby. Deputy believed that the driver was attempting to elude him, so he positioned himself to see if they would leave. The owner of the property arrived home and told deputy that they did not know who drove that vehicle. Contact was then made with both occupants of the vehi-cle. While searching the vehicle, a clear glass pipe was found for the use of smoking meth-amphetamine. The driver also did not have a valid license. Offender was placed under arrest. A small clear bag containing a rock like substance was also found. It was tested positive for methamphetamine.